Game Grumps Office Tour!

(techno music) Hi. I’m Arin and I made Game Grumps. We’re outside the office right now. Just wanted to give you guys a tour cause we got our, uhh, redone. And it’s nice and cool and people seem to want to see it. So let’s get started. I’m shining a light on my face, with a flashlight. Welcome to… Game Grumps! This is the front door of the area. This is where we keep all of our awards. Some of them are legitimate, and some of them are funny. Like this is Game Grumps’ worst, just ugh. Somebody sent us that. That’s pretty funny. But we got this from The Fillmore in Detroit when we did a live show ’cause we sold it out, and they really liked that. And these are from Sonic; Actually Sonic gave us gifts. That’s very nice. And then we have the Shovel Knight prototype Amiibo from the segment we filmed for them. And this is the thing from Wendy’s. This is a brick from The Paramount because we sold it out. And this is from Healing Horse Therapy Center for donating a bunch of money. And lots of cool awards and like, we have our albums that we sold and this is also my shirt that I wore during the Nintendo World Championships. Isn’t that cool? Yeah! Let’s see my office! Check this out. It’s a toy store! So this sign hopefully says “toy store.” I haven’t double checked it since we put it up. So- (Japanese music) Come on inside. Check out my spread. It’s a little bit of a mess but- So this is where I keep all my toys, so I kind of wanted the aesthetic of toys because they’re all everywhere. So it looks like a toy store and there’s just toys fuckin’ everwhere. They’re just fuckin’ everywhere. And then this is my desk and all kinds of toys. And this is where I make the cartoons and do whatever I do here. Emails. Make the funnies. I have a little area I can chill. Hang out. Relax, max all cool. You know just, hang out with the bros. Or… I don’t know. So this wall has our YouTube awards. So we got the golden play button for Game Grumps for surpassing 1 million subscribers. And I also have that for the Egoraptor channel. And then these are 100,000 subscribers for KittyKat Gaming, Mortem3r, and Grump Out. So that’s pretty cool. It’s nice that they send awards like that. Um, and if the company ever goes under, we can melt them down and sell them. This is Brent’s office. I don’t know if he wants it to be seen, but it’s a ramen shop, even though this is wrong. It was my bad. It’s supposed to be vertical. But it’s based after a ramen shop, look inside. This is his office, he hasn’t hung anything up yet, so… wow, it’s amazing. He wanted it to be boring. The only cool thing about Brent’s office is that it has a secret bookshelf door to go through. But, uh, we won’t go through there, because we got… more to show. So check this out. This is our bathroom. We based it off of Portal. So you can watch yourself in a portal while you take a shit. Isn’t that crazy? Look at that. And if you stand kinda, sort of, here-ish, you can just kinda, like- it goes on forever. Like a portal. It’s pretty cool. This is my favourite touch right here. This is above the toilet. There you go. That’s pretty cool, right? Yeah, this is the part where we’re gonna put up a stand for the portal gun, it’s been a while, so it’s just kinda hanging over there. Maybe that adds to the aesthetic, I don’t know. Yeah, that’s our Portal bathroom. So this is our bar. I think that’s what that says. This is like, “Sake and Something Bar”. But this is where it used to be the kitchen, but then, since we got a new kitchen over there, this is like the wet bar. So we got food and snacks, and there’s also snacks over here. And it’s all based off of Japanese aesthetic in general. There’s a little Danny, I know you’ll like that. And then I have my Pachinko machine. I have two Pachinko machines in here, uh, that’s just my jam. I just like Pachinko! Um, this is- we have a TV. Somebody put that up there. I don’t know who. But whatever. This is our meeting room, this is where we hold meetings. The whiteboard is secret, you can’t see that. And this is a poster that we got from The Fillmore, they made us, because we sold it out. That’s cool, right? And then Kenstar, Girlchan, and this is a picture of all of us that someone drew that we really liked, so we put it up. We do meetings! So I’m really happy about this hallway. This hallway leads from where we have the new office, to where we had the old office. And this hallway is just all shelving, it’s all backlit, and it’s Amiibos and Skylanders. I’m pretty sure it’s nearly every single one. And then on this side, we’re just kinda throwing whatever fits up there. Got some Disney Infinity, some Hello Kitty, some Monster Hunter stuff. But yeah, this is basically every Skylander. I think I’m missing a couple, and then really rare ones that are worth like a thousand billion dollars, that I’m NOT gonna buy! ‘Cause that’s a little bit too much. I know you like that Kirby. So that’s pretty cool, right? Organised by type and everything. So this is where the old office was that got redone. And this is the open air office, this is where the DDADDS team has been working. Group: Hi! To make Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, which you can check out. And then we have, over here, everyone’s favourite clown around duo, we got Brian and Dan, hello. Dan: Hello! Brian: Oh, office tour!
