Follow Me on a Photo Shoot! How I Take My Own Holiday Pictures! ?

Follow Me on a Photo Shoot! How I Take My Own Holiday Pictures! ?

With the holiday season just around the
corner, I know you guys are going to be taking a ton of photos with your family
or friends and hey maybe you want to spice things up into a bold burgundy lip
so I thought it’d be really fun for you guys to follow with me on a photo shoot
for the holiday season and I decided to vlog the entire thing using my new
iPhone 10s this baby is amazing I love it so much so I start off the day doing
my makeup and I decided to do something a little bit more festive with a
burgundy I’m at chained with my burgundy lips today I thought it’d be really fun
to switch things up and do a holiday makeup tutorial for you guys so I have
all of my makeup right here the first thing I like to do is to apply my
charlotte tilbury magic cream it’s a really nice thick moisturizer this is
one of my holy girl foundations that has never failed me it photographs
beautifully and has a matte finish the best concealer to cover up dark circles
is this one from Urban Decay for a flawless finish be sure to use a Beauty
Blender time to sweeten things up with a little
bit of bronzer and blush I love this one from Too Faced I find that with flash photos my
eyebrows sometimes get lost so I always end up filling them in a little bit
darker and in the sparse areas for my eyes I went with a dark burgundy orange
smokey eye for my lips I’m going to apply the NARS
power pigment liquids of Sikhism the color vain this stuff is extremely
potent it’s very very concentrated and opaque so that is my go to a holiday makeup
look so I really hope you guys enjoyed so today we’re shooting at the Fairmont
so here’s the room up here and I’m currently in the garden area just
exploring but honestly guys this area is stunning so I wanted to show you a
behind the scenes of a holiday shoot I’m doing here at the Fairmont so here is
the living room and I ran under and here is the beautiful balcony area tip one move all the furniture sometimes
you just have to rearrange your furniture I don’t know what the sorcery is but
it’s really hot today hey guys so we made it to our second location so we’re
currently at the Legion of Honor which is all the way out in Outer Sunset and
I’m just taking Brita here and we’re going to take some fun no hopefully
pictures teach my followers how to pose all the different poses yes show us all the poses oh yeah oh no
I’m men after that Scott came over and then we had a nice beautiful staycation
at the suite and we watched the sunset they decide to go find some fall leaves
it’s challenge in San Francisco because there aren’t too many maple trees or the
type of trees where the leaves change colors so drove down to Redwood City
found these beautiful red and orange trees and then there were these two cats
that kept following me as I was shooting and to be honest I am allergic to cats
the next day I was pretty much just like stuck in bed for a couple hours just
sneezing up a storm I mean I love cats they’re really cute but I just I can’t
guys so I hope you guys enjoy following along
with me on this photoshoot day it was so much fun it’s been such a while since
I’ve gotten together with a group of girls and just like had fun creating
content together be sure to comment down below and let me know what type of vlogs
you want to see from me I love you guys all so so much and big hug bye

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  1. I'm gonna be so late to watch this please put it on 5pm because I don't go home from school early I go home at 3:30pm plz put it at 5pm plz I really want to watch this so bad plz respond.. ????

  2. Ally actually i love clicking photos and i have seen ur every photography ideas…actually i have applied those pozzes too?….i love u?

  3. I really love all of your instagram and photography videos!! I was just wondering how you took the pictures? Did you have a photographer, self timer or how did you do it? ?

  4. I absolutely love your makeup bag omg!!! May I ask where it’s from? I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I wanted to upgrade to a new phone and omg it’s amazing ? I think I’ll go get it now ?

  5. There’s a street on Sanchez and duboce that I remember had a lot of leaves that changed color. The trees aren’t close to the ground like in your picture, but after a while (i don’t remember what time of the year) the leaves all fall to the ground and it’s a really nice photo spot because the street isn’t that busy and it’s really cute there!

  6. Please mention the brand n shade number or name of the burgandy lipstick ? Its so pretty !! Makeup s so perfect ..light n bright !!

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