Game of Thrones Tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Game of Thrones Tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia. An epic fortified town. Built from limestone that has endured
for many generations. Full of inspiring architecture and bearing the scars of
war from being under siege in 1991 when she was hit with over 2,000 bombs. And
yet, that hardly compares to the earthquake of 1667 that nearly leveled
the entire town and claimed approximately 5,000 lives. Today she is a mix of old and new but she stands strong and lively as over a million tourists
flock to see her magnificence each year. It is no wonder that a town of such
grandeur was chosen as the set of King’s Landing in the masterpiece Game of Thrones. I’m Dylan Magaster. I’m Tara Wear. We sailed to Dubrovnik and teamed up with Tom. Hey, winter is coming. Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a Dubrovnik tour guide. To bring you a unique tour of this unparalleled city. Winter is coming! Entering the 14th century fort via the
drawbridge we turn around and see very clearly that we have reached our first
film location, the gates of King’s Landing. We get to experience a
similar albeit more commercialized and placid feeling as when Jamie returned to the city. Still in Pile Gate before entering into old town is our next film
location when Joffrey and his royal escort get harassed by the people. They all quickly escape the riot and duck into the red keep which is a bit of film magic
because we get transported into the fort of St. Lawrence. The fort in present day shape is standing like this from 1639 and apparently there was a chapel of St.
Lawrence that was built on this side. Technically the chapel being built there
was built so that the Venetians could not attack it. Why? If they destroy
the chapel, they would upset the Pope and the Pope was not the person you wanted to
mess with in the Middle Ages. He had the army, the navy and the power
to ex-communicate. From the fort we overlook Blackwater Bay and get an impressive
view of old town. Standing in the fort we can only imagine the effort that it must
have required to create, but to convert it into a set is rather easy: add a fake
wall, grab these old lamps, and now we have an entrance to the keep. Sansa is
left behind. The Hound didn’t have to look far for Sansa because she was
already inside here. So this may be the castle of King’s Landing and the Red Keep, but it’s also the stable where Sansa was almost raided so if you just go across the corridor and step inside here… I’m holding my dress. You have to look terrified. Another glimpse into the
creativity and magic that is filmmaking. Hodor! This fort has served as many film
sets for Game of Thrones but don’t forget that it was also a functioning
well-built fortress. So this wall is much thicker than the wall facing the city so
even though this looks quite symmetric that wall is about six times thinner.
Why? Because it’s designed for defense not for the attack so if somebody
breaches they wouldn’t a ccomplish much because you can easily bridge that wall by the cannons
from the old town so it’s designed for defense, not for the attack. In this particulate scene, it looks like a pyramid. We locked up the fortress and before
heading back to old town, Tour Guide Tom is going to show us some lesser-known
gems. Over here we have what remains of the former fishing settlement, let’s say. In summer months it’s actually pretty cool because it’s one of the most hidden beaches so if
you happen to be in Dubrovnik I would definitely recommend this one. Tom drives us to the private port of the nobleman
Ivan Marinov Gučetić. This is a local gem and a familiar location. Most people stop here but if you continue on a little further we arrive
at a secret location. Looking at the concrete ground you can see that they
painted on the mosaic for staging. So we got into the Trsteno Arboretum now known
popularly as Tyrell Gardens. We’re going to move along the path, but around the camera. As you can see there’s a camera over there. We sort of are trespassing which is going to happen once more on this tour.
Now, it wouldn’t be fair to say that I never did it. I did it before and I was lucky. I
hope we’re gonna be lucky today as well. I can explain that the Gardens are closed
for the reasons of safety because the trees were falling down so it’s at our own risk but I don’t see Bura, maybe Scirocco yesterday. The gazebo which we could not really see
but I have my plans on getting you there as well
which is the front of the house where they have their offices for the gardens.
That would be used during the 1500’s and 1600’s for evening meal. It would be too hot
to eat over there during summer months so here it is cool, just by the water, and this is where they’d serve lunch. This would be shaded leisure for lunch and this is also where the murder weapon was produced. You’re drunk. Yes. That’s Poseidon in the middle. Who’s left? Amphitrite on the left. His son, Triton, on the right. This one was built in 1736. There was an older fountain which
collapsed in the earthquake in 1667. Behind the fountain is the aqueduct. Despite the
Roman and Greek God statues this fountain was used subtly in many scenes. Tom was telling us that these plants
were brought in on ships. All of this dirt was brought in on ships over the
course of years to create this giant garden. Now, this is the Olive Press. Putting the
olives inside these, crushing the olives into a pulp. This is the first press, cold press or what Italians call extra-virgin
olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is just market. I mean virgin is a virgin. It
can’t be extra virgin. This one here would be used probably for hot press. There’s
also a further procedure that you could use adding chemicals but ugh, it’s funny
it’s called Sans Olive Oil. Olive oil made of Sansa, which is an interesting detail,
but that oil is not so good. This would be for the wine. According
to Croatian law, wine is not considered alcohol. Wine and beer are not alcohol in
Croatia. That’s what the law says, I don’t know. The gazebo, another place where a
myriad of scenes were filmed. After our discreet tour of the Arboretum we headed to old town. This
monastery is one of the few things that survived the earthquake of 1667. Senior citizen nursing home has been working since when? From 1400’s. 1400s and
is still works today and a lot of those senior citizens have lived inside the walls their whole life. Yep, they probably never moved out of the old town. The old town is a town
within a town. It has a little Hospital elementary school, high school,
music school, university. Originally, they used the towers on the walls to
store the grain but in 1590 they drilled 15 underground silos on the
cliffside that we saw from the fort to store the grain. Two years supply for the
population of the city. It took about forty three years to complete it. As we continued around old town we came across many films locations. Arriving in this
courtyard we came across one of the most well known scenes in all of Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik has embraced Game of Thrones tourism. The walk of shame was filmed all over old town but the final bit was
filmed outside of the east entrance to old town. That’s a bit more film magic
for you. We were able to peek our heads in the Rector’s Palace and from Game of
Thrones we can get an idea of what the palace looks like. We are headed to the
Belvedere Hotel which is an abandoned hotel where they filmed the fight
between the mountain and the red viper. That’s St. Jacob’s beach down there. This
is how you deliver things to St. Jacob’s beach. According to Tom St. Jacob’s beach is the best beach around. This is an old
elevator that used to belong to Hotel Belvedere, it’s an abandoned hotel here.
The elevator used to go down to the beach. And this cat has been treated. They
gave her shots. As you can see the ear is clipped. That’s how you know? That’s good to know. Okay you can see the view of the old
town from here, it’s fairly amazing. It is an abandoned hotel that looks like
something from Mad Max and post apocalyptic feel. Shall we get this shot? You need
this building because Tyrian was standing over there,
you’re gonna see. You’re gonna recognize everything thanks
to those buildings. Being curious and loving abandoned places I had to take a look around. This video by no means covers all the places that we visited
with Tom. He’s a wealth of information and an absolute joy to be around. Tom
runs both Game of Thrones and just history tours all around Dubrovnik. We
even went all the way up to Ston to see the Great Wall of Croatia. I would
highly recommend you check out his link in the description if you’re planning a
trip to Dubrovnik. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this week’s video,
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sinkhole. And there you have it, folks!

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