Free Things To Do In Los Angeles – best place for sightseeing Los Angeles without spending a dime.

Free Things To Do In Los Angeles – best place for sightseeing Los Angeles without spending a dime.

The best free things to do in Los Angeles and Hollywood Let´s start at Universal Studios, you will find free places to visit in Los Angeles just outside the Universal Studios. a fantastic strolls through stores and
restaurants and theatres. To get there free take LA’s new red line
subway system catch the free shuttle up the universal
hill otherwise its 10 bucks to park, free to get in. Once
there you´ll enjoy a dazzling open-air street setting,
featuring an array of historic LA neon signs and architectural eye-candies. If you want to spend a little there’s
live music live comedy and plenty of restaurants and mostly it’s what
Hollywood is all about, a fun safe and artificial version of reality. #9 free activities Los Angeles: a stroll in the LA county art museum. Free Los Angeles attractions from April to November you can’t beat the free concerts. #8 places to visit in Los Angeles for free: Griffith Park this is the country’s
largest municipal park over forty one hundred acres not only
just a gorgeous setting for hiking picnicking and horseback riding it’s
home to the Hollywood sign and a ton of attractions. Free places to visit in Los Angeles here the Greek Theater, the Zoo, travel
time museum and many others. But its best attraction the Griffith
Park Observatory an LA icon seen in a ton of movies and it just
underwent a 93 million dollar renovation partially
funded in fact by Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy. It’s a great visit. #7 free attractions in Los Angeles: Mulholland Drive! Take a convertible up to this mountain. Drive 55 miles of
scenic hairpin curves, usually at the best
firsthand view of just how big this city really is. Free things to do in Los Angeles CA? Santa Monica and Beverly Hills to
Hollywood downtown. Best of Los Angeles free attractions for hobby archeologists, the
collections of ice age fossil in the world with smack in
the middle of L.A. over a million fossil recovered from the
La Brea Tar Pits. Dating back thirty thousand years
creatures like woolly mammoths and saber-toothed Tigers found themselves trapped in the sticky
smelly asphalt that still bubbles up. Now we’re not talking about
Melrose Place that was a cheesy TV soap opera, but Melrose Avenue is a collection of
stylish shops and restaurants that stretches from Beverly Hills westward. Vintage clothes
unique trinkets, designer furniture, stylish fashion,
dining hot spots, all on one street Number four spot
to the remaining great window shopping stroll to the city Brea, Beverly Boulevard, third Street,
Robertson Boulevard Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade
and of course Rodeo Drive #3 things to do for free in Los Angeles:
Hollywood Boulevard. Nowadays it’s safe, cleaned up and worth a stroll. We all know but the famous stars along
the Boulevard and the Chinese Theatre with star foot prints in cement, do yourself a
favor go see a movie in the Main Theater of the Chinese Theather, it is truely great. #2 things to do in Los Angeles for free is classic Los Angeles. Bikini babes on blades rock wannabes strumming a guitar, ex-hippies selling incense and a few wacky street performers
along the way. Our #1 free things to do in Los Angeles: one great stroll. your trip to L.A. will not be complete
without a stroll around the incomparable Getty Museum. The mountains top views are not to be believed. This museum is all about the location
750 acres of breathtaking lookout point in Santa Monica Mountains the collection
itself used to be owned by oil baron J. Paul Getty. An impressive
array of European paintings and artists. But the real star here is the facility
itself nine stunning buildings with lovely gardens and remarkable views with a fabulous
admission price to free!

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  1. There are aLOT OF FREE things to do in Hollywood………Especially Magic Shows !

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