Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 11 – Magic Kingdom ~ Disney World Family Vlog

Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 11 – Magic Kingdom ~ Disney World Family Vlog

– [Chris] What did you think of the show? – It was awesome! – [Chris] Oh, in a Goofy voice, I like it. And Parker? How did you like the show? – Very good! – [Chris] Oh, in a Mickey Mouse voice. I like it! – Morning everyone! – Today we are off to the
Magic Kingdom in Disney World! We’re all very excited about it. – I’m really excited. – Told you! (mumbles) (whimsical music) Kinda feels like home! (dance music) – [Chris] Okay Bailey, what’s the plan? – We’re going to go to a ride. – [Chris] Oh, good plan. (laughs) – Are we in California? What’s going on? – This one’s slightly larger
than the California one. – It feels almost identical. – [Chris] It does feel
a lot like Disneyland. – Uh, this is California? (Jessica laughs) – [Chris] Nope, not California! We’re in Florida buddy! (light orchestral music) – Look up! (children wow) – Doesn’t it kinda look like a Lego set? – [Chris] It does kinda look
like a Lego set, doesn’t it? – [Jessica] Well, maybe the Lego set did a good job making the castle. – [Chris] For those of
you that don’t know, we got a Lego set of this castle, and Jacob and I built it. It looks identical. This right here in California is where the magic shop is. Here it’s candy, which is still good! But it’s not magic. What is this? Is this a magic shop? It’s just called the Hall of Magic. It’s not a magic shop. It’s just clothes and such. Jacob has not seen anything
for the new Han Solo movie. He just now saw this. And he’s asking why. That’s the Millennium Falcon. I think he’s gonna need
some time to adjust to this. (chill-out music) This is a ride that we
don’t have in California, so we’re really excited
about trying it out! – Have I been on it? – [Chris] You have not been on it, nobody in our family
has been on this ride. (whimsical music) – That was the fast
version of a two hour line, but we’re about to get on. Are you excited? – I don’t know if we’re about to get on. – Yeah, we still got some line to go. But we’re getting there,
we’re close, we’re close. Parker, we’re next, we’re next! (shouts and screams) (Chris and Parker holler) (“Heigh Ho” by Walt Disney Company) (Chris and Parker holler) – [Chris] What did you think? – Good. – [Chris] Good one? (yodeling) – [Chris] What’d you
guys think of that ride? – Good! (electronic music) – Okay, so the way this thing works is, the character Hades is trying
to takeover this adventure, and the kids have these spell cards, and any time they encounter a villain, they use their spell cards to
try and defeat the villain. They know on their map where they’re supposed to go to next. It’s not like the Animal Kingdom one where they can go wherever they want, they have to go in the order that it said, for this adventure. It’s all very interactive and pretty cool. – [Jacob] These are the cards. My Woody is my rare card, ’cause it has that little star. – [Chris] So are your cards
the same as Parker’s Cards? – No. – [Chris] You guys have different cards, different spells? That one’s cool, King Triton! – So, this one’s a rare card. (fantasy music) (epic music) – [Chris] Use your spell! We just saw the Philharmagic show. What did you think of the show? – (as Goofy)
It was awesome! – [Chris] Oh, in a Goofy voice, I like it. And Parker? How did you like the show? – (as Mickey)
Very good! – [Chris] Oh, in a Mickey
Mouse voice, I like it. Where’s Bailey? What voice is she gonna give us? How did you like the show? – (in normal voice)
It was great. – [Chris] Oh, no. Didn’t go along with it. It’s okay. – What? – [Chris] The boys did
voices when they answered me. – (as Minnie)
It was great! – [Chris] Oh, in a Minnie Mouse Voice! I like it, I like it. – Oh nice! Give me some of that! Never share your food, alright? Be selfish! “Senior Wilderness Explorer?” What is that? Is that the Dug & Russel thing? – Yeah. – Nice! Russel, he’s funny. So if I quiz you right
now on a nature question, will you know it? – Probably. – Probably? Alright, confident, I like that! So, my nature question. What is another name for a rhino? (answers) I just made that up. Haha! Pretty awesome, right? It kinda is like a warrior unicorn. I like that. Hang right now. Alright, come on over here. Man, I’m pulling knowledge. Bring it! Give me my Wilderness
Explorer Badge right now! – [Chris] Are you going on the ride? (Duncan mumbles) – [Chris] Yeah, you get to go on this one! (whimsical music) Yeah! That’s Scuttle. Can you say Scuttle? Hard to say without a bunch of teeth. So far, I’m very impressed with the line for the Little Mermaid Ride. It’s very different than
the one in California. Far more interactive, and I really like it. What do you think of this line, Bailey? – It’s awesome! – [Chris] He gave Mommy kisses! Are you in a kissy mood? Oh my goodness! You’re giving mommy all the kisses. Give a kiss for daddy? No kisses for daddy? Ah, I got a kiss. – I love you. (ride audio) (“Under the Sea” by Alan Menken) – Did you like the ride? You liked it? Oh good. (playful jazz music) – We’re about to do the
