French Food Tour – 5 Dishes to Try in Paris, France! (Americans Try French Food)

French Food Tour – 5 Dishes to Try in Paris, France! (Americans Try French Food)

Good morning, [adventurers]. We are spending the week in Paris Which is notorious for having some pretty delicious food, so we thought we’d spend the day going around and trying some local dishes So first up we really want to find some delicious crepes So we’ve come to the third district and we come to a market called the Marché Des Enfants Rouge which translates to The red children’s Market, and it’s this market is really popular. It was built originally in in 1628 We read and it’s Paris’s oldest covered market. We’re going to see if we can find a delicious crêpe here somewhere There came to “Chez Hélène” and the line is really long, but hopefully that means the crepes are going to be really really good Quick update we’ve been waiting just about an hour now for these crepes, so if you do end up coming here Be prepared to wait hopefully it’s worth the wait though.
Yeah, have a bigger snack than we had This guy is a character you guys. He’s having a lot of fun with all these people This guy also makes sandwiches we’ve been watching him make them in their absolutely badass if we weren’t here for the crepes We were definitely beginning those [inaudible] born and live in San Francisco.
Oh that’s awesome turns out, his son lives San Francisco, so he’s showing us pictures Check out this crazy guys. God it’s massive Look at this thing. I’ve never seen a grave like this in my life. [I’m] glad we didn’t break and get in line Alright, we’ve waited long enough time to dig and [leaf] suckers down go ahead. Yeah I don’t know how to begin yeah we got oh, [you’re] [at] the carny Which is onions cheese? and ham I think and then you got the veggies so with his lettuce and tomatoes and cheese and Prosciutto [it] as good as it [looks] look. That’s pure Magic. Mm-hmm. It’s so crispy and delicious. Oh my gosh [it’s] [a] [bridge] [into] life. He is to get all the [different] items in the one bike let’s try it I dropped my precious meat. Oh, no pretty messy [street] food goes. I have this wad of napkins and the aftermath on the Video yeah, just was a little more manageable. Yeah Now I was feeling a little bit under the weather this morning But he decided to come on join [us] so they didn’t want to miss all. [it’s] just food Come to Paris and not get a metro. So we’re going to go hit up here her may I think [a] lot [of] people go to a place called lotterae, so we couldn’t this one is slightly better from the locals And they’re located all over the city and you can go check out different areas. Whatever is close to you Macarons look absolutely delicious, but the smallest box is 18 euros, so be prepared to spend a little bit We found ourselves a little [bench] to chill out while we give these macarons a try so if you’re not familiar with [Macaron], it’s classified as a Confection, and it’s made with like a egg white icing almond Powder [or] ground almond and food colorings, and I guess that’s [how] they get the some of the color in there But we got quite an assortment of Flavors I can’t remember what everything is but I know this one is olive oil on pretty [tight] because it sounds horrible So this is a Macaron this particular one is Olive oil they say which means [seems] like a really strange flavor for some macarons. I’m dying to know what it’s like Yeah, like oh, Mindy Yeah, they’re very like thick and gooey on the inside And I think some of them only have like a subtle hint of the kind of flavor that they put into [our] lovely Yeah, kind of some booing. They’re like a Lemon-lime kind of kind of goop yeah Yeah, I mean, [I] guess I can taste olive oil, but mostly it’s a ton of a lemon lime a little little part [delight] And brows yeah oh They’re pretty good No, not good Diversion was my great a cycle role is Didn’t though it’s very floral [rose] doesn’t seem like a flavor. It’s not the type of thing you want to be saving It’s a little strange. I’ll be honest Yeah, it’s not like it tastes bad because all the macarons are made with a lot of the same ingredients So they all kind of have [a] similar taste But it has like the essence of rose you can just like taste it in your mouth and honey No Macaron for you No We’ve just been spending the last couple hours walking around the city seeing all the sights But we’ve managed to work up another appetite after all those macarons So we’re going to we really want to try some nice croissants And we found a place nearby that the clothes have some pretty good [ones] We recently found out fit the difference between [straights] croissants and the ones that are curved these ones that are straight have real butter in them and a curve those typically have margarine and So you should not order the curved ones into an appearance to go straight? off the leg Good. I am glad when I’m at How’s the light? Super Crispy and crunchy on the outside and just so light and fluffy and buttery on the inside. [oh] yeah I was a good person you know these are super like moist and Flaky on the inside really buttery a little bit sweet I Mean that’s pretty much perfect you All right, so it’s getting about [dinnertime] We’re going to go eat some raw [beet] also known as steak tartare steak tartare is a really well-known Dish around here I don’t know how popular it is or people are eating it every day, but ever since we visited France a few years ago We really wanted to try. We’re just too scared to try it back then because after all it’s like Robbie, right? That’s a big. No-no it when you’re from the Usa That is steak tartare It literally just looks like ground-up beef there we go And we got it without normally they have all this [mixed] in so we thought we’d do it on our own It’s all on the side [using] capers and onions and parsley Yeah, and I got onion soup all my life. I grew up eating fried onions, but now that I’m in Paris. This is onion soup I got it man guys. I’m not crazy outside of the church You might have to try it first yeah Go for it. Yeah. I bought a book might be regretting this decision Tastes like Orion program is it any good [honey]? It’s not bad [Lilly] stop Are you going to try it? I gotta admit. It’s not appetizing. I’m a hoarder at all. How many [well]? It’s not as bad as [II] like once you get over the idea that It’s just raw ground-up meat really just [taste] like burger is like hamburger. [yeah] Pretty good. You got to try the egg. I don’t know about that The tartare [dealing] the show but Allison’s also got to try this onion soup. She’s got It’s like really good fresh chicken soup yeah. Yeah, it’s good you two got really chilly today This is perfect for the weather So we couldn’t really finish the entire thing But I’m proud of the progress that we made we’ve been doing it And it was a pretty good experience overall it was actually pretty tasty It’s just a hard thing to stomach because it’s raw you know There’s just something strange about it, but I probably try it again for sure So hope you guys enjoyed coming along with us on this little food day It was really it meant a lot to us because we studied french before and we really [loved] the French culture So we were really dying to try a lot of these dishes Especially the tartar even though you know maybe I’m going to try it again I think I need to work up to finishing the whole thing Yeah, it’s a lot to commit [to] but if you don’t like the raw version you should get jaikrit Which is cooked steak and fries and we can link to a place below actually that we didn’t get to try today But we here is really good But we’ll also link below to all the places that we went to [they] Will link to all the dishes that we tried so that when you guys come here to paris you can try these dishes as well And as always leave us a comment, let us know what you thought about the video Let us know if there’s any dishes that you really like in paris that other people should try that we should try the next time We’re here in item Entry be on the road

