Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 7 – Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 7 –  Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

53 thoughts on “Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 7 – Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

  1. I was waiting for this video! I always get excited to see the ballinger FAMILY!

    I recently subscribed so I get notified of EVERY VIDEO!!

  2. We might get to go to Disney world in October if so I super excited. Thanks for sharing these great vlogs:D

  3. Watching this video makes me wanna go back to those parks in Disney World because it was so much fun! Oh, the Ballingers rule!

  4. I can't take it anymore Duncan is too cute like seriously! I love you Ballinger Family !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duncan your so adorable! And Bailey it was so funny that the frog jumped on top your head!!!!!!!! You guys are a beautiful family!!!! Love you Ballinger Family!!!!!!!

  5. This was awesome to watch! I grew up going to WDW all the time for family vacations. It has changed so much over the years in certain ways but now as an adult wish I could keep going. If I lived closer I'd probably want an annual pass haha. Indiana Jones is still one of my favorites!

  6. I literally just love Jacob so much. I wanna put him in my pocket and have him make comments about my everyday life.

  7. Parker's hysterical laughing on the water ride and Duncan saying dada is the highlight of my day.
    Truly you guys are the best YouTube family I have ever discovered. Love your family!!! ?

  8. i literally start crying every time i watch you take the kids to Disney. seeing them experience everything makes me so happy and my heart is so full?

  9. I went to Disney 2 years ago (I was 16 then) and I went on the Tower of Terror and I was BALLING the whole time. To me it was so scary and I hated it so much! But I’m glad that your kids liked it. They are way more brave than me! Haha!

  10. I saw the Indiana Jones stunt show a few years and it was funny cause in every group of audience members that were called on stage there was at least one British person in every group and everyone cheered like mad! I mean why are us Brits loved so much??

  11. Duncan is so cute he puts a big smile on my face whenever he appears like he is all I'm focusing on but seriously though your family is so beautiful and fun to watch you all put a smile on my face <3

  12. can we just talk about how the bad guys in that Indiana Jones show had a blue and white striped shirt and red pants like savage Miranda's?

  13. These vlogs make me so happy! Your kids are just incredibly happy, sweet, and smart! I love Disney World!!!!! Nice to see another family enjoying their time there! Very high quality vids too! Thank u for being u!?

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