Gangtok Pelling Kalimpong Tour | Best Places to Visit in Gangtok | Top Tourist Places of Kalimpong

Gangtok Pelling Kalimpong Tour | Best Places to Visit in Gangtok | Top Tourist Places of Kalimpong

Indian State Sikkim and the northern part
of the state West Bengal are two most popular tourist attractions of the country. Here you
can get a glimpse of snow covered Himalayan Mountains, lush green valleys, some spectacular
waterfalls. In this tour plan we will 1st go to Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim.
Situated at an average elevation of 5500 ft, this is a well planned modern town where you
will get every modern facility. Next we will go to Pelling. Pelling is a small town in
west Sikkim district in Indian state Sikkim. Located at an altitude 7200 ft above the sea
level, the town is 117 Km away from the capital city Gangtok. Next we will visit Kalimpong.
The town is on a ridge connecting two hills Durpin and Delo. Delo is the highest point
of Kalimpong and has an altitude of 1704meters. This west Bengal hill station is for its scenic
beauty. Here is a 6 nights and 7 days tour plan of these exotic locations.
Day-1 On Day 1 go to Gangtok. For that 1st reach
New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station of West Bengal by train. There are several trains available
from all major Indian cities to NJP. By air, reach Bagdogra airport first. From NJP the
distance of Gangtok is 125Km and from Bagdogra, the distance is 124 Km. It will take around
3 to 4 hours to reach Gangtok from Bagdogra or NJP by car. The rate of a car is between
2500 and 4000 rupees, depending on the season and number of seats available.
You can also avail a share cab run by Sikkim National Transport (SNT). The fare is INR
200-300 per person. There are also SNT organised bus services available to reach Gangtok from
NJP. The rate is INR 100 per person. Upon reaching Gangtok walk around the famous
MG Marg. Here you may shop to your heart’s content.
Day -2 On day 2 of your Gangtok tour go for city
sightseeing. You can hire a local cab for 10 points sightseeing. The charge will be
Rs. 3000 to 3500 for a day. The main places to visit are:
Rumtek Monastery: Rumtek Monastery is a gompa located near Gangtok.
Currently, it is the largest monastery in Sikkim. It is home to a community of monks
and here they perform the rituals and practices of the Karma Kagyu lineage.
MG Marg: The heart of the city is MG Marg. It is the
main street of Gangtok and is a great place to hang around. The street is India’s first
litter and spit free zone. No vehicle is allowed in this street. You can also enjoy shopping
while walking through this road. Every year, in the month of December Gangtok food and
culture festival is held here. Banjhakri Falls:
It is one of the most beautiful places in Gangtok. The park surrounding the falls area
is well maintained. Overall, a nice place to relax.
Seven Sister Water Falls: It is another beautiful waterfalls near Gangtok
where you can enjoy nature. Gangtok Ropeway:
Take a ride of Gangtok Ropeway to get a bird’s eye view of the city.
Ganesh Tok: It is a temple of Lord Ganesha located 6km
from Gangtok town. Visit here to pay homage to Lord Ganesha and also to enjoy the enchanting
views of the surroundings from the viewing lounge with glass panel.
Tashi View Point: It is located 8Km away from Gangtok town and
offers a stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga and other snow peaks on a clear day.
Hanuman Tok: The famous Hanuman temple is popular for its
wonderful serene ambience and a viewing area that offers spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga
range. Nmgyal Institute of Tibetan Technology:
It is the one of the main Tibetan Institutes of the world. You can see various rare Tibetan
and Sanskrit manuscripts here. The place is also known for beautiful Thanka paintings.
Enchey Monastery: This is another famous site to visit near
Gangtok. Day 3:
On day 3 of your Gangtok trip go for Nathula Pass, Tsomgo Lake and Baba Harbhajan Singh
Memorial Temple tour. For this tour you have to submit 2 passport size photographs and
a photocopy of your voter Id card to the authority in order to get a permit. You can submit those
documents to your hotel or travel agent and they will get the permit for you.
Tsomgo is a beautiful glacial lake 38 Km away from Gangtok located at an altitude of 12,400
feet. Nathula Pass is situated at the Indo China
Border. It is 18 Km away from Tsomgo Lake. Visit Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple
on your way back to Gangtok. From Gangtok Local Cars will charge Rs. 800-1200
per person for this tour. Day 4
On Day 4 morning, go to Pelling from Gangtok. Pelling is 117Km away from Gangtok. It will
take almost 4 and half hours to reach Pelling from Gangtok. A local car will charge around
Rs 4000 for this trip. Day-5
On day1 of your trip, go for Pelling sightseeing. Car rate for the trip is around Rs 3000 for
the day. The places of interest are: Pemayangtse Monastery
Pemayangtse Monastery is an important Buddhist shrine in Pelling. It is one of the oldest
monasteries in Sikkim founded in the year 1705. It is one of the most famous shrines
in West Sikkim and a must visit. The architecture of the monastery needs a special mention.
Sangachoeling Monastery One of the most important attractions in Sikkim,
Sangachoeling Monastery is the second oldest monastery in Sikkim and a crucial Buddhist
shrine in the region. It was constructed in 1697.
Kanchenjunga Fall This stunning waterfall is a must visit in
Pelling. Rabdentse Ruins
Rabdentse was the second capital of Sikkim from 1670 to 1814 and played an important
part in the history. The Rabdentse Ruins are a reflection of that history.
Singshore Bridge 5 Km away from Pelling Singshore Bridge is
the second longest suspension bridge in Asia. No vehicles are allowed on the bridge which
makes it especially wonderful. You can experience the gorgeous sights all around.
Khecheopalri Lake It is a natural lake near Pelling and is one
of the must-visit attractions in Pelling. Day 6
