Gateway of India| Elephanta Caves | Mumbai

Gateway of India| Elephanta Caves | Mumbai

Hey guys and welcome to the channel Today, I’m at the Gateway of India We’re gonna go catch the ferry to the Elephanta Caves Not sure how long the ferry is. I’ll give you an update of how long it takes after we do that But yeah, basically I’ll just give you a bit of a quick show of The port so looks like there’s been a bit of a concert here tonight. I’ll show you that So they get a whole stage set up right next to the Gateway of India There’s also an awesome statue here, let’s check that out Swami Vivekanada Just show you these crows, you know, we’ve got crows in Australia. These ones are a bit quieter So looks like we’ll be getting on a boat very similar to one of these ones over here Bit of an amazing building over there, that’s some really nice old architecture And we’ve got Nick Hey, so we’re gonna find out where we go buy a ticket for a Ferry so we can get over to the elephanta caves But yeah, but for now I’ll just leave you with a quick view of just this beautiful sunrise that’s happening over Mumbai Just left the Gateway of India And we’ve got about an hour trip ahead of us Hey guys We’re at the elephanta caves Takes you about a hour trip on ferry to get here It’s 200 rupees extra ten rupees to get on top of the boat Which is, you know, definitely worth it. So you get a better view got a few Monkeys over here. I’ll just show ya Pretty cool We’ve been told that ah, can’t actually film inside the caves can only take pictures We’ll see what we can get away with anyway We’re not allowed to record inside so we’re going to do a bit of an Outro video here, but absolutely breathtaking stunning experience Great to see you know human history this particular monolithic monument It’s actually existed before any of the major religions that we know today So you’ve got to take a lot of that on board when you experience this Humans creativity so. Yeah, well We’ll catch you probably bit later today But yeah, what amazing experience what do you reckon Trav? I thought it was a really good definitely worth how much did you pay for the Tour guide Okay. Yeah, so entry in was six hundred rupee each but yeah, we ended up so the tour guide actually wanted about 1,500 just to do a bit of a tour Yeah, we managed to him down at 300 so pretty stuck with that we’ve got a bit of a rundown as to what the monuments were about and the creation of the actual art inside Yeah, it was very very much worth it. Definitely worth the extra. Yeah 300 rupee to to get get a rundown when you’re here they know a lot about What’s going on So, uh Nicks eating some nuts Nick loves nuts Especially Bombay nuts Salty nuts

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  1. Great video!
    once day we need to visit India ! , looks nice !
    keep it up! keep on creating ! you got a new subscriber! very well edited and put together vlog! (what camera are you using ?)
    PS. I feel bad for asking but mind checking out my channel ? If not then that's totally fine ! 😀

  2. Nice edit work with the music and sceneries. Have fun on your trip! Had no idea there were so many birds/crows in India!

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