Free Beach Camping Padre Island National Seashore | Camper Van Life S1:E45

Free Beach Camping Padre Island National Seashore | Camper Van Life S1:E45

this week head to the Padre Island
National Seashore for beach camping in Texas and visit the
USS Lexington and Corpus Christi welcome to Padre Island National
Seashore Let’s go find our free camping spots. Do
you have the low tide high tide info I do so let’s see thursday 10:30 a.m. is
the high tide 1:30 a.m. is low tide I’m glad we grabbed a sheet because it
varies quite a bit you want to go scope out the bathhouse sure pretty standard thank you for dumping a grey tank you’re
welcome everyone’s been asking if Kate is still
dumping the cassette that’s her out there doing it right now so yes she is ready for some Beach driving dude we
were never taking the van on the sand nope and that’s about the change in
three two one now so I have to laugh because up until this point
I always thought Rincon Parkway was really cool beach camping but this is
Beach camping on a whole other level it’s pretty awesome a lot of people the
dogs out here yeah it’s very dog friendly I like it you’re gonna turn us
around alright face the door that way sounds
good to me let me go out and film you so everyone
can see the action oh it’s gonna be action-packed the water are you gonna put your sandals on what would you like to do at the beach relax you want to open our back shade
George we can enjoy the view it is kind of chilly there we go pretty nice in here but I’m at the beach
it were to go sit outside so I’m going to take the camping chair out and we
need to learn myself yes I’m gonna read take advantage of not having the
internet and not having to work although there’s still a lot I can do
without the internet like writing a book yeah like writing a book thanks for the
reminder let’s see what we saw that was a
Portuguese man-of-war a blue button and a cabbage head jellyfish
looks like that seagull how to push all done with your book uh-huh do you
want to go check out the nature trail sure let’s do that and then we can swing
over the North Beach did you finance your carrot
I did stomach still not feeling too good would you like me to make you cup of tea
sugar that’d be nice and you know I know when I’m not feeling well because when I
had my coffee this morning it really did not taste good
I’ve got chichi up front okay it was a really enjoyable afternoon it
was I would love to come back for turtle season oh I know you would you love your
turtles I love sea turtles
all right let’s get going okay I like these two campers they’ve got kayaks set
up carry insect repellent does that mean they’re mosquitos out here okay well
let’s walk quickly mosquitos get you all they started swarming me but I think I
got him off I think we should let everyone
we bought a drone I was flying it around for a while getting accustomed to it and
we just quite honestly to legally flying as a commercial operator since we make
money through these videos and fly it in places it was just it was gonna sit more
than it was worth it so we decided to take that money and put it towards a few
new phones which is what we shoot all our video on anyway every day by the way
my leg is super itchy the mosquitos well the sign did say wear bug repellent
mm-hmm and we did not every time left
uh-huh see how it turns out trying something a little different it’s currently high tide so we have
plenty yep we’re good here and while you’re making toffee well do you want to
pack up and head over to the what is it an aircraft carrier uh-huh now that it’s quite the view fetch
coffee I do and it finally tastes starting to taste normal again
I know when my body says no coffee and it tastes strange that something is not
right it’s been a rough few days well welcome back my love thank you what’s the deed of my loan well they do
smartphone tours but it’s basically just walk around and see the place for
yourself that had to be the best 3d movie I’ve ever seen carrier and awesome
worth the price of admission yes 25 minute movie if you come to see this you
can’t miss it I almost want to go see it again I’m down thank you all so much for watching if
you enjoyed this please give him a thumbs up subscribe if y’all haven’t
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next Wednesday bye

100 thoughts on “Free Beach Camping Padre Island National Seashore | Camper Van Life S1:E45

  1. One of my favorite videos. Love the beach … My happy place. I think I would have stayed there for days. I sure hope you feel better Joe. You're looking pretty down and out. ♡

  2. How do you manage to clean the floor of your class B when you visit a beach. Does the floor not get messy? I noticed Joe was unwell in close ups even before he said so. His skin texture becomes smoother when he is doing good.

  3. Kait, we are missing you in this video. I do have a question and I pray it isn't too personal. Kait did you cut your hair off and remain out of this video to mourn Leo or was it just a coincidence? Either way, I honor you both and pray your comfort.

  4. You've probably answered this elsewhere, sorry. Where did you buy the front window shades? I thought you were using reflectix. I just did a Promaster build and that's all I have left to do is make or buy the front shades.

  5. That looked like Mustang Island since you were so close to Corpus. That's a great part of the state and the Lex is just an awesome experience. Have fun and stay safe guys!

  6. I noticed that the video quality is improved. Did you film that on your new phone? If so, what kind is it?

  7. Enjoyed beach scenes, but you were braver than I…would have worried about the tides! New phones worked well for video…what did you upgrade to?

