G2 Jankos | 2019 #LEC Summer MVP

G2 Jankos | 2019 #LEC Summer MVP

Goodbye Rekkles, now gonna be in trouble,
the shield not gonna matter too much but he will be able to retreat. The ulti connects over the
wall, the long shot! Jankos finds his mark, the double drop
for Pyke and money in the bank for G2! Jankos will not come out
on top of this 1v1 matchup. He needs to make it out to
safety, where is he gonna go? Will step forward,
will go right into Humanoid! And the 3/0/0 Sejuani,
you cannot keep Jankos off a carry, no matter how hard you try. That’s gonna be disastrous, that’s gonna be the shutdown for Jankos,
as Lider and Doss now have to run. Lider could be forced,
the double kill coming in, Jankos might want to make it a triple
but Doss will leap out to safety. Jankos looking for perhaps another dive. Oh, that was a fantastic Cocoon. Locked inside the baby cage. And now Jactroll gets caught,
Jankos with a Flash over the wall, Cocoon and the Venomous
Bite will secure the kill. Jankos isn’t done yet
though, finds another Cocoon. Jankos on Rappel, he dodges from the
ulti, and they’re gonna find Jactroll. Oh man, Cocoon manages to connect, Jactroll gets pulled backwards,
another Death from Below. Let’s check it out.
Wait, does he walk into it? Oh my god! No way! What do you do against this team?

100 thoughts on “G2 Jankos | 2019 #LEC Summer MVP

  1. I dont know how they gave him MVP status.. CAPS still is the best in the west, Broxah the best jungler, and hylli is the best support. Jankos just happens to be in a good team.

  2. Love Jankos, he was godlike this split!

    But I think Mikyx does not get the recognition he deserves.
    He was hands down the Finals MVP!!!!

  3. So a well edited video again, but to be honest, the plays are not that fantastic. It's more about his map awareness, his pathing and his gank execution

  4. I heard the music start up and had to switch to my other tab to make sure my music wasn't still playing lol. I was just listening to this song XD

  5. G2 is the best team, everything in this team is synergy, jokes, peace, experience. They dominate now. Jankos smurf form PL

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