Gardening Advice | How to prune a Wisteria in Winter and Summer

Gardening Advice | How to prune a Wisteria in Winter and Summer

Here we have Wisteria a woody perennial that needs regular pruning to keep it in check and ensure good flowering but unlike other woody perennials you need to prune it twice a year, once at the end of summer and then in winter and that ensures that the wood will ripen and you’ll get a great floral show come May. Well this is a Wisteria that’s ready for its late summer prune and you can see all these wippy growths you need to take back to the structure, here we’ve got a great example and we want to take about five buds we have got one, two, three, four, five and that’s where I’m going to make my cut so by cutting this back I have allowed airflow through the plant and sunlight to get in and ripen up this wood therefore allowing the buds here to develop and produce more flower. I’m going to carry on and take things back to five. I will be back in late winter to do the second pruning. It’s now late winter and I’m back to give the Wisteria its final cut the long shoots we cutback in summer here, will now be reduced further to two to three buds, this process produces spurs which allows the fatter flower buds to remain producing larger blooms you can see the difference between those buds the fatter flower buds and the thinner leave producing buds, ok I’m going to carry on pruning this taking back to two you can also tidy the plant up now some of these lax growths would be good to tie in to leave for next year to train other wispy growths can be cut away Wisteria needs regular pruning, ideally twice a year to form those fat flower buds, but if you miss it late summer don’t worry you can prune back to two now, it’s really worth pruning your Wisteria to make the most of those flowers this is going to look amazing in three months time.

17 thoughts on “Gardening Advice | How to prune a Wisteria in Winter and Summer

  1. There are a lot of videos of proud wisteria owners cutting their plant. This video is the only one I found, which explains clearly with close up what to do exactly and why this works.Thumbs up. Thank you – I will plant my wisteria soon.

  2. That is exactly what I needed to see and hear…I didn't get the time or have the knowledge to prune it in summer so now I shall prune back to 2 buds at my nearest opportunity. โ˜บ

  3. this vid is old and no one will read this, but i have watched soooooooooooooooooooooooo many wisteria videos and this is the only one that makes everything seem so clear and easy, great vid!

  4. Great video, I have just started a youtube channel & need to learn how to edit video's , love the information , thank you for the great advice . all the best

  5. Thanks absolutely bang on what I needed to know. Off to annihilate, sorry cut back my wisteria to two buds. Lots of flowers to please the neighbours, and a less rampant plant.

  6. Question after the winter prune would you feed ???? If yes what ??? Chicken pellets I use would that be ok thanks for your time ??????

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