Arin: They’re discussing things in secret. Brian: What’s up?
Dan: Yeah, how’s it going? Brian: Yeah, Ninja Sex Party secrets. This is where Brian makes hilarious tweets. Brian: Here, watch- you wanna see one in real time? Yeah, I wanna- please, demonstrate. Brian: Alright, here’s how I work. I click this tweet button, right up here, so this is where you can type your tweet. Arin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Brian: Sometimes I do it on this device, this is a smartphone. Well let’s see how this works. Brian: Okay, great. So let’s do a good one. “Hey, butts are pretty dope, right? Ha ha ha.”
Arin: Wow, you came up with that just now? Dan: Right off the top of the genius.
Arin: That’s insane.
Brian: “JK. LOL. WTF.” Brian: This means “jokes”; sometimes people put a little slash in there for “just kidding”. Brian: “LOL” means “lots of love”, and “what the fuck?” means “we together fart”. Arin: Wow.
Dan: You said it was “what the fuck?” before the acronym. Arin: And it’s tweeted. It’s out there in the Twitter-verse right now. This is the technology that you can expect from Game Grumps. Dan: This has been big. This has been big for all of us. This is Suzy’s desk over here. Brian: Hey, follow us on Twitter, and retweet that, let’s see if we can get that up to ten thousand. I don’t know about that but we’ll see, we’ll see. This is the other side of the secret door into Brent’s office. So that he can come and pester us consistently. This is- what is this? It’s just a Japanese screen, right? Arin: Nooooo!
Dan: Holy shit! Dan: Those open?!
Arin: It’s got video games inside! Dan: I actually did not legitimately know that those opened. Arin: Did you really?
Dan: No, that’s- I was wondering where all those games went. Brian: Haven’t you wanted to smash through them?
Dan: No, I just didn’t know what they were. This is where most of our modern games are, in this Japanese shoji screen situation. More boxed Amiibo collection. I’ve got more in my office, but I figured I’d display these here, ’cause they look cool. And then this is our mail situation, so we have cubby holes for each person in the office, whenever they receive mail, we come here. Dan: I wish I was in a male situation. Arin: You have mail in here right now!
Brian: *claps sarcastically at Dan’s joke* You got a scarf. You got a sweet little knitted scarf. Dan: I know! Delightful. Arin: You got a little, “Helloooo!”
Dan: “Helloooo!” Arin: Yeah. Yeah.
Dan: That’s awesome. Is that outta beads? And a green cowboy man? Dan: Let me see that. Dan: I love it. Somebody made me a Grubba. “Oh, it’s me, it’s Grubba!” That’s pretty cool. So everyone just comes here and gets their mail. Got all of the merch that we have, so there’s a lot of NSP stuff, there’s TWRP stuff, there’s Game Grumps stuff, all kinds of merch that we have in stock. If we’re not- you know, just for giveaways or to bring to live shows, or whatever. And then this is our two bathrooms in this area of the office, and I wanted it designed after Monster Hunter. So I wanted it to feel very forest-y and jungle-y, and with leaves and stuff, and mushrooms growing out, so you could pick them- I had blue mushrooms made for here so you can mix some healing potions. (sarcastic laugh) If you just explore over here- hey man.
“Hey.” If you explore over here, we’ve got our kitchen. So this is our kitchen area, we have the unsold pictures from the Pokemon Art Academy gallery up here. So these are all beautiful works by Suzy. She drew all of them in Pokemon Art Academy. Some of our favourites are up there. I think, actually, we picked a couple of our favourites to keep. ‘Cause I know for sure Ross’ favourite is that fennec over there. So this is our actual kitchen cafe where people eat. This is our whiteboard that we haven’t used yet. And some of my arcade machines; this one’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2, this one’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. And then behind you we have a pretty rare situation going on, Neo 29, it’s got a bunch of Neo Geo games on it. Pretty freakin’ sweet! Then my Mario pinball machine that everyone loves. I love it! You love it. We all love it. This custom Virtual Boy machine that I bought from Nathan Barnatt, that was custom made for him. But now it’s custom made for us. (sarcastic laugh) Check it out. Hi, Barry. Barry: Hey!
