Free Camping in Colorado’s National Forests

Free Camping in Colorado’s National Forests

If you’re looking to escape the summer
heat and go high up into the mountains and enjoy the cool of the pines, then
Colorado has exactly what you’re looking for. (music) How’s it going I’m Jarrod Gillis, welcome
to the Campendium YouTube channel where it’s our hope and our goal to
provide you with the resources and the information to get out there and camp,
and today we’re looking at free camping in Colorado. It has some amazing,
beautiful places to get out there and enjoy some beautiful Lakes. Frigid
streams, the Aspen’s are beautiful up in the pines, the views are gorgeous – why are
we wasting any more time describing it? Why don’t we get into some of these
campgrounds and see what Colorado has to offer. We’re gonna start this amazing
list off with Madden Peak Road, where Teo says “this place just felt like home.
Stayed ten days and didn’t want to leave. Perfect weather,
great Sun for solar, blazing fast Verizon. Not too many bugs, lots of cows. They
visited my site every day. Easy access to the wonderful town of Mancos and 25
minutes from everything Durango has to offer. I love it here. Can’t wait to come
back.” Next on our list is County Road 34 where a comment from Where is Becky says “Perfect location for daily visits to Mesa Verde Cortez and Durango. Found this site on Campendium and was so pleased with it. It was very easy to find, right
off the main highway then make the first right. The sites are numbered which makes it quite easy. The next free camping site we have on our list is Sultan Camping
Area, where Free Rein Project said “Two other campers already on site so we took the most out of level site, but we were very close to the creek and we had our privacy. Quick drive to Silverton which we didn’t everyday, sometimes twice a day. We also went up the dirt road to hike Ice Lakes which is one of the best hikes o have done in my life! This place is truly amazing, I couldn’t believe that it was free!!!” Next on the list is Sultan Creek. We have a review from Jimmy G that says “It’s such a beautiful area it’s hard to go wrong around here I pulled in
and immediately found a nice spot with a fire ring and a nice view. Looks like you
can go back pretty far in if your vehicle can handle rough-road. I was here during the week and I could see a few other vehicles around,
but it still felt like I had the peace and quiet I wanted.” And just across the
way from Sultan Creek is Anvil Camping Area where 33 and Free said “I
wanted to keep this place a secret, but I wanted others to experience the amazing
area. We were originally going to stay in Sultan, but we looked across the river
and saw Anvil when we scouted the entire dead-end strip we got to the end and saw
the last spot and we both were like yep this is the spot. We would stay here
again in a heartbeat. When talking about places to go in Colorado, it’s hard to
not recommend Crested Butte. It’s a beautiful town looks like it should be
right on the front of a postcard and they tout themselves as being the
the wildflower capital of Colorado. So if you’re looking for a beautiful place to
camp near there, you can look at the Slate River, where Nathan says don’t come expecting cellphones or warm nights but if you get fidgety over waterfalls, fresh
bear scat and endless mountains covered and flowers well into July, then this end
of the road is more than Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD and the East Coast Family could ever
hope to harmonize with.” Nathan is actually on the Compendium team, he
writes all the blogs that these videos are based off of, he has 300 reviews of
campsites on Campendium and that’s – that’s pretty, pretty impressive. So if you want
to have a good read just click on his one of his reviews and read through some
of the other ones. They’re very very entertaining. The next place we have
on our list is Washington Gulch Road. The road might be a little on the rough side,
but Love Life on the Road said “dispersed Colorado camping at its best, other folks
have commented that the Washington Gulch Road camping is premier and I have to
agree this is classic Colorado.” Now moving on
if you wanted a camp near Grand Junction Colorado, there’s places like Escalante
Canyon Road. There’s also a Miracle Rock or there’s 25 Road as options to camp at.
But the next one on our list is County Road 48 where Watson’s Wander said
“This is a great choice for free camp near Turquoise Lake. We ended up here
after staying five nights at the nearby Silver Dollar Campground, where you won’t find water views or be able to walk to the lake from your site. You will find
peace and quiet and a nice forested setting with mountain views. Now if
you’re looking for places to camp near Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s
places like Vasquez Ridge along with West Magnolia Campground. Let’s take
a look at what Stillwaters Pass has to offer, where Emma B said “This was our first time at Stillwater and we had a blast. We
camped at two different beautiful campgrounds and went on a hike to Lost
Lake. The campsites were pretty clean and there are sites for miles and miles off CR4 so you can be as close to or as far away from the start of the pass as you’d like. Now I hope this quick list gets you excited about what Colorado has
to offer or at least intrigues you enough to want
to look at the full article that Nathan wrote about Free Camping in Colorado so
I’m gonna put a link down in the description to that article and to all
these different camp sites that we talked about. So if you want to check out
any of them just click the link and it’ll take you right to them on the Campendium website for for more information. So I think that’s gonna do it for today,
if you liked this video give it a thumbs up. if you want to see more videos from
Campendium, hit that subscribe button and remember to get out there keep
exploring and to stay safe we’ll see you next time.

