Foil Packet Breakfast On The Grill Or Campfire- Easy Camping Recipe

hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you want a quick breakfast that
you can make in a foil packet you can do when you are camping you can
take it out put it on the barbecue which is what I am going to do is you this very early
morning first take your foil and you spread it
with butter or spray with Pam depending on which you have get already mixed up together hashed brown potatoes just put a big
dollop on to your greased foil one
serving each packet and you make a little well in here put
your favorite breakfast meat this is spam you can use
ham sausage you can even crumble bacon if you have that depending on
what you like and what you have then you want take an egg and crack it right into the middle right into the hole top it with a
slice of cheese and then you are gonna fold it up bring up the sides fold it over pinch it make sure all is sealed up set it on your barbecue or or you can set it in campfire coals and then you have breakfast packet for
one cook it like 15 minutes preheat your barbecue first get your coals nice and hot you will have a yummy all in one packet breakfast packet 15 minute smells really good I’m gonna move my packet off the grill careful that you don’t bring yourself how delicious delicious all cooked farm 10 ready try making foil packets for breakfast want something hot with no clean up please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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