Florida Camping for FREE Istokpoga Florida Water Management Areas

Florida Camping for FREE Istokpoga Florida Water Management Areas

Alright guys, we are at another FREE
campsite… we are at Istokpoga and you’re gonna like this. Relevant,
Relatable and Reliable information from full time RVers Istokpoga Campgrounds are located just
off highway 98 at the Istokpoga Canal in Highlands County, Florida. To get to
the campground, enter the Istokpoga boating facility and follow the loop
around to the right. At the far end of the boating facility, just after the boat
docks, you’ll see a dirt road with a gated fence at the end – this gate is
locked 24/7, but you’ll receive the combination
with your reservation (also known as a special use permit)
there are signs asking you to check in with the camp hosts, whose site is the
first site you’ll see as you enter the campground area just past the dumpsters.
When we arrived the camp hosts were not around, so we just went to our campsite.
Though the campground is reservation or special use permit required, the
campsites are first-come, first-served so feel free to take any open campsite. You
can stay at this campground for up to eight consecutive days per permit, but
you are limited to thirty days per year. Istokpoga is dog friendly, however your
dogs must be on leash; generator use is allowed between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. There
are several campsites in nice shaded areas if solar is not a high priority….
and there are plenty of open areas if solar is a high priority. Campsite set up
is on grass or mulch; these campsites have a nice picnic table, iron campfire ring
and some even have grills. There’s a trash dumpster on site and right next
door within walking distance is Istokpoga boating facility, which has restrooms, two
sheltered picnic areas tables and grills. Istokpoga offers a wide variety of
recreational activities which include air boating, boating, camping, canoeing,
hiking, hunting, fishing and bicycling. We found that Verizon and t-mobile cell
service was spotty, however AT&T was functional where we
could stream YouTube and Netflix. During our visit which was early January,
bugs were not an issue. There is a railroad across highway 98 from the
campgrounds and you do hear the trains as they pass through the area. There is a
nightly passenger train that passes at 9:00 p.m. which is the last train of the
night. During the daytime, there are airboats in the area that do create
considerable noise, but this is a short-duration nuisance as they are just
loading and unloading in the boat dock area. This is another
amazing free campground within the South Florida Water Management Area and we
highly recommend Istokpoga. Remember, you’ll need a reservation also known as
a special use permit to camp at Istokpoga. We’ve provided a link to get your special
use permit below. Here are some of the nearby attractions and gas stations… click the playlist here to find more
free camping locations. To stay up-to-date on the most relevant, reliable
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well. you

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  1. Thanks for the great info about another free camping area in Florida. Glad you pronounced the name because I couldn't say Istokpoga. I think when I tried it sounded like Its a Pogo Stick. Haha. Thanks for sharing.

  2. More excellent information! I appreciate the detail you use to cover the campground(s). I'm voting for a review of every single free Florida campground!!! ~ Kir in Tennessee

  3. Another great park. This is the kind of camping that I like to do. I will certainly use your playlist when I plan a trip to Florida. Thank you for another excellent review!

  4. I love the wide variety of names we have in Fl. I didn't count have many times you said Istokpoga but good job lol I wouldn't have made it once,

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