Fuerteventura Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Fuerteventura Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the
Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago situated in the Atlantic
Ocean. This island is famous for its stunning beaches and picturesque villages and, like the others in this group, enjoys a climate that makes it feel like perpetual
spring. With an average of 365 days of sunshine each
year and 160 miles of coastline, Fuerteventura is the perfect place to escape. Just half an hour north of the international
airport is Corralejo, once a small fishing village and now one of
the island’s largest resort towns. Claim a sun lounge, or explore the incredible Corralejo Dunes
National Park. Take a day trip to the other end of the island
to Morro Jable. Although this is a very popular spot with
tourists, you can escape the crowds at the quaint harbour
which is still used by local fishermen. Enjoy a drink at one of the restaurants, sample local seafood, or stroll to the Jandia
Lighthouse, the tallest in the entire archipelago. Gorgeous beaches run the length of the Jandia
Peninsula reaching all the way to Costa Calma. For something a little different, spread out your beach towel on the pitch-black
sand of Ajuy Beach, actually tiny fragments of volcanic rock. In the unlikely event you ever tire of the
Fuerteventura’s beaches, head inland to gain a deeper understanding
of this island’s amazing landscapes and its picturesque villages. Like the other Canary Islands, Fuerteventura was formed by volcanic eruptions
millions of years ago. Take the winding roads up to Mirador Morro
Velosa on Mount Tegu for one of the best views on the
entire island. Or, take a bus to Puerto del Rosario, the
island’s capital. Quirky statues are dotted all around this
town, an open air exhibition that makes for a delightful
stroll. With its long Spanish history, Fuerteventura is also home to many romantic
buildings and churches such as the parish church at La Oliva
and the town hall in Pajara. An old fishing village, today El Cotillo is perhaps the most picturesque
on the entire island. Stroll the old harbour which is still used
by fisherman or admire the original windmills. In an archipelago famous for its beaches, Fuerteventura has some of the biggest and
most beautiful. Combined with its perfect weather and sandy
shores, this is the perfect island to relax and recharge
and reconnect with nature.

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  1. Dear Expedia, please do video in Belgrade, Serbia. I think that is the beutiful city, one of the biggest in southern Europe, That is Capital of Serbia.

  2. In a week I'll have my first surfing lessons there, can't wait. 😀 Just a question, do they have any history of shark attacks there, can we swim freely? :O

  3. I love that Island, the beaches are so nice and the weather too. I also got a video about it on my channel 🙂

  4. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how is the weather in mid October. Is swimming still pleasant? I could see the weather pattern and it said early 20s. But I could not make much from it.

  5. Fuerteventura is an amazing place for a holiday and that is from coming us, who travel extensively, that really is saying alot. We got to see and do a lot in a week and will definately return to thee island again. We recorded lots of videos out there (we run a youtube travel channel – click on our name to take a look) as there is loads to see and do. Many high end all inclusive hotels dotted around the island and loads of places to eat and drink if all inclusive isn't your thing. Ferry over to Lanazrote is around 25 Euros and makes for a nice day out 🙂

  6. EXPEDIA….. Thanks for giving this Fantastic, Supercool & Fabulous trip.. and making our days…Thanks a lot….. 👍😍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. QUESTION for those who vwent to fuertaventura: how annoying is the wind? Is it very bothering for those who just want to swim and don't care about kitesurfing et cetera?

  8. Lemme tell you in short I've just been there for 5 days and its more beautiful than it is in the video, but you want to see the whole Island than you need to stay for at-least a week .Beautiful.

  9. try go to cofete, and puertito de la Cruz, eat in restaurante marabú, Fuerteventura is Eternal spring

  10. please can you caption the place names when the commentator mentions a location – would make it a lot easier to follow up to find more details about the island.

  11. Amanhã dia 04 de Julho de 2017, eu e meu esposo parceiro de aventuras, embarcaremos para Fuerteaventura. Vamos para uma semana. Meu esposo alugol Jeep 4×4, pois queremos fazer uma tour pelas dunas.Vamos para mais uma descoberta aventureira. Abraços

  12. MENTIRA!!! LIE!!!!! es la isla mas larga, no la segunda…….. y tienen las mejores playas, todas las islas que no sean Tenerife, tienen grandes playas!!! It´s the largest island, not the second…….. it has the best beaches in Europe,Africa and maybe the whole world! Try to evading Tenerife……… its like see thecoral barrer in Alaska…… In Tenerife, the people lives showing Jandia, Playa del Ingles, Papagayo,Vegueta,la "catedral", nothing hapened there, if comes to the Canary Islands please,run away Tenerife, the only lie in13 islands!!

  13. Fuerte die geilste Insel der Kanaren jedes Jahr im Januar 25 Grad in 4 Stunden dort im Sommer gelandet Jandia zu empfehlen

  14. As English expats living and working here for several years, we like Fuerteventura to be shown off in her best light. Nice video. Lovely shots. The people are generally lovely too. We love our island. Our channel is dedicated to telling many stories from within the island's community.

  15. Cool video 👍🏻😊 Fuerteventura is really magical – If you are interested, here is my clip „MAGICAL FUERTEVENTURA“ https://youtu.be/4RLwqwaoGLQ 🎬😊

  16. Must say it doesn't look pretty…..'.picturesque villages' ?……I rather UK country ( even with rain ) than this bare, mars landscape.

  17. Llevo cuatro años de vacaciones en Fuerteventura , es una isla fantastica y unas playas maravillosas , los pueblos interiores de la isla, son una cucada. Es la isla mas bonita de Canarias

  18. @2.15….' Welcome to mars'. I think Brits pull down our island way too much. The scenery in places like wales, cumbria etc absolutely piss over this. Given the weather we've had this summer, why on earth would people want to holiday in this place??

  19. Its not as attractive as Cornwall or welsh beaches……barron as hell and villages don't look quaint to me….its good for beach fishing I hear?

  20. I really like this place. I have two videos from there. Have a look guys http://youtube.com/dronetours. Popcorn 🍿 🏖 beach is really cool 😎

  21. What a beautiful place. If you want to see some other content about Fuerteventura take a look to my video:

  22. Wow, you can see more aerials but taken from paraglider on other spots in Fuerte. Please watch https://youtu.be/aCcMfdkG4tg
    congrats for the editions its also amazing

  23. I was born there!! I’m trying to find really cheap all inclusive flights so me and my family can go over there again, me and my nan are especially homesick and it would be so amazing to go back there. I’m hoping to try and find my dad over there too lmao

  24. Hemos estado celebrando las bodas de Oro con toda la familia y a sido maravilloso Fuerteventura la llevo en mi corazón desde el país Vasco

  25. fuertevendura e un isola dalle mille emozioni ogni posto e angolo di quell.isola e diverso e diverso dall,altro a volte duro a volte pittoresco dove si possono provare le senzazini piu belle ammirando la conca del vulcano sendendo la brezza del vento e la forza delloceano sono state due settimane bellissime

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