  8. Joe, you look like you need a break. I hope you are able to take some time off & heal. Thanks to you & Kait for all the stories…. but we want you both to be happy.

  9. Essential oils is a must when camping. I’m a bug magnet but last year I used a mix of oils and not one bite all three seasons ?

  10. Here's a question for ya, what do you use to hold your phone while recording your videos?
    And as for needing a commercial drone license for what your doing isn't needed. That only applies if your going out working for someone such as a realtor doing videos for hire otherwise nearly everyone on YouTube would need to get a license and take it from me, no one doing videos here has one.

    Dance the Skies

  11. You are so right about having a drone! I fly one for personal fun but you are so limited on where you can legally fly that it’s not worth it.

  12. Hi Joe, If you and Kait make it to the East coast sometime stop by the USS Yorktown in Charleston South Carolina. It's probably a lot like the USS Lexington but you can never get enough of the aircraft carrier tours.

  13. When you said that you were headed over to the air craft carrier, a whole flock of birds flew over. It was great. Thanks for taking me along on this trip.

  14. This was another fantastic video, Joe & Kait. However, in the beginning, when Joe was walking on the sand towards the waves, I imagined Leo by his side, and there was such a 'void' there, with Joe alone. I can't imagine how it is still difficult for you both, without him by your side. It is very good 'therapy' for you both, to keep traveling, and I think Leo would want it that way. He will always be with you in Spirit –

  15. Thank you Joe & Kait, my father served as a radio operator on the USS Lexington during World War 2, I so appreciate you showing around the ship.

  16. Just finished your book, you did a wonderful job with it and I really enjoyed how it made me feel like I was in the moment with you guys throughout your entire story. Looking forward to the second one which if you sign I will not gift as well 🙂 Take care guys, safe travels and cool time lapse by the way, looked great!!

  17. Watched your Smokey Mtn video, but really can’t appreciate much when the video runs so fast! I’m planning a trip for the fall.

  18. Hi, Joe and Kait ! Just asking, How do you receive you mail while on the road? Sorry if you have already answered this before.

  19. We used to go to Padre Island when I was kid … it's so pretty down there. Joe, I feel the same about the coffee … I know I'm feeling bad when I don't want mine in the morning b/c nothing else could stop me! I was also going to say that you seemed sad until you said you were under the weather. But the energy matched mine today as we are having to send our kitty to the Rainbow Bridge … as you said with Leo, we just know it's time. Hope you are feeling better and hopefully we'll get to see more of Kait's new hair on the next video 🙂

  20. Sorry you didnt feel well Joe, I could tell when the video started. I understand the not wanting coffee when you dont feel good. Hope the mosquitoes didnt eat you up Kait! I bet you had some beautiful sunsets on the beach, so jealous!

  21. We take lots of garlic year round. Seldom get mosquito bites. The little capsules.
    Double up around April or May

  22. Still waiting to see your next video, was thinking of being a patron but you take to long to up dates videos , not worth it guys. Godbless tho

  23. I appreciate the insight on the drone. Drone shots are cool, but I suspect most people watch your videos because of the more personal aspects of your material. Sometimes the “cool” factor is not worth the extra hassle. I think you made a good decision.

  24. Hi from Scotland been watching your videos for awhile now which are great. I see you've got new sun blinds for the cab can you give us some info on them and if they're better than the previous ones. Thanks

  25. I lived in Harlingen for 6 years. I would wake up and drive to your spot and watch the sun rise a lot. That is my fave beach access. Don’t visit after Cinco de Mayo or any other major summer holiday. The beach gets trashed unfortunately.

  26. SO … How do you address all that salt spray that your coach has been subjected to …. And if you say "what salt spray"? … you're just kidding yourself …

  27. We’re the Russos absolutely love the videos. I’m looking at purchasing a van to convert to live in. What are your thoughts on the Mercedes sprinter lwb high top vans?

  28. Hi
    I'm new to your channel
    I'm interested in buying an RV camper van in the near future.
    I was wondering what supplies you bought from Costco …? Where they for internet?

  29. That is one of the best beaches and we are lucky to have it in in Texas! You can drive down the island about 70 miles! Once you get about 20, 30 or so miles out it becomes a very different experience. Try it next time, but you'll need 4wd.

  30. A question … since you need to dump a grey tank anyway, why not to dump a black tank as well? What's the benefit of having so small cassette toilet if one could have much bigger black tank toilet and dump it together with the grey tank?

  31. I have to say as much as I enjoy watching this delightful young man, I miss seeing pretty Kate. You know…if you had a selfie stick we could enjoy you both…possibly?

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