Geirangerfjorden, Stryn och Besseggen – Gone Camping upplever norska kusten

Geirangerfjorden, Stryn och Besseggen – Gone Camping upplever norska kusten

Believe it or not,
but it will be Midsummer in three days. We’re in Stryn in the middle of Norway
to try some summer skiing before moving on to two of
the most photogenic places in Norway. This is Gone Camping
and you’re welcome to join me. Packing your camper
and visiting the mountains of Norway as winter meets summer
is something I can really recommend. The roads are both steep and winding, but behind almost every bend,
you’re treated to magnificent views. For campers
interested in summer skiing in Stryn, there are a handful of facilities
to choose from. We check in at Folven, a small campsite
at the foot of the mountain. It’s clear that the visitors here
are focused on outdoor and activities. It takes about half an hour
from the campsite to Stryn Summer Ski, and you soon realize
that you’re in for something special. If you didn’t bring equipment,
you can rent it here. Then buy a lift pass to the single lift
and let the adventure begin. You ski on a glacier
at 1,000-1,500 meters. There are prepared pistes,
but you mainly come here to ski freely. Fred Syversen loves Stryn. He’s one of the world’s
most extreme freeride skiers. You can experience a lot in Stryn. You have terrain and possibilities
which you don’t have in many places. There are glaciers,
lakes, rivers, waterfalls… It’s a good recreational spot. Amazing summer skiing,
maybe some of the best in the world. Enjoying the snow up here and summer
down in the valley is pretty unique. Stryn’s location at the inner end of
Nordfjord leads to lots of precipitation. It snows so much
that the facility can’t open until mid-May. It usually stays open until mid-July. I like being up here. I haven’t
been here in more than a week. Being up here, enjoying the tranquility and just breathing the air is liberating. After an unforgettable day of skiing,
we leave the winter landscape and head north to one of Norway’s
most photographed spots. The 15-km-long Geirangerfjord is one
of Norway’s foremost tourist locations and gets more than half a million visitors. The town of Geiranger is visited
by 200 cruise ships every year. Here we find my next campsite
– Grande Camping & Hytteutleige. As campers, we get front row seats
when it comes to enjoying the view. You can’t reserve a spot here, so it’s best to call ahead
and ask if there are spaces available. I promise you it’s worth it. Also don’t miss out
on heading out on the water. You can go yourself
or go on guided boat tours. I get to experience the scenery which
has made this a world heritage site. Heading out, we pass by
the waterfall The Seven Sisters, with a several hundred meter drop
along the side of the mountain. Directly across is another waterfall
which has been named The Suitor. For a more challenging experience,
hike up to the mountain farm Skageflå, which is situated
250 meters above the river. If you ask me what a beautiful view is,
I would say that. The path is narrow and steep,
but there are handrails and wires. And that’s a good thing.
It’s impossible to look at the ground when you’re walking
on one of the world’s most beautiful trails. As tantalizing as the view is that people
have lived here since the 11th century. Skageflå was a prosperous farm
which produced goat cheese. The last family left the farm in 1916 and the place was mostly forgotten. But ever since King Harald celebrated
his silver wedding anniversary here, it’s become a popular place to visit. You can walk back for three hours
along the side of the mountain or a boat can pick you up
and take you to the campsite. Tonight, I’m making a burger. It will be a salmon burger
with vegetables and lime aioli. But I’ll cheat a bit.
You can make your own aioli, but I don’t have the time or the energy. I want to enjoy this view. I start off with egg, dill,
breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. We’re using salmon not just because
they eat a lot of salmon in Norway, but because of the really good quality.
Just look at this fillet. Cut it into pieces and add it to the mix. We’ll mash this into salmon goo and leave it to swell for maybe twenty
minutes before making the burgers. I’ve wetted my hands
so it won’t stick too much. I’ll just make
four nice burgers out of this. About like so. Sprinkle some oil
and put the burgers on. It’s been two minutes
and it’s time to flip the burgers. I’ll let them cook for two more minutes
while we prep the bread. Here’s some baby spinach,
tomato, avocado and red onion. Time for the burger… I’ll stick that here and top off with aioli. The bread on top… Like so. There it is. And most important of all… Bon appétit. Find the recipe at Given the scenery, it’s no wonder that
mountain hiking is popular in Norway. The most popular hiking trail
is Besseggen in Jotunheimen. You start from Gjendesheim,
where you can park your ride. There are two ways to do the actual hike. Either take a 20-minute boat ride
to Memurubu and hike back. Or do what we did
and start with the hike. …a different color down here… This trail has a special place in my heart. My dad loved to hike here and I still remember looking
at his pictures in the photo album. The Besseggen trail
is 17 kilometers long and the highest spot
is 1,743 meters above sea level. For most of us, the hike takes 6-8 hours. The record is held by
the Norwegian Reidar Andreassen, who completed the twelve miles
in one hour and fourteen minutes. I don’t think he could have
matched that time during our visit. It’s been the coldest spring in 25 years
and the snow is still thick. That and the fog makes it feel
like walking in a dreamscape. It’s really nice when the weather is nice,
but this also has its charm. We’ve been on the move
for about three hours now. There’s a lot of snow,
so it’s taking longer than usual. We’re at the highest spot right now
– at 1,743 meters. This is called Veslfjell. It’s called Besseggen since you’re
walking along a mountain crest and it gives you access to the
most photographed view in Norway, the two different colored lakes
surrounding the trail. But for the snow, we would see
the dark blue Bessvatnet on one side and Gjende’s emerald green
glacier runoff on the other side. But I don’t really mind.
It’s still very, very beautiful. What we’re seeing here, Besseggen,
is what we call national route 1. Experiencing mountain formations
like this is very special. You’re up on a crest and it’s
a 400-meter drop down to the water. And there’s another lake
at the same elevation as us. We’re about halfway
and it’s time for a snack. We’ll keep going later,
just like this show. Thanks for joining us
on our trip through Norway. While in Norway,
we visited Stryn Summer Ski. The mountain farm is called Skageflå. The beautiful hike
took place on Besseggen. We stayed at Folven Camping in Stryn and Grande Hytteutleige & Camping
in Geiranger.

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  1. Et tips. Noen er opptatt av estetikk. De vil ikke bruke sitronsyre på rød fisk fordi sitronsyre bleker fargen. Det kan være noe å tenke på når man tilbereder rød fisk. Rødfargen vil falme ved varmebehandling uten å bruke sitronsyre. Med sitronsyre falmer fargen enda mer.

    Ellers takk for spektakulære bilder!

  2. Did the Skagefla hike just a month ago. And you are right, it's one of the most beautiful hikes on the world. At least for me 😉 Thx for the memories

  3. Vilken underbar kanal! Hittade hit precis och kan inte slita mig 🙂 Det här är guld värt nu när TV inte sänder reseprogram längre.

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