GANDIKOTA – GRAND CANYON OF INDIA in 4k | Night camping |Guide from Chennai [with SUBTITLES]

GANDIKOTA – GRAND CANYON OF INDIA in 4k | Night camping |Guide from Chennai [with SUBTITLES]

Hi Guys, Heaven explorer channel welcomes you for an amazing experience Today, we’re going to explore Gandikota The Grand Canyon of India The Road trip distance to Gandikota from Chennai is 380km with a travel time approximately 7hrs Depending upon your speed and other factors We’re starting our road trip from Chennai From Chennai to Tada Tada to Gudur Gudur to Podalakur Podalukur to Badvel Badvel to Proddatur and finally Prodattur to Gandikota fort Our cameraman has a huge heart He’s feeding the dogs with the biscuits kept for our explorer You can enjoy the view of beautiful flowers and gigantic mountains on both sides of the roads throughout the trip You will also see green farmlands and fresh fishing lakes Park your vehicle for 2 minutes, enjoy the spot and then leave to gandikota Because we’ll never get to enjoy these in
the city The roads were carved and laid in between the mountains It’s a unique feeling to travel along with
human technology and nature You will cross by sunflower agriculture farming If you trespass owners will turn your head like a sunflower turning towards the sun. I was just kidding! They’ll let you take pictures if you request them politely After this, you’ll start to experience off-roading fully Since these roads are under construction, many heavy vehicles will come from the other side of the road, so drive with care because safety is first. The area you’re looking in the right is an under construction area probably for parking The building in the left is Haritha resort which was constructed by Andhra Pradesh govt to promote tourism If you don’t have ideas of camping, you can pre-book for rooms in this resort Booking link for the resort is available in the description below. Guys! We have almost reached Gandikota now! We can also view the fort from inside the car very well. Kindly buy the camping needs and food here itself because it’s nearly impossible to get later. before speaking about camping, an important info 20kms before gandikota is the last petrol bunk Check your fuel levels frequently Better fill your tanks in the last bunk itself. Right after the shops, you can see the roads splitting up into two Kindly take right to enter the fort Since it’s a one way, you might find vehicles come in the opposite direction too
So drive slow and careful Okay! now let’s see about this place now Gandikota village is present in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh This region was developed by first Ahavamalla Someswara in the 13th-century In the same century, Raja Kapa constructed this marvellous architecture This region was ruled by many kings over the years Even our Tamil mega serials will lose in front of the lengthy history of Ganidkota So, I’ll skip it for now Fully surrounded by Rocks this is a plateau region with multiple layers of surface 300 ft beside it we can view the beautiful
Pennar river flowing The tall structure you’re viewing is Char
Minar which was constructed for pigeons back then Even now you can view the pigeons peeping out By the left side is a signboard saying jail where the fort’s jail was constructed with minimal windows for low air flow. As the village is present inside the fort, it’s our duty to drive decently without disturbing the people of Gandikota Juma Masjid is right in front of you, in front of it you can park your vehicles You can visit this place from 9AM to 6PM Our explorer is heading towards Kattula Konneru which means pond of swords After each war, the rulers of Gandikota cleansed their swords in this pond and that’s how it got the name The people of gandikota have started using the lake for daily purposes There’re 3 ponds around this region. Due to lack of fund in the company Trekking shoes have turned into Slippers Pant into Shorts Full hand T-shirt into a vest. Lol if this continues, next video will be censored. Mir Jumla with the help of Aurangzeb captured this fort by 1649 and started constructing Juma masjid . Nek Nam khan completed this masjid after a few years It has 2 big arches and 2 minarets inside
it. Minaret is a slender tower, typically part of a mosque, with a balcony from which a muezzin calls Muslims to prayer. Many beautifully designed room structures will be present around you By viewing itself we can say that this place was used to store water in ancient days Mir Jumla, Fakir Khan, Nek Nam Khan, Mohamed Nabi Khan, Abdullah Nabi ruled in this period, but in1777 hyder ali under the wing of Mir Jumaluddin conquered this place and ruled it till 1782. Around 1082 Tippu sultan ruled this fort By 1090 Nizam of Hyderabad ruled this place Finally, around 1800 East India Company captured this fort The fact that during ancient periods with no technology constructing & carving these
