Game on wearing summer clothes! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.29]

Game on wearing summer clothes! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2019.12.29]

(Various kinds of pants in a row) – That pair is really warm. / – What is that? – Sleeping pants. / – Why are there shorts? Are those cooling pants? – Come on. What’s that red one? / – I can’t wear that. – Look at that. / – There are shorts. – There are white pants? / – In fall… Just by looking at the pants, I can tell that this is an individual match. Starting now, you will play a game where your winter outfits will be at stake. – Jegi? Okay. / – Jegi? – I’m wearing long johns. / – I’m wearing dress shoes. Goodness, my heart is pounding now. (What’s making my heart pound?) Great. But these three have nice builds. For your information, I played soccer last night. From what I know, you can kick it about 50 times. – That’s not true. / – Seonho is not that athletic. – Did you see me play? / – Wait. – No. / – Junghoon, are you worried? What? – I can’t kick a jegi. / – I’m covered now. Why are you so happy about that? – Of course. / – Can we practice? – You can’t practice. / – We can’t practice. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. The winner should come up with the order. – Okay. The winner will decide. / – I like that idea. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. (Ravi and Seyoon win.) What happened? – What happened? / – It’s over. – You guys won. / – I didn’t see it. – I won? / – Both of us didn’t know. – They said I won. / – The winner has to decide. (DinDin is practicing while everyone is distracted.) Hey, DinDin cheated. – Did you practice? / – You’re last. – Come here. / – Right. DinDin. – DinDin… / – Let’s subtract two from his score. – I’ll subtract two. / – Okay. We’ll subtract two. Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. Rock-paper-scissors. (Ravi and Seyoon play rock-paper-scissors again.) – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Why did I play? – I’m sorry. My fault. / – My gosh. He distracted you guys. You should make a complaint. Rock-paper-scissors. (Ravi wins.) Since DinDin is good, he’ll go first. And Seonho will go last. It’s going to be entertaining to watch Seonho. Think carefully. Even if you can kick it a lot… – What is this? / – Someone likes this, right? – What’s this? / – He took out the insoles. – Hey. / – What is it? I didn’t know insoles had compressed air too. – Everyone, you should buy this. / – It’s sturdy. It doesn’t hurt your back. It has compressed air in it. – Insoles with compressed air. / – How nice. Do the CG later for these. Seyoon, stop that. – We have to play the game. / – Can you do it? – I’m trying to distract him. / – We did it. – Okay. / – We can distract each other. – We just can’t touch him. / – We can distract him. – We can verbally distract him. / – Just no touching. Don’t touch him. Okay. – Okay. / – All right. I’ll start. You’ll start right away. He does look shorter now. All right. 162cm-tall DinDin will go for it. He’s that tall? (What?) – His score is one. / – It worked! – We have to subtract 2 from it. / – His score is 1. We did it. It worked. – You’ll get the shorts! / – I thought you’d be good. – I thought you’d be good. / – Come on. Why did you take these out? – Why did I do that? / – DinDin will get the shorts. (Will DinDin get the shorts?) – All right. / – I used to be really good at this. All right. I’ll start. (Jongmin is the 2nd one to try.) I need to do it right away. (I should observe and learn.) In 1, 2, 3. (What?) In 1, 2, 3. Nice! – It’s 3. / – Jongmin kicked it 3 times. Hey, you were so bad at it. – What? I can wear a thick pair. / – Okay. What is happening? I’m really bad at kicking jegi. I think he might be good at it. You’re good. – What are you saying? / – Jongmin said he’s good. He’s raising his right foot with his right hand. – What? / – That’s what he did. (He doesn’t even know what he did wrong.) – Don’t move your hand. / – My gosh. – Don’t move your hand. / – Okay. I’ll start. (Junghoon is the 3rd one to try.) – Don’t raise the same hand. / – Get one. – Don’t raise the same