Fukushima abandoned: A Supermarket (fully intact)

Fukushima abandoned: A Supermarket (fully intact)

We’re going to check an abandoned super market. Let’s go We checked for an entrance yesterday night, it’s open. We only have to make sure we get inside unseen. Which could be a problem because the are emptying shops near us. Let me check. Somebody is walking outside, wait. Where are inside the supermarket where time has stood still. We hear animals walking above us, probably rats or mice. I’m walking into cobwebs. There are a lot. Good job. The cobwebs reach the ceiling.
I am pinocchio. Nobody has been here in the last few years.
-Post-apocalyptic. They left the cigarettes. Completely filled. It’s locked, but there are more than a hundred. You know what’s strange? all the English names, fresh fish, seafood, dining, frozen food. Strange because nobody speaks English here.
-No The camera is already covered in cobwebs. We fit in the interior. I’m covered too. Let’s go there. check all those products on the floor. You can see it’s opened up by rats. Rats ate everything. They have food for some years. -They will be giants. Imagine you have to clean this mess, like the people on the opposite of the street. You don’t want to do that job. I’m checking if there are unopened products, i think they ate everything. They are not picky. Unbelievable. When you walk for 10 seconds you have this. Too bad the people at home can’t smell this. This is not eaten by the rats yet. You can see clearly the food inside. Rotten ofcourse. It’s lying here for 6 years. The booze section. Large beer. Even the drinks are opened up by rats. Here you see it too. There… pretty big holes. Selection of wine. Disposable camera. They sold motorbikes here. It looks like it never opened again after the disaster. An abandoned garage, you can see the dust on the cars. It’s crazy that no-one picks up these cars. Here’s a tuned mercedes, including chrome rims. It looks like we just robbed a bank. Every day the same. We are pulled over by the police every day.
Last night we slept in the middle of nowhere in the car. We had some booze and were sleeping for 1/2 hours and suddenly we had a rude awakening. Knocking on the windows, but in the end everything was ok. Not the best experience. They even said sorry, but it’s crazy here with the police. You can’t stop anywhere, we obviously don’t belong there. So if police sees us, they pull us over. What are we going to eat?
-uhhhh. We have ordered this and this. Where did we end up.
-Local restaurant. I think we are the first foreigners here. Frederik is charging the geiger counters.
There are no hotels, so we have to charge it elsewhere. We are real hobo’s Spotted again. Police. Also behind us. Better stop somewhere. Where? What are we going to say? dammit. You are going to pretend you’re sleeping? Police everywhere, no fun. We’re in Fukushima and we just had an earthquake. Pretty wierd experience to have here. Everything was shaking. But not too extreme.

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  2. Danger nuklir… still there
    Japan goverment must deportation this guys because not polite come to tht are

    Hope japan imigration catch them and deportation..

  3. Smell in that store had to be awesome. I worked in one during a three day power outage and a broke generator the meat room was f***Ed.
    Excellent video.

  4. The booze must have been perfectly alright to drink…taking care not to get anything from the outside of the bottles into the liquids. But…maybe you have the ethics of not taking anything that's not yours.

  5. The differences between Namie and Pripyat and immense. In Ukraine everything was looted, including cables from apartments. In Japan they left almost everything intact.

  6. You should specify in your video tittle that your videos are in fact in GERMAN… or stop using English titles for clickbait.

  7. A Ghost Town at Day at Night Party like Spirited Away. The are Sleeping on the Day and night they are running the business in the other side of the Globe.

  8. Haven't heard much about this incident since it happened, but i wonder what is going to happen now….? Any chance of clean up and reliving there?

  9. Saya berharap Tuhan Yesus menjamah negara Jepang Sehingga mereka mengenal Tuhan yang hidup yang selalu bersama mereka bagi orang yang selalu mengandalkan Tuhan Jesus bless Jepang

  10. Is this the abandoned supermarket wherein people from the zombie movies get their food just to survive lols( watch out zombies are everywhere)

  11. I certainly didn't expect to see a bunch of classic American cars in this small Japanese town, especially the ridiculously oversized stretch limousine.

  12. 5:44 – The picture of the puppy on the package of pet pads on the right reminded me of why I don't like to think about Fukushima – people were forced to leave behind pets and abandon domestic animals, I would imagine to their deaths.

  13. El peligro depende de niveles de radiación y permanencia, incluso la policía frecuenta vigilancia. Full Video tipos.

  14. Not wearing mask
    Not wearing glove
    If the items with seal left abandoned because contaminated, what about the Air? Wearing mask bro

  15. how dare you come to that place without wearing a mask, glove and proper cloths.. this video really scared me out.
    pardon for my bad eng.


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