Arin: This is Barry’s office. Barry: Wait, wait, do you wanna do it, like, reality TV show style?
Arin: What? Barry: Like when they open up the door for you?
Arin: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s do that. (cheesy reality TV music)
Hey, let’s see what Barry is up to. Barry: What-? Oh, Arin! Arin: What-? I didn’t hear you come in.
Barry: Come on in. Arin: Cool.
Barry: Welcome to my office. Arin: This is Barry’s office, where he has things for display.
Barry: Hi. Arin: And where he edits various things,
Barry: Yeah. Arin: and works on other various projects that, who knows what they are?
Barry: Yeah. Yeah. Arin: I bought Barry one of these, I think. Barry: He bought me the Mother.
Arin: I bought him the Mother. Barry: Yeah.
Arin: ‘Cause he’s my friend and I love him. Barry: Thanks Arin, I love you too.
Arin: You’re welcome. Barry: Yeah. (long beep) Now over here, this secret little cubby hole is the editing bay. Come inside. This is where Matt and Ryan work on editing Game Grumps. So that’s Matt and this is Ryan. Clearly he’s working on his own channel, Supermega. So he needs to step it up. Arin: Is Ross in there?
Suzy: Mm-hm. Hey, this is Ross- what are you doing?! What are you searching on the Internet?! Ross: Cute boys.
Arin: That’s great. Arin: This is Ross’ office.
Ross: Yeah, welcome to my office. Arin: He has a lot of toys like me, so I can relate, and he’s working on Gameoverse in this little office. And he’s been working really hard. Ross: On cute boys.
Arin: Yeah. On cute boys. It’s for reference. Oh yeah, there’s model sheets that he’s using. Ross: (sarcastically) Yeah, woo.
Arin: I mean, that’s cool! Ross: I don’t- that’s not spoiler-y, they’re characters- shows have characters! Arin: Yeah, yeah. These are the characters you will come to love pretty soon. Ross: Or hate, I mean…
Arin: Six episodes of goodness. Ross: Yeah.
Arin: Thank you, Ross. Ross: Bye.
Arin: I will close the door. Ross: I think my Postmates guy’s here.
Arin: Okay, I’ll leave the door open. Follow me into the netherworld. This is the last part of the open office area, this is the lounge that we intended to build to stream for. But people have been really enjoying hanging out in this situation. We got consoles all hooked up, bunch of board games, magazines. We got old Nintendo Power and Computer Gaming World magazines. Like, this is- what is this from? This is from, like, 2000- 2001. This is a 2001 issue of Computer Gaming world, so it’s really got old interesting articles about what the gaming climate was at that time. We got a Blast City here, this has got all kinds of retro games on here, you’ll find Brian playing Burger Time every so often. Me playing Donkey Kong 3. Trying to beat the high score that was already on here when I bought it from an auction. And I still can’t beat it. So yeah, this is a great situation. These are our little storage areas, just hallways where we keep additional games, and also filming equipment and whatnot. We got lots of stands. For cameras. Over there is more games. Oh, this is my, uh… this is a bootleg Vewlix machine. This was made in Hong Kong or something, this isn’t legit, but it works like a legit one. And in here we’ve got Ultra Street Fighter 4. If you ever wanna play- I was actually working on it, which is why it’s open. It’s one of my side hobbies, is working on arcade machines. This is- we call this room “the mess”. This is a crazy huge mess. This is where all of our equipment is, and also the computers where we record Game Grumps on are over there. Right now, Supermega’s recording their playthrough of Pokemon Emerald, which hopefully has come out by now. But that’s the audio computer, and this is the video computer, and we’ll show you a little bit of the setup later, but they’re filming right now. Don’t get a shot of me scratching my nuts. In here is our additional filming room. Vernon: Hey! Vernon came in here to get some peace and quiet while he crunches on writing for Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Vernon: Yeah. So he is working at the desk that will soon be Suzy’s desk. Vernon: (strained chuckle) This is where we film Doodle Doods. Vernon: (laughing in background) So we got three Cintiq Companions, or what are they called now? Mobile studios? Hooked up, and they all record the footage, and then we have the three mics, and this is the audio computer that we do it on. So it’s a little scrappy starting out, ’cause we just wanted to figure out how to do it. I’m sure soon it’ll turn into something like that, but right now this works and it works well. And we record every week, and it’s going great. These are the sound panels that we forgot to order. So they’re not here. Maybe we’ll get them someday. (awkward chuckle) Alright, and so here is the coup de gras- what is it? The coup- the cool thing. Hi! Ryan: Hey.