On day-6, early in the morning go to Kalimpong from Pelling. Kalimpong is 91.5 Km away from
Pelling and it will take around 3 and half hours to reach Kalimpong from Pelling. Upon
Reaching Pelling go for local sightseeing tour. The main places to visit are:
Morgan House Morgan House is a British Colonial Bungalow
built by an English man Mr. George Morgan in 1930’s in the Indian town Kalimpong.
The mansion is now a hotel managed by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation.
The property is built on a 16acre estate on top of the hill of Durpindara. The building
is surrounded by a well-maintained garden. There are also beautiful lawns both in front
and at the back of the building with proper sitting arrangements. There are also some
cottages within the premises. The cottages are also available for night stay.
On a clear day you can see the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga from this mansion. During the
season you may observe many beautiful rare flowers and orchids here.
Army Golf Course The famous ArmyGolf Course of Kalimpong is
overlooking Morgan House. Early in the morning you can visit this beautiful place. The golf
course is very well-maintained and famous for its panoramic view of surrounding mountains.
Also, you may have your morning tea in the adjacent cafeteria.
Durpin Monastery Durpin Monastery or Zang Dog Palri Monastery
is situated on top of Durpin Hill of the Indian Town Kalimpong. The monastery was blessed
by the visiting Dalai Lama in the year 1976. It houses many rare Buddhist books and manuscripts
that were brought into India after the Tibetan invasion.
The building of the monastery is very beautiful. After stepping into the monastery the first
thing you will notice is a row of prayer wheels along the outside wall. A stairway from the
side leads to the second floor. On the right side of the main monastery building you can
observe some Buddhist Shrines. From the back of the monastery you can get
a stunning view of the Kalimpong town and the surrounding hills. On a clear day Mount
Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from this place.
Kalimpong Kali Mandir Kalimpong Kali Mandir or Kali Temple is a
beautiful temple on top of the hill. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. This sacred
place is famous for its calm and quiet environment and beautiful surroundings.
Orchid Nursery Located on top of a hill, this nursery is
famous for its quiet environment, and, of course, scenic beauty. The place is dotted
with many familiar and rare orchids and flowers. There are some cottages inside this nursery
where you can put up for the night. In front of the cottages, there is a well-groomed lawn
with proper sitting arrangements where you can spend some quality time in the lap of
nature. In a nutshell, this is an ideal place for
nature lovers. Mangal Dham
Mangal dham is a magnificent l temple located in the Indian hill station kalimpong. The
temple is built in the memory of Shri Mangaldasji Maharaj, a spiritual leader who constructed
schools, orphanages and temples in this area. Built on an area of 2 acres, the temple is
one of the major beautiful temples of India. The “Samadhi” of Guru Shri Mangaldasji
Maharaj lies on the ground floor and on the top floor, there is a prayer hall. You can
see a beautiful idol of Lord Krishna there. On both sides of the prayer hall, there are
many colourful models which tell the story from Lord Krishna’s life.
The surrounding of the temple is also quite fascinating.
Day-7 On day7 morning go to –. Delo hill is famous
for its scenic beauty. The hill is surrounded by a well-maintained garden. There are nice
and clean stone paths laid through the garden. You can exoerience the calm and quiet nature
while walking by these paths. At the base of the hill, car parking place
is available. Here you may observe small crowds during summer and winter as this is one of
the most popular picnic spots near Kalimpong town.
On top of Delo hill, there is a tourist lodge available for night stay. The lay-out of the
tourist lodge is very beautiful and you can get a 360-degree view of the surrounded hills
from this lodge. A 4-5 minutes’ walk is required to reach the tourist lodge from the
base of the hill. There is a picturesque park adjacent to the
tourist lodge which is dotted with many colorful flowers. There are swings, sliders, and horse
riding facilities for kids. There are also some souvenir stalls which sell local products.
You may indulge in some shopping here. Also, you can take photos wearing local clothes.
On a clear day, you can have a glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range from
this place. From there go to Kalimpong Science Centre.
It is established in the year 2008. The Science centre is situated on top of Delo Hill and
it is about 9km to the north of Kalimpong town.
Next visit Lord Buddha Statue and Park. This is a picturesque garden and park located on
Delo hill of Kalimpong town. In the centre of the park there is a beautiful tall statue
of Lord Buddha. The place is famous for its panoramic view of the surrounding mountain
ranges and valleys. Beside Lord Buddha Statue and Park there is
Hanuman Temple. Kalimpong Hanuman Temple is located on top of a hill. There is a well-maintained
garden surrounding the temple. This garden is dotted with many rare flowers and has proper
sitting facility. A walk around this garden is quite refreshing. Also, on a clear day
you will have a glimpse of majestic mount Kanchenjunga from this place.
Next visit adjacent Goddess Durga Temple. Goddess Durga Temple of Kalimpong is overlooking
the Hanuman temple and this is also another interesting place to visit while you are in
Kalimpong. Day-8
On day8, head back to NJP for departure. Where to Stay
There are many hotels available in all places of Sikkim and Kalimpong. All of these properties
have online booking facilities. We will share the respective links in the description box.
A good quality mid level hotel will charge around Rs 2000 per day.

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