Foreigners Exploring Northern Pakistan! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | 204

Foreigners Exploring Northern Pakistan! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | 204

The Pakistan travel vlog series. Series 2
presented by Ryan Riel Media. Watch all of Series 1 now on YouTube Good morning from Serena Swat Hotel In beautiful Swat. It is good to be back and it is just as beautiful and peaceful and serene as I remember from last time.
Not a thing has changed and I’m really really happy to be back. Today we have
got another interesting day in the north of Pakistan. We have got a four-hour
drive ahead of us it’s about a hundred kilometers to our next destination which
is Kalam. It is also nicknamed the Switzerland of Pakistan. So, it’s got a
lot to live up to in terms of its name. I’m expecting a lot of beautiful
mountainous scenery that is typical of northern Pakistan and I cannot wait.
Apparently the drive is just as scenic as Kalam itself as well. So, super super
pumped for that we got everyone awake now packing their luggage in the van
getting ready to hit the road. Let’s go! Ok, we’re crossing a river right now! We found another sky fox. Just a couple of kilometers away from Swat
and we’re given a good shot! Look at the view! Alright, that was a good little ride to
get the adrenaline pumpin before the long long drive ahead of us. Now back
into the van. And the energy is here! The energy is here! Okay, we just made our stop for lunch but before lunch while we wait for it to get
ready we are just going to explore this little town
found ourselves in and see what’s up. So, I’ll catch you when
lunch is ready! There is definitely language borders
because the only thing people can ask me is like went from. Then I say Netherlands, and then it’s like. But you know… There is one universal language in this town and it tea, chai, chai! Everyone wants drink tea right? Chai! Yes! Thank you, thank you sir, thank you! It’s actually perfect here with me, Halely. Because I have so many ladies asking how do you feel safe? It’s actually funny
there’s like a police guy with a big… Behind us But like, everyone asks me is it also safe for a lady? So, I leave it up to you because I think you can tell more about that. Do you
feel safe all these people that you you get intimidated? I… You know when people ask me is it safe? I don’t really know how to answer that question. The way that I feel might be different from the way you feel. As a solo female traveler I find that you
have to stay cautious and vigilant and watch your six. Keep her head on a swivel at all times But what I learned is that… Most people
in this world are decent and helpful… And as long as They might be staring at you.. It’s been a really long instagram story Halely! Stop! Stop! Stop Do not miss out on street food when you travel guys. Do not believe the guide books. Follow Travel Tom Tom! Okay, so after exploring this little
bustling town. Pretty pretty cool Sometimes these little places that
you don’t even plan on visiting or seeing or have no idea about. Are really cool. This particular town is called Bahrain. Because Bahrain means in between two rivers. And this town is situated in between two rivers. Which two
rivers I’m not sure, but yeah… If you know, let me note down in the comments, below. I’ve seen one of you here as well Uh.. who knows me from the channel. So, that was super cool, to see you. If you’re watching let me know it to you. But, lunch is ready now
so we’re gonna cross the bridge and see what’s on the menu for lunch! The fish was fresh, fantastic. The chicken
also wonderful and the lamb is always delicious! We have arrive to our next destination. We’ve just arrived at our hotel in Kalaam As you can see a lot of us are bundled up because its a lot colder here Apparently the hotel doesn’t have any
heating. So, it’s a bit of Fairy Meadow styles. Ohhh, good morning. So cold! Literally slept in every piece of clothing that I brought up. Because it was that cold!
Except it is a legit hotel the rooms just look really nice. The place looks
really nice. So, looking forward to it maybe we’ll get a bonfire going tonight.
But, it’s good to be in Kalam. Smelling the fresh mountain air. But, I think next
up on the schedule is dinners we’ll catch you there! Super cozy! It’s very very cold there’s
no heating. So, if you ever come here I think this called the Green Hotel, right?
Greens. Greens Hotel in Kalam if you ever come here in November. Make sure you come prepared with some warm clothing because it’s really cold. So, we’re gonna chill
settle in and grab some dinner! Ahh ok. We’re having a… Survival party here. Trying to stay warm.
We’ve got some uh… Let’s do the Cribs… What’s up! Welcome to my crib! Come on in! All right so… We’ve got the newly renovated lobby with the marble floors. I’ve got 19th century wood straight from the Kalam forests… All right, but this is what’s really cool, check this out! I’ve got my first girl! Introduce yourself. Erika Santos from Brazil. Erika Santos from Brazil! I’ve got my next girl… Introduce yourself. Right now? Ok! Zubi Zube. He’s the greatest film maker of all time! Next, I got my boy. I got my boy… He’s called the tea maker. Aaron the tea maker. AKA Sam Smith! Then we got the boss of the whole house. His name is Zee! The G master flex! Then we got my next girl. What’s your name? Zainab! We got Zainab. And then we got my main man TomTomTom! Name so good you got to say it twice! You know… Then I’ll show you in magic happens! I’ve got 5 places. Yeah? I don’t have keys for it! Bro, you got the keys to the room? He’s my main… Key guy? In case you didn’t know… He’s also known
as Smith make you say like you see Okay, I’m not Sam Smith! Follow him on @SamSmith But… Just for warning. Make sure you get yourself ready because this ain’t nothing like you’ve seen before! This fur is straight from… The Swat yak. It’s right from them. We dye it with dyes straight from Kalash Valley. It’s unbelievable! Then we got The feathers Packed with uh… Ducks From Lahore! There’s no ducks in Lahore! And then… Newly renovated bathroom! Uh, you’ve got your mirror there. Uh, you have to look at the videographer. He’s the sexiest videographer you’ve ever seen in your life! You can, he can too! And uh, storage! In case you need anything… And then you got… Last time we did this in Kalash. I’ve got a new toilet! I don’t have to stand and squat anymore! I can sit! Can I hold the light? If you want to s**t like a westerner… You can do this as well… Yo! This is sick, I’m actually gonna do this! And then, I’m gonna sit… And uh… Then the last thing is my custom soap. If ya wanna pick some up just check it out at Forward slash. Back slash. Soap! How does that taste Tommy? Spicy? Oh no! Is it warming you up? Um yeah, deintely! Whatever we can to keep warm. We’ve got some sweet and sour soup. I’ve got some vegetable soup. And you’ve got Alex. If you’re feeling really cold you can cuddle with Alex. You’ve got Alex. H’s been officially deemed the cosiest person To keep you warm. I mean, look at that beard! It’s actually better than my beard as well! I’m like a very warm fuzzy bear. So if
you ever need heat come on by. Yeah and then tune in next week. When Alex and I share beard tips!
That’s true yeah we got this we got the best beards in the region! Oh yeah
we’ve been named KPKs best bearded men! Stay tuned! Tune! What a big tune! Finishing off the night with a dance party Standard ending to the night and a cold
night in Pakistan. You got a dance to stay warm the dance to stay warm bra! You got to dance to stay warm! Anyways, see you tomorrow! Peace!

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