59 thoughts on “Free Camping in Colorado’s National Forests

  1. I have never been there, but whenever I get to go to Colorado I will definitely consult this video and Campendium. Those look like great places to camp! Thank you for the review!

  2. Colorado has a lot of open range cattle. Most owned lands is not mark. People have been shot being in a wrong place. Bear attacks, mountain lion attacks .mosse and elk attacks . Many peole every year get lost and never found till next summer. Californians dominate the citiies and all that goes with that. Temperatures in summer can still be below zero. Limited cell phone towers. MOST CAMPGROUNDS WERE CLOSED BY OBAMA IN 2010. list goes on. Dont go there.!!

  3. We TOTALLY loved camping on Notch Mountain Road!! We camped at 10,008 ft elevation, it was quiet,secluded, and the view was AMAZING. Not recommended for camper trailers unless they’re small, and off-roadie, but it was PERFECT for our rooftop tent!

  4. Please don't put out any more of these vids Colorado is seriously over crowded . the three to eight hours of jam packed highways is not worth your time "for free" trouble , over loaded and overwhelmed !!!!!! Here in Colorado!!!! Go anywhere else !!!!!!

  5. There's not enough air. The weather sucks. We're always in a drought. Fire danger is always extreme. Nothing but crazed pot heads. You're better off in The Dominican Republic.

  6. I live in SW Virginia, but I used to live in Delta, CO and I've never heard of these campsites. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, there is so much more in Colorado. I am actually watching this while at a free campus called Turtle Rock in the Four mile area outside Buena Vista. I travel around Colorado with my business and always looking for free or inexpensive places to stay. I also have stayed in many paid campgrounds while working for a month or more in one place. Good video.

  8. Come up here and visit, and then go home spend your money, and then go home thank you for visiting Colorado and not settling here!

  9. I am from California and I am moving to Colorado to retire, and I will vote the same way I did in California.

  10. Subscribe to my channel if you wanna see what camping ⛺️ in Colorado looks like! I have a lot of uploads on this subject! Thanks for making this video dude

  11. I live in boulder Colorado and you forgot to mention nederland blm land disperse camping its beautiful there.

  12. Nothing but crowds and more crowds of people here. The whole state has been overrun. Very expensive state for "free" camping. Don't bother coming…


  14. One thing I would like to see all of the YouTube people that are RV, van dwellers and tent campers should all include as part of their videos. “When we go to a campsite especially a free one we should leave it cleaner than we found it”. We are losing campsites because some people won't clean up after themselves.


  16. If you're coming to CO, please drive in the RIGHT LANE unless you're passing. Do not try to take pictures while driving and please try to know where your turn is BEFORE you're actually supposed to turn! Pack out your trash and don't be a dick! Respect our lands and laws. Especially fire restrictions. Know before you go. Come, enjoy, respect, go home. Cheers.

  17. Please if you visit Colorado's pristine forest's,rivers,lakes,etc. Leave your spot in better shape than you found it. Haul out the garbage, don't break bottles, don't chop or cut down standing trees, don't acclamate the wildlife to being fed by humans, don't harass the wildlife and for fucks sake drown your camp fires…… Don't pour a bottle of water on it, fucking drown it.
    Thanks Colorado natives and stewards of the land.

  18. So, I was in the Colorado Springs, Denver, Greeley area during February and March. There was NO FREE CAMPING ON ANY NATIONAL FOREST LAND..

  19. What is wrong with the locals in Colorado? Don't they understand there's just as many terrible people that live in there state then visit. This is supposed to be the United States we're all supposed to be able to travel freely in it. They act like they're there own country

  20. Pack it in, pack it out,
    Police your campfires well,
    Secure your food and trash,

    These simple and easy rules are the golden ticket to allow future generations to enjoy what we enjoy.

  21. Nice video, but the locals sound really irate. I’ve heard this in person too from Coloradans camping in NM to get away from the crowds.

  22. RV's have ruined camping. Don't forget your microwave popcorn RVers! If you want to really get out in nature and get away from the noise of RVers and their generators, you gotta put on a backpack!

  23. only people with campers and have money get to camp in these locations look at all of these expensive campers.

  24. Can kiss all these places goodbye, gonna be trashed now and closed soon just like every other place that has been "discovered"

  25. Lol where are you talking about I'm a native and it's hot as hell here. Grand junction is a drug infestation. There are no free camp sites. I guess if you want to park at a Walmart.

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