Fleeting Memories of Summer

Fleeting Memories of Summer

Hi there! This summer began, as it typically did, with a dog, in the warm sunshine, on the green grass, and with time: To frolic. To play. To simply relax, and to spend time together. There’s few other times in one’s life you’re free to do such things without a sense of urgency or a need to return to work or to school. You could simply enjoy being. Being exactly who you were, exactly where you were, and be completely whole: To enjoy the mountaintop views and the valleys beneath, filled with orchards of apples and peaches. The sense of wonder easily takes hold of one’s mind… when you simply open your eyes. That wonder drove me to move beyond these places of youth and explore the world outside. Later, the world far away from all I knew. But for now it was the summer of youth and no summer is complete without the fair. “What is your most memorable moment of this place?” Probably the time we were waiting outside the Graviton and “something” came flying out! Yup. And then, eating all the candy apples I could before getting my braces that year. Sometimes dizzying, definitely disorienting but nevertheless, fun and exciting: the fair was an unusual place in my life. A place of beauty and wonder. Of mystery. And even of first loves. While the future comes at us fast, it flinches first and it settles into the gentle present. And in this present moment as this
summer comes to a close, and Old Man Winter and his cold winds are quickly approaching, I take hope and joy in knowing this: That while that may be dark and cold ahead Old Man Winter won’t last. and eventually, inevitably, he gives way so that the new man of summer may be born again. thank you very much writing comeback
sees again soon and remain seated until the back into complete stop you

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  1. Found you on the Spark Forum! Great video. Your voice overlay is great. What are you shooting and editing with? Keep posting on the forum. I just subbed your channel!

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