Free Camping Near Zion National Park!

So today we’re gonna be looking at those
places that you can stay at around Zion National Park in Utah How’s it going? Welcome to the Campendium
YouTube channel where it’s our hope and our goal to provide you with the
resources and the information to get out there and camp. That’s why Campendium was
created. There’s the website and the mobile app, so that there’s a place and a
resource to go to to find the places that you want to go to to camp and be
able to learn from other people be able to read reviews see pictures get all all
the information before you get there so today we’re gonna be looking at those
places that you can stay at around Zion National Park in Utah that kind of a
funny story when we first got in our RV we thought we could as ion and we didn’t
know anything we didn’t know where to stay we didn’t do any research we didn’t
have any resources we didn’t have compendium so we ended up spending our
first night on the side of the road because everything that we knew of was
full in Zion National Park area and so we just ended up on the side of the
highway fun memories but I do not want to do that for every RV trip that we go
on so that’s why compendiums a good resource so let’s look at some of these
places to stay and look at some of these reviews of what people have said about
it and the pictures they have taken so let’s start by looking at the areas you
can stay near the south entrance and first on our list is virgin dam now this
is some great BLM camping one review says it’s pretty cool camping alongside
a cliff that overlooks the virgin river everywhere you look as a sight to see
and not to mention the stars are absolutely beautiful at night continents
collide said this place was perfect tons of open space with beautiful views of
the canyons out every window of our airstream completely peaceful and quiet
it took about 35 to 40 minutes to get into the National Park town is about 15
minutes away and has everything you need now if you don’t have a big rig and you
need some cell service then leaves Canyon might be just what you need some
review said they loved the Red Rocks and there are some nice hikes in the area by
these great designated camps this definitely looks like a beautiful
area next on our list is Sheep bridge Road
some of the reviews said sheep bridge Road was easy to find off of highway 9
and we had some spectacular views during sunrise and sunset other people said if
you want to stay clear of the bike race staging area and you should have no
noise issues and a cleaner experience so those are a few options that you have on
the south entrance let’s move over to the east entrance so first one on our
list is old highway 89 here are a few of the titles from the review that kind of
says it all good views easy access off of 89 surprisingly nice boondocking just
off of us 89 fast internet great views and the last one just says simply
fantastic that brings us to next on our list of twin hollows some of the reviews
say this spot is perfect along the creek and right outside of Zion National Park
Kirk recommends to visit the belly of the dragon cave which is about a quarter
of a mile from the turnoff easy to miss but very cool there’s a few
more in this area there’s yellowjacket Springs and if you don’t mind the sand
there’s yellowjacket canyon and a place called Meadows on BLM land now if you
have some good ground clearance on your rig then Smithsonian View might be a
place you want to check out some of the reviews said for us it was a fun
challenge and incredible views as a reward in the morning we’ll said it was
quiet and there was a views for days top-notch free camping well I hope this
was a handful of places that will just whet your whistle and you can dive in
there and see the rest of the article see more places to camp nearby if you
want to see the rest of the article you can check the link down in the
description so remember as always to keep exploring to travel safe and we
will see you next time you

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