Gay Travel: Whistler, BC

Gay Travel: Whistler, BC

Hey, it’s Josh Rimer and today I’m in Whistler
on another trip around the Gayosphere. A resort town where you might actually spot
a bear wandering around. And I’m not just talking about the gay men. is your gateway to the best gay and lesbian travel destinations, like
Whistler, BC. It has a permanent population of only 10 thousand people,
but receives over 2 million visitors per year. It’s the largest gay-friendly mountain resort
in North America and we all know that size really does matter.
Whistler is fantastic any time of the year, but is especially popular in the winter for
skiers and snowboarders. Only a couple of hours from Vancouver, it
tends to have sunnier weather with lots of snow.
Some of the 2010 Winter Olympic competitions where held here, thrusting Whistler into the
international spotlight. I said thrust. There are two mountains here, Whistler and
Blackcomb, which just happen to be connected by the world’s longest continuous lift system.
The 4.4 kilometre, or 2.7 mile, journey has some pretty incredible views, but more importantly,
the restaurant on the other side is rumoured to have the best Ceasers around… the beverage,
not the salad. Speaking of food and drink, there’s plenty
of that in Whistler’s pedestrian village. International cuisine, luxury fine dining,
cheap bar grub, or even just a custom made hot dog. Whatever you’re after, you can probably
find it within walking distance. And yes I am still talking about the food
although you can probably find that too. Whistler definitely has a very quaint, outdoorsy
feeling to it. You’ll feel very close to nature while you’re here whether you’re taking part
in any number of available activities or like me, watching other people
take part in them from a coffee shop. To each their own.
If you’re also not much of an outdoor sportsman, you’ll be happy to know that Whistler hosts
some world-class spas. Scandinav for example has a mix of hot and
cold environments that you move through in complete silence. Yes, you even have to turn
off your cell phone. Don’t worry, Grindr will still be there when you get out.
.While you’re in Whistler you’ll probably notice that a lot of the people who work here
have accents. That’s because this is a hot spot for people
from other commonwealth countries who come here on a working holiday visa.
So if you love a guy with an accent, you’ll have no problem finding one here. G’day mate!
Actually I’m from New Zealand. Same thing. No it’s not.
And of course I can’t talk about Whistler without mentioning WinterPride, one of the
biggest and best lgbt ski weeks in North America. It’s also when the Mr Gay Canada competition
takes place. I should know. I was in it this year. And lost. I don’t want to talk about
it. If you’re looking for a world-class getaway
with fantastic scenery, a plethora of restaurants and pubs, amazing spa experiences and of course
all kinds of fantastic outdoor activities, Whistler is definitely the place for you.
Oh ya, and there’s also lots of great shopping here too,
which is an activity that I’m very good at, any time of the year.
Thanks for watching and be sure to visit to plan your next trip!
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in another lgbt location somewhere in the Gayosphere!
See ya on the slopes! And by slopes I mean spa. Let’s be real.

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  1. Looks great. Think you should include a shot section on bars to visit, so that us travel wan-a-bees can dream of a fuller vacation.

  2. For future reference, plethora is pronounced "PLETH-uh-ra"…I would use the IPAD, but I'm writing on an iPad and can't find the required characters =

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