Gangtok, Sikkim Sightseeing, Nepali Thali & more | Episode 1 | North East India Tourism

Gangtok, Sikkim Sightseeing, Nepali Thali & more | Episode 1 | North East India Tourism

100 thoughts on “Gangtok, Sikkim Sightseeing, Nepali Thali & more | Episode 1 | North East India Tourism

  1. Harish Ji I am along with my family planning to visit Gangtok during first/second week of October. I am planning to reach Gangtok on 7th and return on 12th. I will be very greatful if you could kindly suggest some itinerary at at my email [email protected]

  2. I've also been to Sikkim but after watching your vedio….I'm willing to go again…..fantastic explanation (I appreciate, how lovingly you tried to cover minor-minor things)….and I believe that travel vedios should be lengthy because if there is no explanation about culture, food and etc then how it would generate tourists interest towards a particular place….and the people who are complaining about the vedio length it means they don't have core real enjoyable sence of travelling…..personally I loves your work…..keep it up.

  3. Harish bali sirji i am happy that u give us the information about local nepali food.tomorrow i will visit that place.thank u so much bali ji.

  4. hello bhaiya.. I want to go to sikkim ,so bhaiya can u guide me from where to book cab and is their any fees for approval to go to north sikkim.

  5. Hi Sir…Will it be ok Travelling to north sikkim in September 2nd week? Will it be raining at this time of the year??

  6. You are an Indian channel and you showed the incorrect Indian map at 0.19, it shows the state of J&K separate to the Indian federation, what’s wrong with you guys? I will hashtag your video to Jai Shri Ram and you will all be bloody destroyed! Lol. Jokes apart, but please correct it. You are making money out of the tax payers of the country, at least show some respect to the majority feelings and the constitution of the nation. Thank you.

  7. गंगटोक बहुत साफ और खुबसुरत है।यहां के बजार और सड़कें साफ हैं।देख कर मन खुश होता है।भारत की एसी और खुबसुरत जगह दिखाते रहिए।धनयवाद।

  8. If you want to get authentic Bengali cuisine and evening snacks…then go to hotel Karsonam in tiibbet road …. never be dissatisfied

  9. Thank you so much sir. I also saw Sikkim but you showed Sikkim in an incredible way. The way you explore the villages and traditional food, it looks like I have missed so many things.

  10. Sha means Meat and Bhale means bread. Is liye isko kehte hain “Sha Bhale.”
    Or “Then thunk “ – “then “means “pull “ & “thuk “means “thukpa” .Anyways – hope this was helpful for those who don’t know . 😄 Ohhh !! My husband LOVES thenthuk & momos. 👏 Namaste ji 🙏

  11. Amazing place for tourist because i have already lived here for 5 years , the weather is like wow! and awesome!

  12. Sir
    Could you tell me the price of taxi from new Jalpaiguri to Gangtok.
    Or how you reach Gangtok from new Jalpaiguri

  13. Van ka matlab.. hindi bhasiyon ko samjha rahe? …Amazing! U are really great! … not just with your magical snowfall I suppose! 🙂 ….smile

  14. Ab bhai doobara takra gaye toh kya karen… Ab planing toh kari nahin humne….smile.

    U the that gangotri man… aint u? 😉

  15. We also visit these place. We stayed there from 28th Dec,2018 to 3rd Jan,2019.. In hotel Prism residency which is on the MG Marg… And we also enjoyed snow falls and snow flakes also.

  16. Sir up ka Assam ture bohat accha laga kiu k up mara ghar k pass say gaya or digboi or mergharita ghumay. Makum say hu Jo tinsukia or digboi k bich padta hay.

  17. Video ko simple aur natural rakhte ho ye aapki USP hai….aur sabse badi baat…to the point baat karte ho bilkul simple tarike se…..i like your videos….👍🏻

  18. भारतको दार्जिलिङ सिक्किमतिर नेपालीहरु त नामका मात्र नेपाली हुन जाबो यति काम पनि बंगाली मधेसिहरुले गरेर देखाउन पर्ने ?

  19. देख्ने मे और आपके आवाज सुन्ने से तो आप नेपाली जैसा लगते हो

  20. गंगटोक दार्जिलिंग सिक्किम रोहतक 15 दिन विजिट किया था बहुत अच्छा लगा

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