Game Grumps (D)animated: This summer…

Game Grumps (D)animated: This summer…

(Arin: Hey, I’m Grump!) (Dan: I’m Not so Grump!) (Bolth: And we’re the Game Grumps!) This Summer… What should I do a movie about? Uuuummm… (heheh) Uhhhh… Girls that just have a slumber party where nothing happens, like, no killer shows up… This Summer… Four girls are going to have the slumber party of a lifetime… AHHHHHHH!!! You scared me! (Laughter) I’m sorry… …I didn’t mean to… (Laughter) This Summer… (Laughter) Things are really heating up in the bedroom… Let’s play Twister!! (Girly laughter) I like Twister! Nah, I’m tired… (Laughter) And when the snacks come out… Things get really hot… Pretzels!!! Ooo, they’re a little too hot… Is this hot mustard? One of these days… Something’s going to happen… And it won’t be pretty… My mom’s gonna come to come to pick us up. Okay! Wait, is she g- Is she here yet? Nope. This summer!… (Laughter) Be prepared! (Shit)… (Laughter) (Banging) For… One Night of Summer! (Laughter) A slumber-party you’ll never forget… Do you remember that one time we had a slumber party? I’ll never forget it… And they never did… This Summer… Stay tuned for…. In Bed by Eight! (Laughter) Nighty- night, girls! ‘Night, mom! Bye!!! And they slept all night… (Snore) Wha? What was that? DIRECTED BY ELI ROTH (Laughter) Yeah… That’s a good one. I’d see that. (Yeah, me too!) (Arin: I always wante-) And there’s just, like, Leatherface sitting with a chainsaw outside… He’s like “I’m just not feeling it tonight…” (Laughter) “I’m just not at my best right now, yeah, you know what… “…Some days you just gotta be like, “Hey “…Just gonna chill”, this- this- this is a me day.” (More laughter) (Laughter) I’m taking a me day. “Trouble on dookie island” (Dramatic Horn) (x2)

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps (D)animated: This summer…

  1. Frisk: Nah im tired DUNNNNNNNNN
    But literally that girl is Frisk ._.
    Killer: Kicks down the door panting Sorry…i'm…late….
    The house is empty
    Killer: . . . . .
    Killer: Mumbles Damn Jason stealing my machete making me late..

  2. That was a work of art, it's ridiculous how it gets funnier as it goes on. Imagine the note of suspense it would carry if it was directed by Shamalamadingdong

  3. Imagine someone making a fan film of this and getting Dan to sit on the sidewalk in a leatherface costume

  4. Aka killing creativity the movie it could have gone so many ways but nope it was just a normal sleep over

  5. Apparently all you have to do is say “This Summer” in the horror movie trailer narrator voice to get Dan to piss himself laugh

  6. I can perfectly do Arin's girl voice and I do it daily, especially the super enthusiastic "okay". Completely forgot where it came from and freaked out when I rewatched this.

  7. It would be great to have a whole anticlimactic movie and then at the very end get jumpscared by whatever horror and the monster just be going through a fucking divorce or some shit

  8. What if there was a movie where it was a bunch of horror movie villains having a slumber party and there being harassed by a group of sorority girls

  9. When they kep saying things were "getting hot" it sounded like a porno or maybe that's just my head in the gutter lol.

  10. At the end, the house that Leatherface was sitting in front of looked a lot like the front yard of the Eddsworld gang's house.

  11. Hi there! Thanks to you guys I was inspired to do this for a school project! Thanks for the idea guys! My teacher was impressed cause we were making our own ads and I decided to do a movie trailer on this video! So thanks for the idea thanks!

  12. I'd love an actual horror movie trailer and just have Dan's cancer-curing laughter randomly thrown in there a couple of times.

  13. Aight but we all gonna forget about the girl who said her mom was there to pick them up and immediately afterwards says she's not there yet

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