Tomorrowland Speedway. At Disneyland, this is called Autopia. But basically, you drive a car. (playful jazz continues) Wait a second, who’s driving this thing? – Me! – What? Here we go! You’re doing that on purpose! – No! – Gotta stay in the middle of the road! You’re doing a good job, ow. You’re doing a good job, Parker. Oh! Aw man. You’re supposed to not do that! Okay, we’re on a bridge, be careful. How was it partner? – Good! I love driving. We bumped at every turn. – You guys ready for a comedy show? (together)
Yeah. – [Mike] And now, make some noise for your monstrous ceremony, me! Mike Wazowksi! (family laughs) – Why did Ana bring a balloon to Elsa? Because she wouldn’t let it go, let it go! – [Chris] Was that your favorite joke? – Yeah. – This is a ride that used
to exist in California, and it no longer does. So, it’s kind of a treat for
us to go on it right now. Also, we’re sitting down. It feels good and we’re in the shade. It’s good. Does it feel good? He likes it. (Parker hollers) – [Jessica] What buddy, what? (Parker excited) – [Jacob] What is this, daddy? – [Chris] It’s a model of Epcot. It’s what Disney wanted Epcot to be. The city of the future. Are you ready for the
carousel of progress? – I don’t know that! – [Chris] That’s what we’re doing. – So? – [Chris] It’s a show! – Does it have a carousel in it? – [Chris] We’re in the carousel! – Oh. – [Chris] What do you think
we’ll learn about in here? – Inventions? – [Chris] Inventions? I hope so. – [Narrator] The Carousel of Progress was Walt’s own idea from beginning to end. (“There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”) – We’ve come a long way though, since the turn of the century, over 20 some-odd years ago. Well, it’s another Halloween
here in the fabulous forties. ♪ There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow ♪ ♪ Shining at the end of every day. ♪ – [Chris] What did you think? – It was nice. (“Brand New Helium” by Lvly) – Duncan, isn’t the Castle beautiful? Isn’t it pretty? Do you think it’s pretty? Do you like it? Like the castle? Is it majestic? Is it pretty? Are you impressed by the castle? Is it everything you dreamed it would be? It is? Okay, good. – This bell was made from the same mold as the real Liberty bell was. – [Chris] Wow! So far on this trip, we’ve mostly been eating at the house. We go grocery shopping, we’ve been eating the groceries, and it’s been good. It’s been a really cool way to save money, and a nice way to end the day. But today, we are actually gonna eat here at the Liberty Tree Tavern. (whimsical orchestral) If you guys haven’t seen
our vlog from Williamsburg, you should check it out. We’ll put a link down
in the description box of this video. It was so much fun, and this reminds me of it so much. They’ve got checkers for the kids. They didn’t have that in Williamsburg, but they have it here, and that’s why I’m showing you. They have gluten-free rolls here, Bailey? Oh my goodness. Great job! (playful music) Good work. Good coloring. Good job! Doing it good! Coloring the air? Oooh, that’s very good. Look at that gluten-free feast! Oh my goodness! How is it? Is it yummy? Yummy! Is it yummy? Yeah. Look at that vegetarian pasta! (parade music) (fireworks blasting) It’s pretty late at night, starting to cool down. You know what that means! Time for our water ride! I brought the not-waterproof camera. Are we the only ones in this log? – Yeah! – Welcome to the Ballinger log! Only Ballingers in this log! – That’s the Ballinger log! – [Chris] That’s where we’re headed! Right there! We’re gonna do that! I think waiting in line to
go up this is gonna be bad. ‘Cause if somebody goes down this while we’re here, we’re
gonna be in trouble. Hopefully nobody goes down there while we’re waiting right here. (screams)
Oh no! We were in the wrong
place in the wrong time, and we got splashed by another boat! And this not-waterproof camera is soaked. (“How Do You Do?” By Walt Disney Company) – Uh oh! Whoa! You did okay? We did it! We got it! We went through it! – I didn’t get that wet, dad! – I got very wet. I’m soaking wet. – Is your face too? – [Chris] Yeah, my face got wet. – Ha. From what? – From the big splash of water! Did you guys get wet? – Not really. – Not really? I think it’s
aiming at the tall people. – [Bailey] I can’t believe
he’s not in the zoo. – [Chris] That’s a wild animal. It’s an armadillo. Have you ever seen a
wild armadillo before? – What’s a armadillo? What is it? – [Bailey] I can’t believe this! – [Chris] It can roll up into a ball, and protect itself. (playful music) – [Bailey] I can’t believe this! There’s an actual armadillo right there. Like, it’s a wild armadillo. – I don’t know if that’s a
common thing to see in Florida, but that was a wild armadillo that we were just inches away from. And that was very weird to us. Anyway, we had a great time at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and now we are headed home and we wanna thank you guys
for watching today’s vlog. Thank you, and we’ll see you next time! – What we are doing today is so cool, and it’s something my
kids have talked about and dreamed about for years. We’re going to see a dolphin named Winter. – There’s a movie called Dolphin Tale, which is about them trying to figure out a way to help Winter.

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