Foreigners Explore Islamabad | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 01

Foreigners Explore Islamabad | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 01

Okay! We’ve been here before.. We’re back at Mouna Last year we were here was n- Yo this is insane,
not a bad spot for a first night’s dinner. This time we’re here in the day Trying to get a different kind of view Alright, alright, hold on! Let’s start from the beginning. First things first, I need to catch my flight from London to Doha and I’ve got seven hours ahead of me.
Let’s go! Seven hours later, and I’m in Doha and
I’m getting all the feels. Pakistan I’m nearly there. Another stopover done, five hours later, another flight done and I’m finally back! In Pakistan. And my first stop, is Islamabad. It has been a long journey back to Pakistan, but I’m so
pumped to be back you have no idea so pretty much London to Doha Doha to Islamabad And now I’m here in Islamabad, and it’s like I’ve never left A lot of Deja Vu, a lot of good memories coming from the airport, from last year’s tour. We’ve touch down in Islamabad It’s official, we’re here! Louise! How do you feel? Nate, is just anxiously waiting for his bag Fingers crossed, it’s been three flights! Oh, we’re just checking out the gear you know, just sizing each other up. Oh, that’s nice man! I didn’t even notice that. How are you feeling? Oh, look at those glasses?! Versace, Versace. I’m back in Serena, Islamabad. (Which is) Probably one of the
nicest hotels that I’ve stayed in It’s absolutely gorgeous, but I’m super pumped to be back. CPICPak Tour 2019 2.0, we’ve upped it a
bit this year and it’s gonna be sick! Again, sorry guys. I’ve gotten ahead of
myself before we continue, here’s a quick word
from CPIC the sponsor of our tour. The vision behind this is, to change the
global perception of Pakistan. We have an opportunity today, through these social media influences we’ve got followers in the millions we can show a real and true
image of Pakistan to the entire world. We are bringing global influencers from the travel sphere to Pakistan and taking them on tours across the country. Our first tour we went to the areas of Swat and Chitral and the Kalash valleys and
down to Karachi and Gwadar and now on our second trip we’re going towards Hunza and Skardu and the Gilgit-Baltistan area. This initiative we have completely privately funded it as CPIC as a private organisation. There has been no government involvement in the initiative, we are doing this fully
ourselves, arranging all ourselves it is just a passion project. Through tourism not only we are planting money into Pakistan the economy and foreign
currency into Pakistan, but we are changing that global perception people
have of Pakistan, we are changing the country’s PR and the knock-on effect of
that is so significant, that alone if we can just change Pakistan’s global
perception, if we can change the country’s PR, the country can make a
complete turnaround both in terms of the economy, itself foreign direct investment, (but) everything is a domino effect it’s all linked to this one factor and the way we identified it, our shortcut to changing Pakistan’s global perception, is by bringing these social media influencers from across the world to
Pakistan, to enjoy the country and to share their experiences with their
followers in a real and organic way. You know these people are not actors, these are real people sharing their real experiences, something which cannot be
re-enacted. Let’s take the steps to be the change that we want to see in the
country. Let’s take the steps to make the Pakistan that we want, and show the world
a true and real image of Pakistan. Yeah, here we go! Day number one of CPICPak Tour 2019 It’s going to be so dope, you ready? Let’s go! The next order of business was meeting Arun for the first time before we
headed out to explore the city of Islamabad. So we have different races all across Pakistan So we have the Bhutan’s in the north, and then where we are right now This is the Punjabs, we have Punjabi here and then in Sindh we have Sindhi’s that speak different languages So in Sindh we speak in Sindhi, here we speak Punjabi. Up north, we speak Pashto. Pashto? Yeah Sometimes when you say it, it
sounds like it’s Russian and then there’s Balochistan, so people there speak Balochi, but there a lot of different regional languages as well, like then like Brahui, Hindko and like so many others In Gilgit we have Shina That’s another language. (How many do you know?) I know English, Urdu and a little bit of Sindhi and I can understand Punjabi. I can speak Romanian, English and a bit of Italian a bit of Spanish, a little bit of French
