Florence Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Florence Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Only a few hour’s drive northwest of Italy’s
capital Rome, at the foot of the Apennine Mountains, stands
idyllic Florence. This flourishing Mediterranean city full of
historic buildings is one of the highlights of a trip to Europe. Welcome to the city of Dante, Machiavelli
and Michelangelo and the place where Leonardo da Vinci learned
how to paint. Welcome to “Firenze”! Florence’s written history dates back to 59
B.C., when Julius Caesar set up camp on the banks
of the Arno river. Explore the compact Centro Storica, which was built on early Roman foundations
and shop for leather sandals and handbags. For good luck, put a coin on the snout of
“Il Porcellino”. Even though it is just a replica, it might
just work! More than 1,400 years after the first Roman
settlement, the church and wealthy merchant families ruled
Florence. The Medici family were responsible for the
greatest buildings and most elaborate art. They handpicked master painters, architects
and sculptors and created one of the most cultural cities
in Europe. An example of their efforts is the Basilica
di San Lorenzo. Designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, this is a prime example of Italian Renaissance
architecture. He also built the dome of the 750-year-old Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral on the Piazza
del Duomo. Lovers of religious art won’t want to miss
the Uffizi Gallery that spans the long city block between the Palazzo Vecchio and the Arno River. Even outdoors there are sculptures everywhere
you look: On the churches, the fountains and the piazzas. The larger-than-life statue of king David,
by Michelangelo, is among the most famous sculptures in the
world. This version on the Piazza della Signora is
just a replica: The original marble David is kept safe in the Gallery of The Academy north of the
piazza. Cross the 400-year-old Ponte Vecchio. which was spared from World War II bombardments
because of its charm. On the other side of the river stands Palazzo
Pitti. As one of the old residences of the Medici
family, it houses some of their heirlooms in its expansive
public galleries. Florence is one of those destinations where you find yourself constantly pointing
your camera at yet another magnificent building. It is easy to imagine why this city has captured the hearts of so many travelers. When it is time to say “Arrivederci!”, remember to look back over the river one more
time at the cradle of the Renaissance.

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  1. Florence is beautiful! Wish I had a chance to stay there longer… Definitely will be back there one day!

  2. Memories, I want to go back and spend hours in the Uffizzi and Academy museums, I miss Florence and my trip to Italy

  3. First of all, let me tell you I am in absolute love with your videos. There is an royal elegance & panache which has left me mesmerized. Who ever is your DOP or the team which selects a specific locations, please convey it to them that they have an Eye for beauty & detailing. I am wondering , how do you manage to show the cities so clean & precisely so fresh ( because they are not that gleaming in reality ), but I feel that's your biggest accomplishment. Those who must have created all these beautiful cities, must be smiling from heaven, seen how their work is been presented in such an elite methodology.For me, the extra editing & brightness is an icing on the cake. Also, I would love to see certain remote places like Alsace, Colmar, Hallstatt Salzkammergut, strasbourg, Riquewihr, stavanger gamle, etc..
    As am an Indian artist, I would appeal you to google about an Indian state called Rajasthan. I am sure you will be spell bound by its royal architecture.
    Further, is it possible to extend the duration from 5 minutes to 30 minutes ? if that happens, I will be the most happiest person on this planet…!!!

  4. You don't have anything about Balkans, but it's beautiful! All of it! From Belgrade to Peloponnese. Try Dubrovnik, or Boka bay (I love that places the most) or anything and discover it part by part and you will see that I'm right. ♥

  5. I guest the narrator is italian, his voice who was read some information about Florence on Expedia perfectly. Thanks Expedia.

  6. I watched more of your tubes, thanks to show me how it should look to be perfect. I also promote my local region in Zumberak, NW Croatia with youtube movies, but it's rural, inland part of Croatia, no Adriatic Sea. Have you been here? Please can you watch few of my short promo films, and tell critique? I focus on linking of cultural and touristic experience in my region. Thank you, Igor Suljagic.

  7. You didn't show a looooot of things, like Florence is full of art and it needs a very long time to see all the beauties this city offers. I see videos on this channel that last more than 10 minutes and do you really think that 3:51 minutes is enough for Florence? No words

  8. I prefer France, but Italy is the second best country in the world. And Florence is my favourite city in Italy. Ti amo, Italia e Viva Francia.

  9. it was a very interesting video. l liked florence very beautiful . many tourists visit this city. This town was home to leonardo da vinci ,michelangelo end other well known personalities ,from the art. so l would like to have a great pieasurein traveling to florence and visiting the entire city. l would like to thenk you for such good videos which a wakens my desire to travel there . l m interested in the year of the year is more beautiful end beautiful florence?❤❤❤❤💝

  10. wow! how beautiful is Florence! i always wanted to go there because i love art very much and there leaned Leonardo how to draw and also there is statue which made Miqelanjelo. it is so pretty in conclusion a Florence is great 👍 😀👍❤️😎😍😘😂😜😅😱🐬🤩😉🤗❤️😎😍👍😘😀😅😜😂😃🧐🤗🤩😉👍

  11. Ohh my goodness!!😮😮😮😮😶😶😶
    This video is very good and exciting☺☺😵😵👌👌👌 because this is one city which I like very much👍👍👍👌👌👌 and I want to go here✈✈🚅🚄 I like here churchs ⛪💒⛪💒⛪💒and lots of new building 🌆🌁🌃
    I always wanted to go here 🚅🚄🚄🚅🚅and I don't can but now I can and I think that I will go and left only101⃣0⃣ 🔟day because I want to go in the lots of country and I don't have time ⏳⌚⏰⏱⏰⌚⏳⏱⏲🕛🕞🕒🕝🕠🕕
    I like here churchs, buildings and lots of famous persons statues.😎😄🗿🗿🚹
    I like oh no!!😮😮😮😫 I don't like👍👌👍👌😘😘😍😘😍😘💗💗💖💞💞💝💕💕💋💘❤💓 I love this country
    Also I think that very important is that here liveved my one favorite painter Leonardo da Vinci I love💗💖💞 this man 👔🚹🚹and I love💗💗💖💞💞💝💕 her pictures very much.

  12. Florence is a very beautiful country. He has beautiful sculptures, Leonardo davinchi
    statuate, Larva Museum and very beautiful streets with many spectators.

  13. The basilic charches are really awesome and i love this city because it is religiously loaded. The largest beauty os the city in this city is michael angelo's statues

  14. First of all, let me tell you I am in absolute love with your videos. There is an royal elegance & panache which has left me mesmerized. Who ever is your DOP or the team which selects a specific locations, please convey it to them that they have an Eye for beauty & detailing and i so happy leonardo davichi miqelanchelo draws

  15. it's a very good place and good buildings I like buildings ilike plorenc you like plorenc and buildings how do you live i live a Georgian please take 1 video a Georgian Georgia is a very good and very interesting city

  16. Here is beautiful builds and places italy is good country and in italy is good places. Expedia this city is very good

  17. I have lived in Florence for about 30 years…from about 1476 AD to 1492 AD.
    Amazing! I even met Leonardo and he was my best friend.

  18. As someone who has been to this beautiful city, I do have to point something out. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a hotel in Florence. The same thing goes for Pisa. If you’re like me and visiting from the US, take the train, or car, to Florence from Rome or Milano. It gives one heck of a view of the beautiful Tuscan scenery as a bonus. Florence is not a big city, it is easy to explore, so staying solely in Florence is pretty useless.

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