hand. / – Get one. – Don’t raise the same hand. / – Get one. (What just happened?) (Shockingly missing it right in front of him) (The jegi falls with despair.) (It gives them goosebumps.) – Come on. / – Nothing. – He couldn’t kick at all. / – He couldn’t kick it. How is this even possible? It was falling, but he couldn’t kick it up. – How is this possible? / – Nice! (He’s saved.) – Nice. He couldn’t. / – How could he not kick that? Did he not see it? – This is the jegi. / – Are his eyes getting bad already? I can’t believe that just happened. – My goodness. / – I got goosebumps. I’ve never seen such a close game like this. – It’s a messy game. / – I’m the best one here. – I’m happy to be in first. / – I’ll start. – Go. / – Ravi. – 1, 2, 3, 4… / – Wait. No! No! My goodness. Gosh. – It hit his ankle. / – Ravi kicked it seven times. – He kicked it 7 times. / – I’m in 1st place. I’ll start. Kick it once. One, 2, 3, 4. (Seyoon kicks it 4 times.) – All right. / – You put on a lot of hot packs. (You put on a lot of hot packs.) I can’t wait to see him kick. – What is this? / – Hey, look at that guy. I think Seonho will get the shorts or the tights. (Looking determined) – I’ll start. / – He’ll go for it now. Seonho. He’s the entertaining one. – 1, 2. / – 1, 2. – Hey, he’s good. / – He’s good. – Six. / – No, no. He’s in the first place. Wait, I’m in second place. (Seonho wins 1st place.) Why is he good? – “Why is he good?” / – “Why is he good?” – He wasn’t that athletic before. / – I did it. Can someone hook the suspenders for me? – I’ll help you. Hold on. / – Take off your leggings. – You have to. / – If I catch you in long johns, – I’ll cut off your wrists. / – Okay. – First place will go out first. / – Okay. It’s warmer than the pants I wore today. You’re wearing a better outfit. – You look great. / – You look better in that outfit. – You look much better. / – I’m very satisfied. – Hey, it’s much better. / – It fits me… – This fits me better. / – Hey, this is… (Who chose the sleeping pants?) It’s like I’m not wearing pants. (2nd place, Ravi, comes out in warm sleeping pants.) The pants are slightly short for me. Are they supposed to be short like this? Seeing their pants, I should be happy with this. I’m wearing cooling pants. (Cooling pants) – The pants look cool. / – You look nice in them. You look like a hip-hop artist. But it’s really thin. (Downside: It’s not warm at all.) – Don’t I look fierce? / – You look cool. I can keep these pants on. Jongmin, you remind me of Captain Um Hong Gil. (Captain Um Honggil is here.) You really look like Captain Um Honggil. – He looks just like him today. / – From here… – Going to Mount Everest? / – He looks like him. (He’s wearing red long johns.) Gosh, you can do that? This is trending these days. – What is that? / – I think mine looks pretty cool. – Right. / – It doesn’t look that bad. – I look good, don’t I? / – By the way, Junghoon… Wait. He looks like a soccer player. – You look great. / – Gosh, he… Goodness, you have big thighs. (He’s the number 1 in leg ssireum.) Goodness, you have big thighs. – It’s no joke. / – You should wear shorts in winter. (Goosebumps) You should show them the suspenders. – The suspenders are so cute. / – Right. The suspenders are so cute. (Shyly opening up) – Look. / – You look great with suspenders. – He was happy when he put them on. / – His pants… Take care of the kid, Junghoon. He seems cold. – Can we get going now? / – Did you come here alone? Can we hurry? – He keeps gathering his legs. / – Are you here alone? – Did you bring gimbap? / – He looks really cold. – I ate it at home. / – Is that so? – Okay. We’ll go on a trip again. / – His legs… – Your legs… / – What about our transportation?

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  1. The new cast are so great! Love them all! They have such great chemistry, like they've been doing this show for forever! Love the new season and every member is amazing!

  2. Amazing… members… Nice…Kim jongmin sir ji and Ravi sir ji is so amazing…Seonho sir ji is so cute .. lovely smile…so much fun..👌👏👏I like this show…🌺🌺😊😊👏👏

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