Fish Store Tour – The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland Oregon. HUGE STORE! Hundreds of tanks.

Fish Store Tour – The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland Oregon. HUGE STORE! Hundreds of tanks.

96 thoughts on “Fish Store Tour – The Wet Spot Tropical Fish in Portland Oregon. HUGE STORE! Hundreds of tanks.

  1. I have often heard lots about this place. I honestly never realized they had a storefront as I've only heard of people purchasing online! Very cool!

  2. I've ordered from them via AquaBid…AWESOME service…and amazingly cool fish…this was so great to have a look at the actual store…amazing. Thanks for the video

  3. Hell yeaa see them on aquabid all the time….if I had a shop like this in my hood I would be living in the shop taking care of the fish. Haha

  4. I love your videos! Keep up the great work!

    You mentioned that the tanks are individually filtered. Can you describe their filtration to me?

  5. I actually been shopping at the wet spot for a few years now, great store! but lately the tanks have been lacking attention, some tanks are really dirty and some fish look sick, hope they get a good manager soon and make it beautiful again.

  6. I definitely need to drop by here next time I drive up to Washington again. Possibly fly there lololol

  7. one of my favorite places to shop. My closest local fish store is 300 miles round trip not counting Mart and Company.

  8. I am so glad I live close to the wet spot!! I got my minnows and betta fish here and I have nothing bad to say about the store!!!

  9. That "telescope eye" is actually a bubble eye. The telescopes have large spherical eyes, and the bubble eyes have large, fluid filled sacs under their eyes.

  10. What is shipping costs like? I want to place a big order with multiple fish, but I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for shipping. I live in SoCal

  11. I bought 11 Neolamprologus Multifaciatus from there about 4 months ago, and they had juveniles and young adults. I asked for the smaller fish and the kind and helpful woman I was speaking to said they would charge me less for the smaller ones. They didn't charge me less, but in my excitement to get the fish I agreed with the price and got my fish and I was happy, for 3 weeks. Then on day 23 of ownership, 9 of my 11 died, then the other two died two days later. I still don't know what killed them but it's unlikely it was the conditions in my tank. I called them to talk about the issue and they had me leave a message with the online sales dept and I never got a call back.

  12. thanks for sharing! neat store. It seems that every time I am looking for a particular rare-ish fish – this store pops up. Their shipping policy worries me though, so I haven't bought anything from them.

  13. hi aqarium co op i wach your vids allllllllll The Way from sweden i relly like your vids and i subscribd and turnd The Bell sorry for The miss spelling plz menshen me in one of your vids daei

  14. Damn, I stopped this video to halfway through to play some HotS. Heard Lord of This World start up when I came back and I thought I left my mp3 player runner.

  15. Good video but disappointed Cory you barely showed the Bettas. Just cause you donโ€™t like them. I live 20 mins from this store and never saw it. Just moved out here in September from Chicago. Otherwise Iโ€™m one of your biggest fans !

  16. Love that we have this excellent resource in the hood! Everybody get out and support or order online. Good folks. ๐Ÿ™‚ #PNW

  17. Im just getting into the hobby and have been going to this store last few months since its about a 1/2 mile away from my work. Was totally naive to it having such a reputation, I got lucky.

  18. hey , first i want to thank you for your sharing. In my country , fish stores just can't be modern and looks clean like in the other countries…
    just wondering that how do you guys hide the filter , all the oxygen and stuffs.. cuz i just cant see any of this , even a hole in the bottom or sth.
    Just want to have a fish store look similiar to this , to develop my country , and complete mah dream ^^
    btw im from Vietnam , thank you.

  19. They do have great fish and a decent selection of tanks, but good lord, their in-store service is hideous. The staff's attitude toward customers is straight out of a bad Portlandia episode. It's not like I just caught them on a bad day, they've consistently been that way for the 20 years or so I've been in the hobby.

    Although I've spent some serious cash there, I will literally go to every other local fish store in town before putting up with their service.

  20. we just ordered coral pencilfish from them! Can't wait until they get here. Gonna do an unboxing ๐Ÿ˜€ sooo excited, I've never kept pencilfish before.

  21. Planning on starting a nano betta tank, The Wet spot is just near my area, and I am super excited! Although Iโ€™m anxious as I need to cycle for a couple months, still excited. Anticipating advice from experienced keepers as I am at the point where I know the basics, but itโ€™s just nice to know tips. Thanks!

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