Florida Travel: Luxury Camping in North Florida

(bouncy music) – Our motto is for people to come, camp, and stay comfortable. – We do all the hard work,
so you literally show up, you walk into your tent,
everything’s done for you, you just bring your clothes, your food, your toothbrush, and that’s it. (bouncy music) – They can have kind of
the best of both worlds, kind of have a hotel room in the woods. – When they peek inside, everyone’s like, oh, my gosh, this is inside of a tent? They just can’t believe it, and then they wanna come experience it, so when you get to the tent, you can basically picture
a mobile hotel room, and it has a pillow top queen mattress, it has end tables with lighting, all of the linens are
there, a seating area, rugs, and the most important thing
is the air conditioner, the heat that keep you
comfortable sleeping at night. (bouncy music) – We’re in two places
here in the Panhandle, we’re in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park and we’re also in
Grayton Beach State Park. – Beach is less than half
a mile from our campsites and there’s also a tram
that runs from the campsites to the beach, there’s also a pool, there’s shuffleboard, there’s playground, there’s so many things that this park has to offer, and we give you
the sleeping arrangements to make it possible. – [John] Then also,
we’re completely mobile. We can set these up and break
them down just about anywhere. – [Meagan] Bachelorette
parties, weddings, you name it, girls’ weekends, we’ve had
people do everything with us. We have had so many families that say, it’s too much for us to
try to camp with our kids, there’s too many things you have to bring, there’s too much you have to do. – [John] If it’s a family of six and they have four little ones, we can provide little campers,
which is an sleeping bag, a pad, and also a pillow
for them on the floor. – They just love that they
can get their family together without the stress that
sometimes come with vacation. We can take a little bit
of that off of people so that they can get
outside, enjoy nature, and really enjoy each other. – [John] It’s just important
to kinda get people back into the wilderness and just connect, to come and enjoy real
Florida in a comfortable way. (bouncy music) – [Megan] There’s nothing you have to do except have a good time. (bouncy music)

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