previously on Lifetime Travelmates we arrived here in katakana it’s it’s
ten ten o’clock and it’s cold it’s unbelievably cold yes that is true
because katakana is a hill town at 2,000 meters above sea level located in the
southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu its name in Tamil language means the gift of
the forest as one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India but I
cannot offers a perfect mix of culture in nature to tourists and is perfectly
manicured slope scenic waterfalls rolling hills all come together to
create the perfect setting for an ideal mountain getaway since we travel several
months in hot weather we are happy to be in this cold climate and it’s charming
it’s nice if a dependency may be for what we imagined 20 hotels a little bit
and few restaurants it’s dark we don’t see much we just see a few dogs some
people that offered us rooms and taxi but yeah I think I’m gonna wear something to
go is the wearing this and we saw people with had jackets and everything we’re in
the 14 degrees you think anyway we’re gonna try to hurry up it’s something and
then the restaurant of the world Jack and I can wait to see it tomorrow that clown an natural chicken we arrived
here at the lake of course it’s dark but it’s so charming
and it smells like penis I could smell like some timber somewhere and and for first time in days we don’t
hear honking it’s quiet it’s silence it’s so nice here it’s amazing
we’re gonna enjoy here my love I think we’re gonna enjoy here I can’t bullshit
ass good morning waking up hearing : come
out let’s check the weather outside welcome to a foreign land super super
funny good morning from katakana it’s called
anemia we are 2,000 meters high and it’s fresh
finally we just had breakfast that we were about
to be the restaurant some place to take a walk but I love
these well we didn’t have much choice but we
were not the only ones walking in the rain but for me right our first stop was cockers walk cockers
walk is a beautifully made one kilometer long walking path built on the mountains
in the city of Kodaikanal this lovely path of Kodaikanal that curves by the
answer of the gorgeous mountain have been constructed mainly for visitors to
get a glimpse of the wonderful lush green valleys and the hills in Houla
canal however the weather was foggy and rainy on that day so we could not see
much but it creates this mysterious or even romantic atmosphere and we found
something very special in that day the cringy flower so the name of the flower
is kurinji flower and it blooms every 12 years every trail world yes currency or
Neela currency is a bright blue bell shaped flower found on the hill slopes
of the western mountain pass at altitude between 6000 to 7000 feet the cringy
flower is native of South India growing in the Kodaikanal Palani anomaly and
near Greece in Tamil Nadu there are about 50 varieties of cringy and the
blue variety blooms once in 12 years we feel so lucky to see cringy flower even
though the season was ending he’s your friend where is it it’s foggy as for it’s quite foggy but
still the scenery looks have started raining like these and we
don’t have any brain forms we don’t have any umbrella but we have shelter in the
house of God so we are safe I think Jordi is too optimistic watching outside
laughing and I’m so worried that if power clothes are all wet in this
weather we can drive around and then long clothes we have and the weather is
pretty old the rain didn’t seem to stop anytime
soon so we have to find some warm place to spend some time so we came to restaurant
quite cool came here for their lunch but outside
it’s raining so hard where can I stop but I need
we have 1414 you some coffee so we’re gonna wait until
the rain stops actually it turned out this restaurant
made awesomely good pizza so we were so happy to come here and kill some time
unfortunately the rain didn’t stop so we went to the supermarket and bought an
umbrella well at least now we got an umbrella morning during Kodaikanal super Augie is the rainy and cold and we
are safe I can see further than that
1520 meters that is scary right scary movie we call
the taxi and moved to other accommodation because the one we were
staying was cold and a bit far from downtown and not cheap we really needed
a warm cozy shelter for the rest of the days in katakana but it’s fresh and you
feel you can smell your colleague toes I think some pine trees and some
restaurant making some we’re gonna have breakfast and then we’re going to market
Sunday morning there is a veggie market Fresh Market so we’re going to be sit
there it’s not perfect here breakfast market see we have some neatly
I’m some Japanese it’s getting sunny finally Sunday the supermarket in Kodaikanal
fortunately the weather is very nice so there were so many colors telling all
kinds of vegetables improved and we see some like household items also in the afternoon the weather became much
better finally the sky started to show some
blue colors it was perfect timing to stroll along the hidden alleys of the
anantadeva area there the houses are built on the hill slope which offers
incredible view of curriculum compared to the main road with the market full of
restaurants and souvenir shops this area was surprisingly quiet and peaceful most
of all because the wonderful landscape as we went up higher we’re very lucky that we got some Sun
and we have a walk Oh could I oh it’s the meat power God now this is like a heaven we stay here from these few points for
about 20 to 30 minutes and then the scenery is already so different from
before we can’t see anything over there now we can’t see any houses or we cannot
see any mountain or heal station I just came from one of those streets and now
we don’t think about to disappear you see that most Blue Mosque oh my god the pound is now a ghost town
but there’s no costs our first and second day include
eikenella was tough the weather was cold foggy and rainy but on the third day the
weather became much better especially during the daytime which led us to
explore deeper parts of the city and enjoy the incredible landscape when our
back to our hostel we really hope that the next day would be the same

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