Florida Travel: Go Beach Camping on Gulf Islands National Seashore

Florida Travel: Go Beach Camping on Gulf Islands National Seashore

– [Narrator] This “How
to Do Florida” segment is presented by VISIT FLORIDA. – Florida’s beaches are one
of it’s main attractions. But have you ever wished
you could stay longer? Like, overnight. I wanted to find an overnight
camping spot in Florida. Now despite Florida’s hundreds
of miles of coastline, there are a lot of places
to camp near the beach, but not many where you can
camp right on the beach. I’m heading to Johnson’s
Beach on Perdido Key, part of the Gulf Island
National Sea Shores. – Chad’s about to experience
a once in a lifetime camping opportunity
here at Johnson’s Beach. He’s going camping at
one of the few places in the state of Florida
that you’re allowed to actually camp, sleep, and
wake up here on the beach. – First, some quick paperwork. Good news, camping here, it’s free. But you can’t just show
up at the campsite. You gotta stop here at
the ranger station first, fill out a little paperwork, and then you get your camping permit. There are two ways to get to Johnson Beach designated camping area. One involves a collective two mile walk, the other allows you to pull the boat up right to the camping area. We launched the boat at
Big Lagoon State Park. Let’s go beach camping. This is a part of Florida
that not a lot of people see, and it’s a shame because it’s so different than what you think Florida looks like. From the big pines and all the sand dunes. This looks like the perfect spot. Welcome to my beach camp. Let me give you a quick little tour. Small chair I got, some firewood, you wanna make sure you
bring your own firewood, believe me there’s no
kind of wood out here, and you’re not allowed
to get firewood out here. So bring your own wood. Got my tent going right here. This is a little something
I thought I would bring, because again, there’s no trees out here, so later tonight I’m gonna need light. So I brought this stick, that I just would stick in the ground. I got a little ring right here. One thing about beach camping, everything is gonna get sandy. So as much stuff as you can
keep up out of the sand, the better because the
less likely that sand will end up in your tent, and that’s where you don’t want sand. Try to minimize what you
bring, especially out here cause you’re having to
truck through dunes, so everything you bring,
you’ve got to carry it. This landscape takes on an
entirely different feeling as the sun sets. We just had the sun go down in the west, absolutely gorgeous. And now, as a bonus, We have this full moon coming
up over here to our East. It’s gonna light up the sky tonight, it’s gonna be absolutely
a beautiful evening. This is what beach camping
is all about right here. Right on the beach, the Gulf
of Mexico is right there. It’s actually, it’s lapping
up real close to us. To really experience Florida’s coastline, find a beach camping spot, and spend the night. You’ll experience Florida
like very few have. This “How to Do Florida” segment was presented by VISIT FLORIDA.

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  1. The best camping with all facilities front of the beach i've ever seen is : https://youtu.be/X-5hUIMD-t0

  2. I looked at the Johnson national park website and the backcountry camping has been cancelled due to irresponsible campers. So sad because I was looking forward to this after seeing the video.

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