marvellous structures is still fascinating Few common people carve their names on these structures Nobody is interested to see you and your beloved one’s names on these walls which pour out the history of India Please don’t damage these historical places Mr SUV Kumar kindly avoid doing this again We will get you a four line note if your are very much interested in writing names This is the map of the Gandikota fort, view it for your reference Right after seeing the Granary, our explorer
is running towards it looking for food Poor fellow returned back sad as it was locked Its located near Juma masjid which was used to store food supplies with a similar construction like the jail Wear flexible friction shoes/ footwear to
this region as its surrounded by stones and rocks Our explorer is now moving towards Ranganatha Swamy temple. It’s left to the Gandikota Gorge view It was constructed during the 15th to 16 century during the period of King Krishnadeva Raya This temple is a good example of fine architecture and design. You’re now viewing the entrance of the temple This part is the holistic centre of the temple There are no sculptures now, it has become a home for bats now. Like I previously said, you can view mind-blowing sculptures here We can view the entire region from this place, an amazing view it is Okay now lets head towards the breathtaking Gorge view Its called Gorge view, you can view the Pennar river from here too. ‘Gandi’ means gorge which means a narrow valley between hills or mountains ‘kota’ means fort together we arrive with Gandikota The CCV movie climax scene was shot here by Director Manirathnam Our explorer is now heading towards the Madhavaraya Swamy temple Comparatively, it’s a majestic structure Here the Saamy 2 movie fight scene was shot This is the tallest structure inside the fort which was constructed during the period of King Krishnadeva Raya by 15th to 16 century This structure has many complicated carvings You can also view beautiful carvings on the walls and tombs of the temple Even in this temple, there are no God sculptures present Admire these carvings for a few minutes and then leave to the next place After too many wars faced, this place now stands as a tourist hub of Andhra Pradesh You can also camp here, Take left opposite to the store to camp site Plus they provide camping stuff and food for 3000/ person I’d suggest you rent them all from Pakka
Tent Rent, a camping tent renting a place in Chennai The info about the shop is available in the description Take left and travel a few metres to reach the camping spot As this place is under construction even the restroom is under construction only Lol, our explorers suffered without water flow in restrooms. We are going to camp in this jaw-opening gorge view tonight Our explorers have started to pitch their tents As I always suggest, for a good trek experience bring your food and cook If you didn’t bring, you can also get them from the nearby stores Okay,! Our explorers have started to cook Nope, they are just heating it! As Tent pitching consumed time, no other go they are heating up the roti and curry for dinner Always check twice whether you have put off the fire You can view the Sunrise in the time lapse The best time to visit the place is from September to February for an awesome climate You will literally get fried in the other months As our explorers weren’t able to cook last night, now he’s cooking vigorously Pouring oil like monsoon raindrops. Let’s see what he is cooking Looking at the ingredients he’s using, I’m sure it’s veg biryani Look at the WOW cooking skills of explorer. Looks like our explorer will participate in the next season of Master Chef Let`s see what they are cooking Omg! Did he show off all these for a two-minute Maggi? Whatever, Eating at the place of ancient wars, marvellous structures with nature is
a bliss experience more than eating at ITC Chola. We have come to the end of this amazing trip Even though we upload statuses as India
has to change, The truth is the change has to come from inside Clean the place before you leave and drop
it in the nearby dustbin or at least don’t throw waste If you like the video, like it If you super liked it comment down the reason If you dislike it kindly comment down that
reason too Share this video to all your adventure loving
friends. If you want us to explore any place, mention that below too. We discovered a surprising fact yesterday If you subscribe to Heaven Explorer channel within 4 seconds a good thing will happen to you lol, said by Whatsapp swamiji So don’t forget to subscribe to Heaven Explorer channel. Until the next video, tata bubyee….

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