From ‘Superman’ children, “Happy Chuseok Holidays!” [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.15]

Will Seola and Sua be able to solve this problem too? (How will they solve this problem?) (Sua can carry it by herself.) (The crock is fine for now.) Let’s hurry up and do ours. Let’s pour in a lot. Let’s fill it up. Okay. (The twins are ambitious.) Oh, no. Seola, you… Let’s pick up the ones we dropped. Since you dropped it, you do it. Pick it all up. I’ll pick it all up. There. (Oh, no.) (Peeking) I dropped some too. I’m sorry. (As they were filling up the crock…) Things were going smoothly. Then the crock suddenly broke. How will the kids react? What? The popped rice… What do we do? Hey, they all fell out. (Is it broken?) Why is it broken? I don’t know. Is it like this? What is this? Why isn’t it working? I have to fix it. (She’s pressing hard on the piece.) (Tapping) I got it. (Strong Sua was able to fix it!) Since you broke it, you have to put it in. No, you can’t do that! You dropped a lot too! (Dumbfounded) (Dropping) (Things aren’t going well for these two.) (Sighing) (Glancing) Why are you mean to me? (I just wanted to do a good job.) ♪ When Cinderella was young ♪ ♪ She was mistreated ♪ Seola, help me. (You’re right. It’s not the time for this.) Shall we move this to a clean spot? One, two, three. Here we go. (Spilling) (It’s leaking again.) No. We worked so hard to fill it. No, no. No… Please, no. No, don’t. No, stop spilling. I can’t believe this. No! (Sua won’t give up.) (Sua punches with her powerful fist.) (She’s talented at fixing the crock.) I fixed the crock. Really? Sua, you’re amazing. How did you fix it? Let’s hurry. Seola. Look at this. Let’s go. (They snack on it here and there.) (They’re working hard to fill the crock.) Let’s see. We filled a lot, didn’t we? I’ll go get Master. Press hard on it until I come back. Okay. Keep watching it. It spilled. It spilled. (What?) (You’re a joker.) Master! It’s spilling… No. We filled it up! Okay, okay. We dropped a lot on the floor. A lot. You dropped some? Why did you drop it? (It’s a complete mess.) Why are there so much on the floor? It’s because there is a hole. – It’s broken. / – Why did it break? Who broke my precious crock? I was putting some in when it broke. It broke when you were filling it? Yes. Really? But I fixed it. – You fixed it? Who did? / – Sua did. We filled it up. – Sua did? / – Yes. You’re so smart. – It was broken. / – Yes. However, you fixed it together. – You filled it too. / – Yes. If a problem happens and you work together again like this to solve it, – you’ll become great. / – Yes. Good job. (What about Seoeon and Seojun?) Seoeon and Seojun are unpredictable. How will these two solve the problem? (The twins check the materials.) (Breaks) The crock broke again. How will the twins react? (What happened?) There’s a hole. (They try to put the piece back.) (It’s not easy to put in.) What happened? It’s broken. What do we do? What should we do? And this? What do we do with this? (Genius Seojun is thinking hard.) (The twins look around the room.) There isn’t anything. Do you have anything we can block it with? No, I don’t. (It’s too bad.) (In order to block the hole…) Tape. Tape… Where can I get some tape? (Where can I get some tape?) You can probably find it in the other room. (The twins go looking for tape.) I’m scared. Sir, the kids are coming. Why? (He pretends to be sleeping.) (They open the Master’s room.) The twins carefully open the door. (He’s sleeping.) They begin to search after seeing that he’s asleep. (The twins are looking for tape.) (What are they doing?) They finally found tape. (Halting) Tape… (Grunting) (I’ll trust you, Seoeon.) (He moves carefully.) (Seoeon has acquired a roll of tape.) (They’re quick to leave the room.) (Gosh, you kids.) I found it. We got it. Right? You’re awesome. This is awesome. (His knees are weak.) We got it. It’s going to work. It’ll work. I’ll cover it now. Seoeon, I’ll cover it. (All they have to do is tape it on.) You got it. Okay. (How do I cut this?) (It won’t rip with bare hands.) We need scissors. I better go get one. Are you going to grab one? We need scissors. (Confident) It’s only hard the first time. He more daring now. (This place looks familiar.) (Here they are!) (He’s so nervous, he’s biting his lips.) (Coughing) He scared me. – Seojun, I got scissors. / – Hey. (Good job, partner.) It was scary going into Master’s room, right? – I did it anyway. / – Me, too. Keep holding it. I’m going to tape it on. Tape… There. (The twins fixed the broken crock.) – Keep holding it. / – Did you stick it on? It’s fixed. Let’s put the rice in now. (They fixed the problem without any spills.) Not even a grain is falling. Really? It’s pretty strong. (Then one might suddenly question…) Why do we have to do this? I don’t know. Why do they want us to move this so much? I don’t know. We can just eat it. Why are we moving it? Master must really like these. (That’s their conclusion.) (I see.) The boys move the popped rice quickly. Then… (Seoeon studies the crock.) It’s still leaking. Oh, no. It’s coming out. Hold on. Let me try to fix it. It’s coming from this side. Can you cut this? I will cut it for you. I’ll use the scissors. Done. I’ll put it on this time. It’s too fast. No. It’s all falling. What I need is speed. – Let’s stop. / – It’s done. (They’re done fixing the broken crock.) Here comes the rice. (They finished filling the crock.) – Master, we’re done! / – Master, we’re done! Master, we’re finished! Gosh. My… What happened here? There was a hole, so we fixed it with tape. Where did you get this tape from? The twins are startled by the sudden question. How will they deal with the situation? We couldn’t find tape here, so we took it from your room. You were sleeping. – You took it from me? / – Yes. Why didn’t you wake me up? (Smiling) – Why… / – We wanted you to sleep. – You wanted me to sleep? / – Yes. Did you fill this up together? – Yes. / – Yes. Good job. The reason why I made you do this is because I wanted to see what you would do if you were faced with a problem. You should compliment each other. (The kids depended on each other.) Good job. Good job. (Good job, boys.) Single file. Stand in a line. I’m in the middle. No, I’m in the middle. – Attention. / – Attention. – Let’s get ready. / – Hey, hey. Get ready. Stop chasing it. Where are you going? No, this way. Hurry! (William is free-spirited.) (Rohui is free-spirited as well.) (I caught you.) (Giggling) Dear audiences and fans of The Return of Superman, be happy! – Be happy! / – Be happy! – Be happy! / – Be happy! – Bow. / – Bow. – Knees. / – Sit down. Hey, hey. Get back up. – Attention. / – Hey. – Attention. / – Attention. Thank you, everyone! – Thank you. / – Bow. – Say thank you. / – Bow. Attention. – Attention. / – Attention. – Thank you. / – Thank you! Thank you! Don’t go over there. You have say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, you gave the bow too late.

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