Free Camping in Florida!

If you don’t want your RV confused for an
ice chest in the dead of winter then Florida free camping might be just what you need. How’s it going? Welcome to the Campendium YouTube Channel
where it’s our hope and our goal to provide you with the resources and the information
to get out there and camp. Today, we’re covering free places to stay
in Florida, I mean what’s better than having your RV in Florida is free camping with your
RV in Florida. The sunshine state plays host to snowbirds,
to sun-seekers, to all lanes of life and you can having camping from waterfront underneath
the palm tree to pine trees dripping with Spanish moss. One thing to keep in mind, that we’ve learned
as we’ve been planning our trip to Florida, while all these sites we’re going to be talking
about today are free, a lot of them in the public lands are going to require you to make
a reservation either on the website or give them a phone call and set up that reservation. It’s still free, but you need to set up that
reservation. So if you want to get all the information
about each individual listing, check the Campendium website or the iOS app for all the juicy info. We’ll be sure to put the links to each individual
listing down in the descriptions. So it’s real easy to click on the link and
you can get all the information that you need. So, as we dive into the list, maybe we should
start a new game this week and find out how many things does Jared mis-pronounce in a
video? But we’re going to start off with number one
being Cobb Hunt Camp in Osceola National Forest. As the name implies, is a busy place during
hunting season, but not particularly so the rest of the year. Cat said, “We found Cobb Hunt Campground,
and what an unexpected surprise. This campground was free, quiet, clean and
had great cell signal with Verizon. Would definitely stay here again.” Meanwhile, in the pan handle, our next one is Wood Lake Recreation Area. In Apa-apalachicola National Forest offers
“no frills free camping near a boat dock surrounded by miles of water.” Bodeswell says “A good free option in the
Apalachicola National Forest. Six grassy sites with picnic tables and fire-pits,
one pit toilet and trash-bins. Boat ramp would make a very easy put-in for
kayaks or canoes as well. A few fishermen came in the morning and spent
the day on the lake. Otherwise, very little traffic as it’s at
the end of a dead end road.” I just knew Apalachicola was gonna get me. I’m probably still saying it wrong. Next on the list in the pan handle is Bayside
Campground. Stacy said “As long as you’re ok with the
rig getting a little dirty, you won’t be sorry! Dolphins at sunset, small beach area for the
kids to play, and both Verizon and AT&T had very fast, very good service. Trash cans and pit toilets available. You must make your reservations on line. But it’s still free.” And we also have Dead River Landing Recreation Area. It’s a popular free camping spot which provides
shaded waterfront sites and one review said “This place is awesome. The setting is beautiful. There’s a boat ramp. Sites are clean and level and not cramped. 16 RV sites and many tent sites. Fire rings. Children’s playground. Ample parking. What’s not to love. If you like to boondock, this place should
definitely be on your list!” Now, central Florida holds the lion’s share
of free camping for Florida and the crown jewel for it is DuPuis Campground. It’s a South Florida Water Management District
facility where each site boasts a fire-pit, a picnic table, plus flush toilets, showers
and dumpsters to round out the experience. The campground has an equestrian focus and
is a short distance to Lake Okeechobee as well. The South Florida Water Management District
hosts many campgrounds. One of them being the Hickory Hammock Campground. It’s a typically quiet, secluded get-away. One review said “Really really clean and awesome
camping spot with running water and a restroom! It had barbecue grills all around as well
as tables! I will make sure to come back!” And if you would like even less interruption
from the outside world you could always stay at Cyprus Creek Preserve. It might be just what you’re looking for. We had a comment from Homeiswherewepark it
said “Another free and beautiful location in Florida. Who says there are no free camping places
in Florida?” If you are looking for more free camping in
Florida check out the full article. I’ll put a link down in the description and
that will give you links to Campendium website, you could also check it out on the iOS app,
so you can look at any of those details for how you get the reservations or anything else
that you might be wondering about. So I think that’s going to do it for today. So remember, as always, to keep exploring
and to stay safe. We will see you next time.

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