and I’m trying to learn Japanese. Arun you speak French don’t you? I can speak French and I learned Spanish too. I can speak three languages, I guess not as impressive as some people here. Zu-Zu, what about you? I can speak English, Urdu, Sindhi, and that’s it. Okay, we’ve got the whole crew with us now, we’ve all made our introductions and now we’re going to take them shopping, to get some
traditional Pakistani clothing then drop some food, next stop as tourists. Let’s go! Mike is going to go try his luck with the
local ice cream (Mike is just going to try it quickly) (Yeah, lets see how it’s going to be like) (It’s really yummy) (It’s really good) You think so? (Yeah I think so) (We usually have this at weddings, on the side. So like, it’s just a dessert) Alright, so, is there a flavour? (Just milk) Just milk flavour? (Yeah, milk and cream) (Go for it) (You’re digging into that) Okay! (You like it?) It taste like Is there lemon in there? No, yeah? That’s got to be lemon. (No there’s no lemon in there) It’s not bad! (Not bad?) Is there a lemony taste? (I don’t even know what you would call that)
I like it – it’s almost like a milk pop like it’s not quite milk like it’s not an ice cream (it’s more like an icy something) yeah Yeah, I’ll try it Yeah, it’s like a popsicle It’s really nice, it’s refreshing
because it’s it’s warm out here there is also the aroma of marijuana in the air because we’re surrounded by plants and I think that’s adding to the
deliciousness this treat it’s everywhere, like right here
literally right here (Siya feels right at home ey?)
This is like my mothers backyard (What! is this cannabis?) Yeah!
(Really?!) It’s all over, look! It’s all literally over
(Guys, if you want to get high..) (Come here, you have a lot of stuff to get high) Anushae doesn’t even…
(Yeah I mean, I’m not promoting it or anything) (I’m just saying, it’s here) You’re just *saying* though
(Yeah, I’m just *saying*) Alexis are you getting excited about those? No! It’s illegal Did they make ice cream with it? (Well they can for you) (This is the way you drive number one) We’re headed into the top of the hills to get a nice little
view of the city, and show these guys the first a little bit of a nice view in
Pakistan. Okay we’ve been here before we’re back at Mouna. Last year we were
here, it was night Yo this is insane,
not a bad spot for a first night’s dinner This time we’re here in the day,
to try and get a different kind of view Here we are! Back at Centaurus
Shopping Mall in Islamabad paid a nice little nice little visit here last year
get some traditional Pakistani clothing (We could be onto something here) (Oh yeah)
Yeah, I like it You look like a Bhutan now probably gonna do a bit of the same
today and show these guys around,
and have a little bit of fun while we doing it You bring these guys to a mall
in Pakistan and you find them in a Sony store We only use Sony’s, get that Cannon out of here, get that out of here! Ah these Sony guys ey? Maybe something that is darker? (Oh so you want it against the sky?) Well, if I’m going to get something from afar (Well if you like sitting in a field of marijuana plants?) (Success, Mike, what were you?
You were the sugar daddy there right?) See I got pockets, so I got the wallet
so I got the cash so yeah I’m her sugar daddy You know it was all her money!
(What did you get Lexie?) I got a.. I’m not going to know the name of it (Oh, it’s very nice) Some ethnic clothing, pretty excited about it
it’s going to make for some good photos Shopping! No more money! Sooo! Oh we have light!
Okay we’re done, at Centaurus of course Alexis took up all our time shopping (No, no, that’s not true). So, we’re going to have to skip out on the mall next time round A quick stop at a club bagel moth and
a few interviews later the end of day one had arrived, but not to worry because
in many more days and many more vlogs to come If you like what you saw and your
set for more Pakistan, make sure you subscribe and leave me a comment below
I’d really appreciate it. Right, day one in Islamabad, Pakistan is done and
dusted (Sorry guys I just had to jump) on here one more time, looking back on the
footage I’m just realizing now that day one wasn’t even supposed to be an actual
vlog day, it was supposed to be a rest day where we are all recovering from the
flight but I guess it’s hard to have a dull day in Pakistan right? I’m so
pumped for you guys to see the rest of the trip so after you subscribe, don’t forget to
turn on the post notification too so you don’t miss a beat. I’ll catch you on the
next one. Flight’s cancelled, there’s no flight to Skurdu

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