For Honor: Larry’s Vacation Event Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

For Honor: Larry’s Vacation Event Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[Office Background Noise] For Honor Dev Team Brainstorm
Subject: Executions So, we have “[INAUDIBLE] Strike”, “Snap his Neck” and
then we chop his head off. Where’s the fun in that? But – this is what makes sense! Right? I concur. Completely. Uhhh…I still feel like there’s something missing. [ More Office Background Noises ] Okay… What about the groin area? Now we’re talking!! [ Sound of everyone cheering at this genius idea except for Larry ] LARRY: NO! That’s not a cool idea… that’s… enough, enough!! This is not a joke – I’m am not a…you think I’m some sort of joke? “Oh Larry the Execution Guy is just a freakin joke”! I am demoing execution after execution after execution – day in, day out – and never, never nothing from you guys! You guys keep updating new executions, I’m getting execution spammed. People
just keep repeating the same thing over and over and over again! Do you know how hard it is – you guys don’t even care! You didn’t even invite me to the mini-putt tournament, Alex. This is your schedules for the next fifty years! Ain’t no more executing happening because I’m getting out.. Ah!!! [swearing at chair] You want some of this, Chair? That’s what I think of you. LARRY: Everyone went mini-putting and I wasn’t invited! [Cries] LARRY: Vacation – one week off!! let’s see how you figure it out – you creative minds. Goodbye. [ Door slams]

45 thoughts on “For Honor: Larry’s Vacation Event Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Dev team: Executions on growing area.
    Larry: Not a cool idea!
    Valkyrie: I’m about to end this man whole career!

  2. Lol they should have replaced him with something else in the execution demos, because I was playing this morning and he was still a demo.

  3. Poor larry needs a break he has suffered enough now he is at peace (for a week) it was also like the one video were the guy named larry goes on a slapping spree

  4. why not have a random warden (larry) just appear and have him execute the opponent for you, that would be awesome

  5. How about, every faction that comes last in the faction war, ALL available character of that faction become execution dummies? So instead of just raider, we execute valk, warlord, etc.

  6. The way the noise started to drown out as it zoomed on Larry and his subsequent freak out and violent assault on a chair is really funny. Good joke.

    What does Dad?! Mean on the board?

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