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  2. i have a lot of family in france, but i live in texas so people don’t believe i’m french and its makes me upset lmao. also, i do have a french accent and they still don’t believe it. sorry this isn’t about the video just wanted to rant.

  3. Yep, except for the crepe, French food does deserve its reputation as a country that has very poor food, lived there, crap to be honest.

  4. Jheez guys. you should have just ordered some chicken fingers and fries, seems like that would have suited your palate better.

  5. Maybe you should Google a food item before you sample it. For example the steak Tartar. All of the ingredients are mixed in and you place a bit on a bread slice. So good when eaten correctly.

  6. I had the most wonderful crepe in Bretagne – chicken, mushroom and asparagus with a veloute sauce. And from a street vendor yet – no waiting in line!

  7. Actually the crecent croissant is the original croissant (the word croissant itself mean crecent, for example a crecent moon is called in French, le croissant de lune), I don't know why they do the crecent one with margarine.

    By the way margarine is a French invention by the French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès because of a national challenge by Napoléon III to make a butter substitute from beef tallow and margaric acid, because their was a shortage in milk and the Army and the lower class demanded butter. Margaric acid was found by the French chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul which he called margaric acid, or in French it becomes acid margarique (itself named after the pearly deposits of the fatty acid from Greek μαργαρίτης or μάργαρον (margaritēs / márgaron), meaning pearl-oyster or pearl, or μαργαρίς (margarís), meaning palm-tree, hence the relevance to palmitic acid).

    The beef tallow and margaric acid spread was named oleomargarine from Latin oleum (olive oil) and Greek margarite (pearl indicating luster) but was later named margarine.

    It is still called oleomargarine in some parts of the world, or even known as oleo in some parts of USA.

    It was later in USA it became a mix of milk and vegetable oils, because a shortage in beef tallow. And its core is not really more unnatural or unhealthy than butter. ?

  8. Those crepes are gallettes made with ble noir sarrazin. Crepes are normally sweet whilst gallettes are normally savoury and gluten free

  9. Stupides touristes. You have to mix all ingredients in your plat, onions, câpres, herbs, the yellow of the eggs, sauce, if not its not good to eat.

  10. Who knew? 40 years of visiting Paris and I have never seen a crepe that looked like a gyro and pita sandwich. I'll stick with steak frites, merguez , Croque monsieur and for a treat sole meuniere and skip the hour wait for the trend du jour.
    . Guess I'm just a peasant.

  11. Mack-ah-Ron, LoL
    Here in PA it’s Mack-Ah-Roon

    But I’ll take oatmeal no bakes with a splash of peanut butter any day over a “Mack-Ah-Ron”

  12. I enjoyed this video, but Eric, please learn to pronounce croissant properly. Every American I've ever heard insists on calling it a 'croh-sant'. It's 'kwah-son'.

  13. You come across as two American bumpkins, unsophisticated and with little knowledge of food in general. Most people would be embarrassed to make such a video. I cringed when you did not let the restaurant mix the steak tartare for you. It must have tasted terrible.
    You know, being dumb is not very cute or endearing. Do your next video on a subject you can handle like dry cleaning.

  14. Why bother making a vlog if ur not even gonna write down the exact name of the place??? We’re supposed to try spell it from your horrid french pronunciation??!!!

  15. Dishes? Hmm, it would be really good to try real dishes, rather than croissants 🙁 am in paris now and am looking for places to eat lol. They have an interesting all u can eat Indian (restaurant K'si) between the 9th. And 10th ARR.
    Very good deal for the types of rice and charcoal grilled meats that they have. It is around 19 euros/Person (Drinks sold separately 5 for non alcoholic and 6 for alcoholic)

  16. Sorry for my thump down… but you guys screwed it all up so badly. Not to mention your incapability to pronounce french food NOT in the american way… ? BUT: How can you judge food when you're not able to eat it the right way (e. g. Steak Tartare) ? ?
    Would be the same if you go to a well known Burger or Sandwich Restaurant… deconstruct the thing and the verdict is "doesn't taste good" ???
    Do your homework, learn to describe your food experience in a more informative and appropriate way… For your help => That's what a good food trip in Paris is all about:

  17. What does it say about how you americans feed and treat your animals when you cant't eat beef tartar?
    usa is a third world country

  18. As a french parisian: I'm so proud of you, you went to Alain Miam-miam and Pierre Hermè !! Really good choice! And for the tartar you should try it "préparé" it tastes so much better when the chefs adjust perfectly the condiments! ?

  19. Soo I’m French and just by seeing the comment section I’m actually really disappointed of all of the person that give lesson like
    I hope not too much person was disappointed as I were by reading the comment section
    Au revoir ^^

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