Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 12 – Dolphin with NO TAIL!

Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 12 – Dolphin with NO TAIL!

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  1. I don't comment very often on videos I watch, but I just to want to say thank you. I do watch your videos often and this honestly has made me appreciate you even more. I could honestly go into details on this comment about that, but I don't feel I need to go too deep. This video says it all. You are educating your children about other living beings and respecting these people for truly trying to do the most they can to help and not just taking your children to an overpriced show that does very little of that.

  2. I luv the movie dolphin tale I’ve watched it so many times 😂😂❤️❤️❤️ and i absolutely luv ur Chanel

  3. I would kill to do that that doplhin inspired me and after watching itvwith my friend my friend has only had 2 suicide attempts in the past year that ik of he said it was from a movie i think itcwas this one

  4. I watched dolphin tail and dolphin tail 2 it’s amazing I really want to sea them so bad but in the uk

  5. There is another way to cost dolphins and that is sea world you get to feed a touch dolphins also you can swim with dolphins somewhere in Florida

  6. I read a story about wynter and I almost cried while reading it dolphins r my most favorite animals and it's sad to see one that suffers with something that was so important to her /him

  7. hey guys !! my family and I just went to the Clearwater aquarium about a week ago actually and we were very fascinated by it all. everyone there was so kind and ready to help or answer any questions.

  8. As someone who lives in Clearwater, I’m so glad that you all enjoyed it. You all are such an inspiration to me and all of my friends! You’re amazing!

  9. Im a local at the aquarium and honestly im so happy that the kids were so inspired and that they had a good time. Thank you so much for your love and support. This video brought me to tears.

  10. I love clear water marine aquarium I visit all the time and I got to touch hope!! It was freaking awesome! Btw I love y’all clear water and winter and Hope!

  11. At first I thought you were going to Sea World but I am so so glad you didn’t. Going to a place that rehabilitates to release is so much better and much more responsible tourism. Nice job 🙂

  12. If I was aloud, I would DEFINITELY donate to the underwater animal care place. I couldn't remember what it was called…:/ ^"^
    Edit: Is it just me being stupid or has the Florida vacation series stopped?!?! I can't find the next video and you still have some disney parks to go to.

  13. I used to live in Clearwater and when the second movie was being made, right down the road was where they were doing auditions. Me and my family were going to be in it but we were too young. But it was very cool to have something that big in the town we live in.

  14. For my 8th birthday I got to swim with dolphins and it was the best experience of my life.
    The area you swam in was open to the ocean so the dolphins could come and go as they pleased.
    There were 3 dolphins that I swam with. It was a mom, baby, and grandma! They didn’t want to come near me at first because they knew I was little.
    The mom actually went to the bottom of the ocean and got me a sea flower thing without being told!
    It was just absolutely incredible. Dolphins are my favorite. ❤️

  15. It’s not doing winter any good being in that tank for display they are just using her for money I went to Miami sea world and it was the saddest thing ever because of how sad those animals looked in captivity

  16. I’ve wanted to visit CMA since I saw the first movie. Dolphins are my all time favorite animals. I think I’m going to get to go for my high school graduation in two years. I also want to be a marine biologist someday


  18. @ballingerfamily I interned at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in 2017. I was part of Winter and Hope’s care team! I really loved your blog, the positivity you spread about Winter and the aquarium. Thank you!

  19. This is my first time ever hearing of these two dolphins! The facility seems incredible! One day when I'm able to travel to the US I'd love to go. Thank you and your children for being so knowledgeable and caring about the environment 💞 this is 100% wholesome content I almost cried.

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