Freeriding and Camping in Della Creek, BC

Freeriding and Camping in Della Creek, BC

– [Matt Voiceover] Our crew is headed to Della Creek in Lillooet, B.C. to ride new trails, new bikes,
and have our minds blown. Our convoy is driving two
hours north of Whistler up the beautiful, winey, Duffey Highway. For three days of incredible
shuttle access riding, and we’re just little bit
excited about this place because we’ve heard one
thing, it’s guaranteed rugged. (“Like A Zip” by Fantoms) – But before we could even
make it to our destination, we spotted a sweet little free ride zone off the gravel road. We pulled over with our
shovels to check it out. (“Athlete’s World” by So Loki) – Free ride is real right now, free ride definitely lives in Lillooet. It was guaranteed rugged, it said. And, look where we are. – [Matt Voiceover] This was
a great spot to get a feel for our new aluminum/29ers. (“Athlete’s World” by So Loki) – Let’s see a tire grab! – He like practices. (laughs)
– Yeah, dude (laughs) Oh yeah, I think I got it. – Oh! – The next step is to actually grab it. (Hailey laughing)
Ow! Oh, ye. (friends laughing) – [Matt Voiceover] After
a fun sesh off the road, we headed onward up the
fire road to our campsite. When we arrived, we have
whole place to ourselves. With a trailhead right next door. We slapped on our riding
gear, and some GoPros to get a quick first lap, and a shuttle back to camp before dark. (“Brotato Chips” by Mikey Geiger) – [Andrew] That’s so sick! – I know, I feel like, so happy. – [Ollie] I feel like, stoked too. – [Andrew] How sick is that? – Holy f**k, dude. (“Brotato Chips” by Mikey Geiger) – [Andrew] I can’t see! (Jason laughing) It’s steep, it’s steep. (“Brotato Chips” by Mikey Geiger) Holy. (Jason screaming) Yes! (laughs) – It got super fast, it’s like, whoa. (“Brotato Chips” by Mikey Geiger) – Oh, my God. Yeah, buddy! – [Andrew] I couldn’t get
(laughs) out of the rut. – [Matt] Oh, yeah. – Jack.
– Jack? What you got on there? – I Only Ride Park there, Ferda Girls. Thanks for supporting us, man. – You’re all giddy at the beginning, – Yeah, and you’re like shaking almost, and then.
– Oh, ya you guys saw me. I was like, “ah!” (laughs). – [Matt Voiceover] Every time
we shuttled back up the road, we were chased by these dogs. Apparently, these guardian
dogs are specifically bred to chase away predators, and I guess mountain bikers. (dogs barking) – [Matt] (laughs) he’s gonna jump! – He’s gonna come from the top. – Man, that’s insane.
– What is this guy doing? – Oh, he knows the long way.
– Oh, my goodness. (girls laughing) – [Matt] Was it worth it? Was it worth it? They must just talk to
each other they’re like, “One day we’ll get ’em.” (friends laughing) “One day.” – [Matt Voiceover] We weren’t stopping ’til the sun went down. Next to camp, we found
a small little hip jump for a twilight session. It wasn’t very big, or even very good, but it was a lot of fun. (“You” by Murder Beach) – [Matt Voiceover] This
camp trip was a lot different than our last. Having our gear in three trucks was far more luxurious than
having our gear on three bikes. So, in classic glamp game fashion, we brought everything and the kitchen sink. – [Matt] That is glamping. (“You” by Murder Beach) (friends screaming) It’s glamping, baby! – [Hailey] Here, help it out, seriously. – No, no, no
– Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. – Put him under the fire.
(friends screaming) – [Matt Voiceover] We packed it in to get a good night’s sleep. Because the next day was
the first day of summer, and the longest day of the year. (“Every Morning” by DJ Quads) – Happy Summer Day, everybody! It’s the longest day of the year, ah!
(bug buzzing) We woke up to a similar
sound as that bug there, I woke to a sound of a drone. Andrew, did you just stick
your head out the tent to start droning? – Yeah, just uh, threw
it out the tent door. (“Every Morning” by DJ Quads) – [Matt Voiceover] The morning
coffees were delicious, and the nature poops, came with a view. What better way to start
the first day of summer? (“Somebody’s Gettin’
It” by Johnnie Taylor) Mother Nature was up to some
funny business that day. – Ooh.
– Whoa. (thunder roaring) (Matt wooing) (Jason laughing) – [Jason] 29er country (laughs) We got big wheels, big shocks, we use ’em. – [Matt Voiceover] Hailey and Ollie were our tour guides for the trip. Coincidentally, these two
lovebirds first met here in Della Creek some years ago. But, we’ll save that love
story for another time. (thunder roaring) (“Somebody’s Gettin’
It” by Johnnie Taylor) It’s hard to tell on camera, but this was the steepest section of the trip.
(Hailey screaming) Once you start, there ain’t no stopping. (Matt laughing) – [Matt] You got a steady
foothold there, Max? – I got a– hopefully. Otherwise, I got a long way to go down. I’ve got a long way. (laughs) – [Matt] Alright, Max is sending it now. Whoa, you know what you’re
doin’ out there on that slope. – We need more roost! (tire screeching) – Let’s see some carnage! (laughs) – We want blood! We want blood! – [Ollie] Woo! Yeah, buddy! (Hailey wooing) Yeah, buddy! (laughs) Woo-hoo! (Matt laughing) – [Matt] Lay one on me, buddy. Ooh! – (mumbles) 29er country boy. There’s no time. – [Jason] Especially if you ride 27-five, – If you ride 27-five, yo f**k that. – Yo wheels gonna be in all the holes. – [Matt Voiceover] No pun intended, but this is when things
started to go downhill. – [Matt] Ooh! Hang up. (friends screaming) – Oh, I f**king launched. – [Ollie] Ya, bud. – [Matt] You okay? – Yeah.
– See it wouldn’t have happened if you were on a 29er out here. – [Max] Good crew man. Efficient, an efficient crew. – [Ollie] Do you want me to go? – [Hailey] Sure. – [Ollie] Well, why don’t you follow Jason? – [Matt] Why don’t I follow Max? – [Jason] Max is great. – [Max] I’m great. – [Matt] Take it easy though. – [Jason] This guy has no slow. – [Matt] Take it easy. (Matt laughing) Oh! Oh! Oh sh*t. Aw! – No! That was good. – [Matt] (laughs) Oh, man. – [Andrew] It’s double whammy. – [Matt] Dude, what? Oh, my. Yeah, I can’t even put a tube in that. Yeah. Guys, guys, there’s too
much carnage right now. – Aw shred, nice. – Look at that, your butt hair too. – Are you okay, Max? – Oh yeah, I’m good. – Jason slashed his tire. – [Matt] Aw! – On the side of it too. – Oh my god it’s just one prob– – [Matt] No way. – Like, my tire has
like, a slice across it. – [Matt] If you wanna get down, we have gaff tape,
– Ooh. – we have inner tube, we have
a pump, is it gonna work? – Only one way to find out. – Get on there, ya bastard. (men groaning) – [Everyone] Yeah! – [Matt Voiceover] You never
know what to expect out here in a land of guaranteed ruggeed. But we came prepared,
and we came equipped, and out here in 29er country, a few minor setbacks couldn’t
stop us from shreddin’ more. (chill, trap music) Della provided with great
trails, and even greater company, it was an epic way to
mark the start of summer. (playful guitar music)

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