Frankfurt’s newest tourist attraction

Good morning! Today, I thought that I would
just pop into Frankfurt, because there’s something I’d quite like to see — and I thought you’d like to see it as well. So, let’s go! So, this is basically
Frankfurt’s newest tourist attraction. It’s a reconstruction of part of the old city,
which was destroyed in the Second World War. What was here before was a very ugly
administrative building that was pulled down a full years ago. And they simply decided to recreate
the old alleyways and buildings. It’s not a completely faithful 1:1 reproduction: some of the buildings are very detailed; some of them just have the right scale and so on,
but they’re much more modern. But it’s intended to give the general
look and feel of old Frankfurt, a city that has long since disappeared. This project is not without its critics: it’s been criticized as
a kind of Disneyland Frankfurt. And it’s easy to see why: the problem is that the buildings
are absolutely brand new at the moment, so they don’t really look historic. But, I don’t know, give it another 20 years
and that may change. These are archaeological remains dating from the Roman period
all the way to the Late Middle Ages. And they’ve finally been given
their own special space open to the public, completely free, but roofed over
so they’re protected from the elements. What’s really fascinating about this is
it’s not quite finished — it’s due to open at the end of this week — but it’s already attracting tourists.
Apparently from all over the world. Tell you what: let’s get a better view. Yep. From up there. I can say that I’ve been up quite a few church
towers in my time just to get some great views, but this one takes be biscuit: you’ve just got to hope that
you don’t meet somebody coming the other way. But it’s a great view, although I was
scared stiff of dropping the camera. So, what’s my verdict? Was it really necessary to try
to recreate the old city? No, probably not. Is it an improvement on what was here before? Absolutely definitely yes. I mean, it’s definitely here for the tourists, and Frankfurt has a lot of those. But, you know, I can’t help thinking maybe they should have thought of
something a little bit more creative: a bit more, I don’t know, 21st century — just not ugly. Thanks for watching. If you’d like to
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