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– Hey, what’s up? A lot of you have been
asking I think especially since my house tour what is
behind these doors right here. You wanna know what I eat,
what do I stock up on, is this thing organized? Today is the day for the big
reveal where I’m gonna show you what’s in my fridge. (upbeat music) Here we go. (upbeat music) (laughing) I thought that was
gonna be a bit smoother. It’s like, crash, crash. Literally this is not staged you guys. Like, I’m slightly concerned
about what’s in here. This is almond milk, unsweetened. This is what Israel uses for
his coffee every single day. And now I use it for a lot of
stuff too because surprise, I am officially now vegan. Or attempting to be vegan. I’ve actually done it for a few weeks now and I love it so this is now a part of my whole diet as well. This is celery juice. Okay, so as you may have
noticed when I opened both doors I am celery juice obsessed. I actually follow this person on Instagram called The Medical Medium. He put me onto celery
juice so now Israel and I are both on this major celery juice kick. And we juice every single morning. We have 16 ounces. If we haven’t made it ourself, Lana actually goes to Wholefoods
and gets it done for me. If you’re not about that life, get on this celery juice life, it’s bomb. I’m gonna continue to drink this while we continue doing this. The other thing that I am absolutely
obsessed with is H2Rose. You guys know that you can
use rose water on your face when you cleanse your face
but now you can actually drink it and it’s just
as good for your skin. We’ve got orange juice, we’ve
got mango juice back here. We’ve also got grapefruit
juice, organic grapefruit juice. This 100% is for my nieces. They drink chocolate milk. Actually Jet used to call it leche lache. Just random fun fact, but yeah. Moving right along. Vitality shots. Let me know if any of you
guys do these in the morning. I like to stock up on them and just shoot ’em first
thing in the morning. This is turmeric, lemon,
coconut water, and black pepper. Again, it’s so you don’t make sure you get sick during the winter
and I love having these. I actually always have these
in the morning at The Real. And they’re awesome. Ginger beer. Isarael loves ginger beer. It doesn’t have actual beer in it, people. Before you guys come on here talking about he’s a Christian man,
why he drinking beer? It’s ginger beer. Okay, moving right along. What else do I have? Crandopholis for urinary tract. What the hell? Oh, I don’t know why they’re in the fridge but they should stay there. Okay, one thing I do see
here that’s kind of crazy. Do you see this? I want you to know that
as a wife, I took the time to make guac for my husband. I not only created this amazing
presentation with pine nuts, a little cilantro on top. And I told him, babe, I left
you some guac in the fridge while I go to work at The Real. I’m so glad that he enjoyed
my hard work, my labor. You know, that arm work. Here it is. It’s now gone bad and he never touched it. That’s so wack. Okay. And a good ol’, yes. Look. I’m just like you. I got baking soda in my fridge too. Okay, make sure it’s
not all stinky in here. Now with my new New Years diet,
I’ve got Ezekiel bread here. Ezekiel bread is really good. I actually love to do avocado
toast on Ezekiel bread for breakfast in the morning. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Even though I’m currently not
doing eggs, Isarael does eggs for protein and I think this is awesome. One of my favorite things to make him actually is these hard boiled eggs. I love that they come already boiled. How dope is this? Look, it’s for like on the go. It goes with two eggs
and look at the pack. It has pepper, and salt. Anytime he is running
around I try to make sure that my man gets his protein
in so I pack these for him and I also keep them with
myself as well if ever I’m dying or struggling, I’ll
still do the white of the egg. I just don’t like the way the yolk tastes. What do we have over here? Me and my to go stuff. My leftovers. What the hell? Are these Brussels sprouts? Oh no, these gotta go. Lana. (laughs) Sauteed mushrooms, salt,
pepper, Parmesan cheese, and truffle oil, that was good. This was actually before
I went vegan so again the Parmesan cheese, no
thank you, Lana, boom. Grilled eggplant, zucchini, salt, pepper, and extra virgin oil. Ooh, expired, bye. (gasps) Guys. (ethereal music) This is my joy right here. Vegan almond cheesecake. Vegan almond chocolate cheesecake. Raw vegan almond chocolate cheesecake. And it tastes bomb. I feel like sometimes I
just come to the fridge, I do this, I get my fix, and then I leave. Love that. And this was actually a gift from Julisa. It’s got water hibiscus, cinnamon, lemon, apple cider vinegar, raw cane juice, cherries, ginger, mint,
