For Tourism ISHIKAWA

For Tourism ISHIKAWA

Have you heard of Ishikawa? As a popular tourist spot in Japan, Ishikawa allures many tourists every day. In addition to Japanese tourists, Ishikawa is becoming a popular destination for tourists from around the world. What brings so many tourists to Ishikawa these days? The answer lies in four unique aspects of Ishikawa. Let’s explore them now First,
Ishikawa is divided into four main areas. Each area has different aspects which attract tourists. Secondly, extraordinary culture has been cultivated by history. Thirdly, No matter when you visit, Ishikawa’s rich and varied four seasons offer beauty and enjoyment year round. Finaly, let’s talk about accessibility. Cruise ships call at Kanazawa Port, too. Ishikawa is easily accessed from Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, making it a virtual hub for touring Japan. Ishikawa is here for all to enjoy, and we give a warm welcome to our tourists from overseas. We look forward to welcoming you all!

21 thoughts on “For Tourism ISHIKAWA

  1. Just japanese people, just japanese culture. This is what multiculturalism was meant to be. Thumbs up

  2. This is honestly a fantastic advertisement for a fantastic place, I’d love to visit one day, and hello from New Zealand : )

  3. Fuck this commercial gets so fucken annoying yes I have heard of this anime weeb place if I hear this ad one more time I’m gonna kms

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