Freddie and Friends Try Luxury Makeup Looks With A Makeup Artist • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

Freddie and Friends Try Luxury Makeup Looks With A Makeup Artist • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

70 thoughts on “Freddie and Friends Try Luxury Makeup Looks With A Makeup Artist • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

  1. Freddie and some strangers is not a real Ladylike video. Never Freddie or Devin's biggest fan but the group was part of the package. If one more video comes out and Jenn and Kristin are not in it I am giving up on Ladylike. Maybe they are going out in their own but trying to pair Freddie with random people doesn't work for me.

  2. Lovely looks! ?? I currently have a giveaway where there will be 4 lucky winners. Check the video and follow the instructions. Good luck!

  3. I've LOVED Ladylike for years. (first channel I ever subscribed to!) Similar to these other comments, I feel like the channel has changed recently. (sad face My hope/wish is that if the channel really does phase out, Ladylike will give their subscribers a nice farewell to wrap up the years that we've spent loving this channel.

  4. I am not supportive of this “and friends/random strangers” theme because.. who are these people, and why should I care about their opinions? It will only work if they become regular members, otherwise I’m not interested in random women giving their opinions. ??‍♀️

  5. I understand pulling in other buzzfeed employees for videos when the content of the video only applies to one or two members and could use some additional voices (i.e. plus-sized clothing), but this is just trying fancy makeup. Anyone can do that. I know that y'all are busy and none of you can be in every video, but when you know everyone's asking for the whole group to be together in a video, it's not a great idea to pull in some girls from as/is for no reason

  6. This channel is truly not what it used to be. I’m starting to think the girls are at the end of their contracts and just dont care anymore…

  7. So I was looking and it made me sad but I was watching one of their old videos it had fourteen million views this one only has 27 thousand I’m not saying end the channel but chantel has left and we only ever see to lady’s at time can we get a video with all of you

    This will be my first and only time bothering you with one of these I know you guys are probably tired of see these but we miss you all

  8. I love Ladylike but I especially love Freddie. She’s always been my favorite even though I do like all of the members.

    I’m sad to see that the show isn’t doing so well. But I hope that they’ll all make their own YouTube channels someday. I would love to be one of Freddie’s first subscribers ?

  9. I like the fact you guys are try to add new people because we all are different it’s nice to see other people we can relate too. but there no chemistry here. It just feels like it’s lacking something…

  10. Y’ll are doing the most in these comments. It has not been just Freddie and Devin for that long. Jen and Fred just did two videos together

  11. I'm starting to feel like the original ladylike girls are not friends anymore cause they don't do any video with each other anymore and the videos are just not as exciting anymore.

  12. Respectfully, I believe since this is your job… that you guys should prioritize being available at the same time to film together. That was the formula that worked. It makes sense you guys made less videos together while you were keeping Chantelle’s departure a secret, to like not make it so obvious.. but please go back to the original formula where you were in videos all together.

  13. I’m honestly surprised that they keep uploading videos like this after everyone is upset about all the OG crew not being together. Smh. Not smart buzzfeed.

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