Arin: Hey. Ryan: Just getting my jacket.
Arin: Cool, that’s cool. This is the Grump room! This is the… Ryan: Love you. Thanks. This is the Grump room. Come on inside. So this is where all the magic happens. Right now, Supermega’s recording. But I’ve just cleaned it up, just reorganised it, so we’ve got a dual screen of the audio computer and a dual screen of the video computer. And we’ve got two TVs; one for LCD, one for CRT, depending on who likes who. Apparently Ryan likes the LCD screen and Matt likes the CRT, so they keep ’em on at the same time. But, so this little doohickey, what is this? This is fuckin’ magic right here. This is a new switching system for the consoles, so all the consoles right now are hooked up at once, and all you have to do is press on the touch screen, so get a wide of this, get a wide of this so you can see what’s going on here, right? So we got the Wii U turned on and we got the Gamecube turned on, right? So if I wanna check out the Wii U, all I gotta do is press the button and it switches to the fuckin’ Wii U. Isn’t that-? Well it’s on the Wii right now, but… isn’t that amazing? That’s fucking incredible. And we’ve got one feed for the LCD, one for the CRT, and one for the catcher computer. So if you wanted to record footage on one console and still wanted to play games on another one, you can do that! You can just set it up to, like- here, check it out. We got the Wii… oh, it’s not on. The Wii U, we got the Wii U over there, and then the fuckin’ Gamecube over here, isn’t that crazy? That’s crazy as shit! And it’s all in here. Then we have a 5.1 surround sound system hooked in, in case anybody wants to showcase something, or test audio levels, or something, whatever. And then a bunch of toys everywhere. And this is our mic system. So I got these big craning mics, ’cause everyone was complaining about the mics in front, including me. ‘Cause we had the mics mounted in front, so I got these big cranes that we can have behind, and they just kinda hover over our heads. So that’s pretty neat, everybody’s been liking those. And then over here we have this patch panel, where we can patch all the wires from in here to the engineering room. So all the XLR cables that lead to the mics go through there, and then we also have Ethernet that’s going through there as well. And then back here, just reorganised this, so I’m very happy about that. I didn’t do it in anticipation of the video, I promise. This is where we keep all of the controllers. So we got all the controllers, we got all weird controllers up there, and boxes for consoles and stuff. But we got it all organised by system, so you can just come back here, grab a controller, and start playing whatever you want. We got, you know, Wii, all that shit. And everything in here is just controllers, just controllers, controllers, controllers. We got old Oculuses in there and stuff like that. This one’s a mess, so fuck it. And then down here is more controllers. I think this is our extra system batch, so we got all kinds of extra systems in here, got an old Dreamcast, PS1, Xbox, PS2. Probably can’t see it ’cause it’s so dark, but it’s just nothing but old consoles in there. So yeah, that’s our collection, and that’s pretty much the office. Hope you guys enjoyed this tour. If you did, like, comment, and subscribe! Anyway, thanks so much for watching Game Grumps, thanks for, you know, helping make this a reality. You know, this started in my bedroom- no, it was in a bedroom in our house. It started in there and now it’s in this office that I’m sharing with fourteen, fifteen people, whoever’s coming in and out. We have contractors working on the DDADDS game, we got artists coming in for Gameoverse. So it’s pretty amazing what’s been built because you guys like Game Grumps, so thank you! And I hope you guys enjoyed the tour! We’re probably gonna keep growing and keep adding shit in, so maybe in two or three years we’ll do another tour. So you guys can check out how it is then. But… I love you. (cheesy music)

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