pimento, and agave. Thank you Julie. Okay, now we’re going on to the drawer and I see literally all
of my vegan cheeses. So the one thing that I
wasn’t sure I could give up when I became a vegan was cheese. I’m like, guys, I’m just too French to give up cheese, you know. I had to check out every
single fake cheese there was, vegan cheese, so I got this one. Sun dried tomato with
garlic, this chow slices, tofu cheese, smoke Gouda,
wink wink, dairy-free. Is it goo-da or gow-da? Gouda. Isarael is not a vegan,
I am, so sometimes stuff is still in here so
we’ve got bacon, sausage. No home is complete without
good ol’ sweet Hawaiian, these aren’t just any kind of
crescents, oh no, Hawaiian. You know that it’s not Isarael’s home if it doesn’t have cookies in it. His favorite dessert
of all time is cookies. So there are random nights where he’s like will you bake me some cookies? Now we’ve got the door. We clearly have way too many things. We love sriracha in this house. We love hot sauce. For a minute there we were doing the apple cider vinegar every morning. But the one thing that’s
standing out to me right now is good ol’ Bobby Brown’s
BBQ sauce, booyah. He actually came to our show
and the BBQ sauce is bomb, I’m not gonna lie. And the cool thing about
it is it’s gluten-free. I’m here for you, Bobby. Now for the other side. What do we have over here? Of course more celery. We are very serious about
this and we stock up on our celery because I think other people are catching on to how
amazing celery juice is because the other day we
were trying to Instacart and they were out of celery. Every place was out of
celery and we’re like, oh no. People know. We’ve got blueberries, watermelon, salads, arugula is my favorite
salad, spinach as well. Up here, Isarael’s vitamins and the vitamins I take every morning. They’re Vemma, amazing. Good stuff. The guac that you buy in the
store that’s miraculously somehow does not turn brown. Let me know in the comments
below if you know why this one didn’t turn brown but the
one I made for Isarael turned brown overnight. And I put lemon in it so don’t say that. I put lemon in and I put lime in it. Actually, I just put lime. Oh my gosh. Who does not love sweet tea? Gotta love it. So we keep that on hand. People come to our house and they’re like, yo, you got that sweet tea? We’re like, yup. Sweet tea, keep that on hand. I recently have been making
incredible apple pie pancakes that are vegan and instead
of eggs we add apple sauce and it’s amazing. It actually tastes like apple bread. Like pumpkin bread but it’s apple bread. And it’s phenomenal. Absolutely delicious and if
I can convince my husband then you know it’s really good. In the drawers. Lemons, limes, peppers, cucumbers. Fresh garlic. I make myself garlic tea constantly. Garlic is amazing. It’s got so many good healing properties so I always have fresh gar, fresh– that’s actually ginger. Everybody that was ginger, yeah. Love, love, love ginger. What else do we have? You can’t go wrong with whipped cream. That’s not vegan. Recaito, you gotta have
some Goya in your fridge. Some garlic, minced garlic. We’ve got pesto sauce. I don’t know what my husband’s
doing with these random coffee beans in the fridge. Whoa. Guys, I love pure sesame oil. If I just put just the
littlest bit on my salad I can literally eat an entire salad and it’s like, yes, greens. What do we have in here? Okay, we’ve got sugar-free
popsicles on one side. Goya empanada discs, naturally, so we can make our empanadas. What is this? Restore? Who’s restoring? This is kind of a random. I should use this. Oh my, whoa, that’s really cold though. Oh my gosh. I’m about to take this
off and look so refreshed. Are you ready? (ethereal music) Okay, so when I went
vegan I was like, okay, let me find the things that I
know are gonna be a struggle. One, ice cream and two, cheese. You already saw all my cheeses
so now it was finding out who had the best vegan ice cream. Vegan pistachio ice cream. Not gonna front, it was actually amazing. That was vegan. This one is not but you
know I love the black olive brittle and goat cheese. You already know all about that. From the crazy things I eat. That’s one of my favorite flavors. And on this side, here
goes the vegan ones. The Elvis peanut butter
banana split, vegan. We’ve got oatmeal moon pies and aquafaba marshmallows, vegan. And toasted coconut milk and cookies which is my favorite one, vegan. This one’s the prize for me. I absolutely love it. Delicious, delicious, delicious. I kind of want some right now. That’s what’s in my fridge and my freezer. I hope you guys enjoyed the big reveal and that maybe it gave you
some insight into who I am, what I like. Celery juice, stay focused good people. And don’t forget to subscribe, muah. (upbeat music)

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