FIRST TIME FLIGHT | Lagos to Dubai | Travel Vlog

FIRST TIME FLIGHT | Lagos to Dubai | Travel Vlog

You You It’s my first time traveling out of Nigeria and traveling by air This is the motor Alamo. I made International Airport acacia I must admit that I go to the airport very very early My departure time was 6 P.m. And I got reappointed 11:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m You know, there are a lot of Advices, well, actually could you not get the airport late, you know for a first-timer you want to do everything, right? and I was glad I actually go to the airport very early because I had enough time to sightsee the airport and the surroundings of the Airport actually saw planes moving for the first time as in planes taking off in real life not in movies, and it was a Great experience. Yeah Right now I am waiting zone checking So around 3 p.m I came to the airport entrance and I got my passport and ticket checked by the security officer before taking in my luggages to be scanned if you are planning on traveling from the motel a moment Airport this Process I’m going to show you actually be helpful for you your first time your first time traveler. It should surely be helpful for you so this is the first security check in the airport placing your bag in the security machine and It’s bins and you can see the officers at the other end. I Guess they are looking through it through the machine and after that your bus coming from the other end of the machine You just carried Just carry two implicit on whatever we brought it in with and you locate your airline there are different airlines in the Auditorium, should I follow the auditorium for you get media different airlines. I flew with the Emirates Airline shall located ready Emirates Airline Standards and I went there so when I got there The bugs were wait you can hear me I was so so so anxious because of one of those things that I made sure that I believed did well before leaving the house this tool helped me a lot in making sure that My luggages were not over wings. I mean they into knots Whoo beyond what? So after checking in my luggages I opted for the luggages to be taped as you are seeing right now and This costs me $1,000 I Just left the immigration place I am actually going to my boarding gates right now You So got some headphones and blankets for the journey and also something to watch during the flight and While waiting I was just familiarizing myself with a plane and Security measures You

32 thoughts on “FIRST TIME FLIGHT | Lagos to Dubai | Travel Vlog

  1. Thanks for watching ❤️ share something about your first flight with us 😀
    Get the luggage Weighing Scale i mentioned in the video- UK:



  2. Oh I thought you had to place your camera and phones through the security tray 🤔. My luggage is always over weight 🤦🏾‍♀️. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We are waiting for Dubai vlog o

  3. Dubai is truly on my bucket list. I know the feeling of the first flight, I thank God that all was well. May your success continue!

  4. Thanks for the video …I really enjoyed it as a first timer …..the time you got to the airport was wonderful you had time to do everything you had to do………

  5. I like your originality, there is always a first time in everything. Nice video, you captured a lot of important things in this video eg check point

  6. Heyyy I enjoyed your video.The first time I flew I had me a drink and a camera, I was taking pictures of everything. It was a quick nice flight. Thanks for sharing your trip🤗

  7. Noway I will forget march 25th 2012 though more than 7 years now at Muritala , they show me pepper, those immigration collected all my BTA, but now they always do Rankadede for me …good job Victoria

  8. Ehya, I feel for you guys especially the little girl who had to be hoisted unto the mans shoulders just to catch a glimpse of the planes taking off and landing. What a lot of people don’t know is that in the very early 80s, there was an observation floor in the main terminal building at the very top where visitors to the airport couple freely watch planes depart and arrive from a very vantage point without any obstacles but naija sha….

  9. Still looking grubby, bet you feel something when you landed in dubai. And naija is richer than that Country, just very corrupt.

  10. Wow, Victoria, you really tried, expecially filming that immigration section. The first time i boarded a plane to Dubai, they delayed me just because I was a first time traveller. I had to give them the bribe, but paid only 1500naira, and they stamped me . But ever since i have been travelling to Dubai often, their mind don come don small, they've started begging instead.
    You didn't say in your video if they took you aside and demanded for bribe, since you're a first time traveller? Because that's what they do to virgin passport holders travelling out… please i like to know.

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