First Trip In the Promaster ?Conversion Van?STEALTH CAMPING at Yellowstone #VANLIFE

hey guys retired at 40 our adventure
band is about halfway done so we’re gonna take it on a road trip to work out
some bugs and see if we like the setup so we’re going to Yellowstone so this
would be the master bedroom slash storage area I’m really liking how much
space there is underneath the bed there’s room for a dog bed all kinds of
storage you can see I’ve got my walls insulated already we were able to
squeeze a full-size bed in here seating for the kids these seats are
removable and then we can fit a bed in here got a little activities table forum
both the driver and passenger seat will swivel now so we have seating and we’ve
got the start of a kitchen so I’m gonna quit blabbing get this thing loaded up
and get on the road never get up or if you go while we’re on the road we’re in the middle of Wyoming. We have a couple of bullet point
stops that we’re gonna make on the way there and then we also have some points
of interest that we’re gonna hit during the trip. The vans riding great so far
so good don’t have any complaints that guy is having some fried chicken hanging out his window at least he’s keeping the mess outside It saves on having to vacuum the car out we’re loaded up with paddle boards and
tubes and now we’re gonna tube on the Teton River well we’re headed home now it was a real
quick trip we camped about four nights the bed will be coming up next week as
our in our build the bed actually slept really well it was pretty comfortable
even though I’m not very far along on the build and we could just kind of have
simple things it’s my favorite RV that we’ve ever had
there’s something about the compactness and the simplicity of this that just
makes it really appealing it’s very nice that you can just pull it into a parking
lot it’s totally stealth we actually camped
in a hotel parking lot one night if you’ve never been to the Teton area
around Wyoming and Idaho and Montana around the Yellowstone National Park
area it’s an absolutely beautiful place everyone should go there at least once
in their life you’ll see things that you’ll never see anywhere else make sure
you take a second to subscribe and click the bell to get notifications and new
videos next week we’re gonna do the bed and then I’m going to show you how to
put these windows in in the meantime this is retired at 40 remember to live
life simple we’ll catch you next week

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