Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 8 – Wilderness Explorers at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom!

Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 8 – Wilderness Explorers at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom!

100 thoughts on “Florida Dream Vacation, Episode 8 – Wilderness Explorers at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom!

  1. I got here early you guys are so awesome and your family is sooo cute!! I just started watching you guys because of Colleen and I’m loving your videos!!!

  2. I was just watching yesterday's vlog and I checked to see if you guys posted today's and u didn't. Then like 2 minutes later I saw this video. How funny! BTW I went to Disney World last summer and I became a wilderness explorer too! I love your whole family!! Have fun!!

  3. Love this family so much! Makes me think back to when I was in Florida! There's something so nice about watching your family have fun out and about and still learn. So adorable??

  4. I lost my brother in law suddenly two days ago and it's so hard to find anything to smile about. One thing I know will help for a few minutes is Yall. Thank you for the vlogs and time you put into them.

    I can't wait for home vlogs. Always relaxes me. Rip Jose.

  5. I luv this soooooo much and would do anything to meet you or to get a shout out you guys are amazing and I love how cool your whole family is❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

  6. Oh I just wanted to say I love you all so much you are the best you tubers ever and I'm so glad we can be there every step of the way!

  7. I love you guys!! Your the best!!!!!!! I gave this video a thumbs up!!!! And remember Ballinger Family always spread joy, happiness, excitement, and love!!!! Love you Ballinger Family!!!!!!!!!

  8. As a dedicated Disney go-er, it's great to see things like this. Since I dont have kids, my Disney experience is very different from a family with kids. I loved this!

  9. Hi Ballinger family
    Can you Maybe make a video where you are trying to pronounce Danish Words?? PS i am from Denmark… Love u <3

  10. Omg I literally just finished watching your IG live and I hurriedly clicked back on here when you said that the vlog was gonna be up soon. ???

    I've done tons of video editting at my college since I'm a multimedia arts student. It's really a lot of work to tweak and adjust to make your videos look presentable and all so, kudos to Chris and Jessica for all that hardwork!! ? Thank you for putting so much work and effort in your videos while taking care of your fam. This is why you guys are truly inspiring! ???

  11. I wonder if they had this type of program in mind when they made Up and the Wilderness explorers?

  12. Oh I got goosebumps when the kids were saying their Wilderness Explorer pledge! I’m so proud of them!

  13. I love that the kids love learning! They're such great kids. Christopher and Jessica, you must be so proud. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!!

  14. Agreed! That's definitely what sets Disney apart from other places. Their employees are the real deal and the best of the best!

  15. Wow, I am so impressed with that program! It's not just conservation, art, biology, and zoology, but it seems like there is language, there is culture, there is writing. That is an extremely good program!

  16. Yeahhhh another adventure with The Ballinger’s I especially love the tigers ? wooo they are beautiful creatures ! That looked so fun I felt like a kid again & I’m 48

  17. It’s so cool to see that the kids love learning. I’ve never seen kids more into the activities before. What a fantastic experience. Jacob was adorable at the end. Wow that looked so cool.

  18. I love elephant poop paper!!! <3 Also, Jacob is so me. "I think I like these more than rides, a little…. a little." so cute.

  19. That's awesome! I would like to do this ? plus Up is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies ☺

  20. It‘s amazing to see how much the kids learned at the Animal Kingdom and how excited they were about it ??? Your family is really inspiring to me! Whenever I watch your videos I just want to go outside, explore the world and learn new things ??

  21. Oh! People learnt about India and learnt Hindi that's sooo coollllll!!!! Proud to be an Indian!!

  22. I wish I could press the thumbs up button more than once then I would have given the Ballinger Family mannnnnyyyyyy likes!! (They totally deserve this)

  23. I'm on the wrong side of the country for this LOL. Calif adventure does have a wilderness explorer thing though.

  24. I am so happy to see how much you loved the wilderness explorer program!! When I was an intern at Animal Kingdom one of the things I got to do was facilitate the veterinary badge! So happy to see how interested the kids were in learning about animals, conservation, and other cultures <3

  25. Aww I was working this day doing wilderness explorers in dinoland! I’m so sad I missed y’all! But good job on earning your signaling badges!

  26. Is it weird that I teared up watching your wonderful children be so happy and engaged in learning?

  27. I've done this when I was younger and I didn't get to finish it. I'm looking forward to go back here and finally be a wilderness explorer now as an adult.?

  28. Hey ballanger family! I was a cast member at Animal Kingdom and I am so happy that you guys love the wilderness explorer program so much!

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