GERMAN STREET FOOD tour | Best CURRYWURST, DONER KEBAB + Burgers in Berlin | Berlin food

GERMAN STREET FOOD tour | Best CURRYWURST, DONER KEBAB + Burgers in Berlin | Berlin food

we’re in Berlin, Germany we are so
excited to be filming a bunch of food videos here, let’s get food hunting for
this one Berlin the capital of Germany has a vibrant food culture in this
three-part series we’re hunting down the best local German food and eating where
the locals eat, in this video we’re tracking down Berlin’s most iconic
street foods we’re after the city’s best currywurst and doner kebab, sampling the
famous Berliner donut and eating burgers in an old public toilet this is gonna be
a good one get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry
let’s eat we’re starting this video with Berlin’s
most famous street food and that is currywurst, so currywurst is made up of a
sliced pork sausage that is just slathered with a curry ketchup and
you’ll see currywurst stalls all over Berlin but what we’ve done is we’ve
traveled about 45 minutes outside of the centre of Berlin to find a real local’s
favorite we’ve got our currywurst feast in front of us
so we’ve each ordered a currywurst so that’s the pork sausage which has been
chopped in half I saw her sprinkle some curry powder on
top, some black sauce which I think is Worcestershire sauce and then it’s just been slathered in this curry ketchup now to go with currywurst often you order fries or
you order a bread roll we went for fries which have been coated again in that
ketchup and then there’s a giant blob of mayo on there as well and then we’ve got
two beers to wash it all down time to get into this currywurst I’m gonna make
sure that it’s well dunked in this curry ketchup all right whoa that is real good so the sausage is really light it has a beautiful pork
flavour and then it’s just coated in that curry
ketchup which has got a really sweet flavour very tomato-y
and then it’s got like a really really mild curry spice, that is
so good the sauce that she popped over of the top I think was a Worcestershire sauce and the sausage has already started soaking up that Worcestershire sauce so you’ve got sort of that spicy vinegary flavor in there as well and it’s
delicious they say that about 70 million currywurst
get eaten just in Berlin alone and I can see why, it’s such a good snack let’s try some of these fries I love that you get a huge dollop of mayo, ketchup and mayo
with fries is my favourite thing alright give it a huge dunking hmmm it’s really good, crispy a little
bit soft on the inside and then that creamy mayo is delicious as Sheena said about
70 million of these get sold a year in Berlin so 70 million just in Berlin
and across the whole of Germany a hundred million get sold a year so 70%
of the sales of this dish happen in Berlin alone so for a city of 3.4
million people they consume 70 million of these that is impressive whoa mmm ohhh the texture is amazing so it’s
incredibly soft and you’ve got a beautiful sweetness from that sauce like Sheena
talked about but the sausage itself is beautiful very soft the pork sausage
and the outside isn’t crunchy or chewy sometimes with this dish you find that
the outside gets really really crispy the skin of the sausage but in this
particular one it’s not the case at all it’s really soft all the way through ohhh that is good it’s gonna go really well with this Berliner Kindl so a pilsner beer ohhh that’s beautiful German beer is incredible and that’s really just a
light simple beer so it’s a pilsner sort of like a lager just a real easy
drinking beer oh this is good I’m gonna have some more, more sausage ohhh just like Sheena said the curry powder is
really mild so it’s not too punchy that flavour it’s absolutely amazing and I love that
this dish is not an old old dish it came to be after World War II so a German
lady traded with some British soldiers for the ketchup and for the curry powder
and then she used those two ingredients to make the sauce put it all over the
pork sausages and sausages are a huge thing here in Germany and this dish was
created and now it is an absolute classic this one is well worth coming to so like
Sheena said we’ve traveled about 45 minutes outside of Berlin to come to
this and there are so many famous places serving this dish right in the center of
Berlin we’ve eaten at a number of them before coming to film this video and
this hands down blows them all out of the water this is very very good Berlin is a real melting pot of
different cultures and Berlin has the largest Turkish community outside of
Turkey so we’ve come to a different part of town to
eat one of Berlin’s really really popular street foods and that is a doner
kebab, let’s go doner kebab are a really popular street food here in Berlin and we’d heard that this spot in
Imren Grill was one of the best places to eat a beef doner kebab
and we had it the other night and it was amazing so we had to share it with you
so a kebab is any type of meat which is fashioned onto a skewer and then cooked
over heat and a doner kebab is where you’ve got meat, in this case beef
stacked on top of one another on to a vertical spit and then it just turns and
cooks slowly over the heat and this Berlin doner kebab is a behemoth so let
me talk you through what it’s made up of you’ve got like this flat bread pouch
and it’s just filled with a ton of ingredients you’ve got really thinly
shaved beef, tomato, lettuce, onion, parsley and then you can choose from a range of
sauces we opted for the garlic and herb yogurt sauce as well as some hot sauce look at the size of this thing so I’m going to try and wrap it up but seriously where do
you even begin with that it is packed with that beef and a lot of vegetables
so I’m gonna try and go down the side here where there’s a bit of everything oh man that is good, the meat is really soft oh it’s
good and the really strong flavour is that that garlic sauce it’s really
punchy really really garlicky and the meat is just beautiful it’s got a nice
taste of beef so it’s not totally masked by the sauce you can still really taste
it, I’m gonna go for this corner bit because look everything’s piled down there and a lot
of the sauce is running down into that bottom corner that is good I got a lot of
parsley then and I love the strong bitter flavour of parsley and that goes
really well with the fresh lettuce and the yogurts sauce sorry the garlic sauce all of
that beef is incredibly tasty and this came to Turkey um from Turkey in about the 70s
so a lot of immigration was happening to Germany then and this is quite different
to what you get when you’re in Turkey so we’ve just been to Turkey actually and
filmed a bunch of videos and nothing was even remotely like this
so the addition of all the sauce and there’s a lot more vegetables very
different to a kebab like this in Turkey it’s incredibly tasty I’m gonna get into
this corner here because it is just rammed with ingredients whoa that is so satisfying and delicious
so the texture of the bread the flatbread is a little bit chewy, very crispy
and then the ingredients the filling are so fresh and light so the lettuce is very
crispy, very fresh the tomato is the same you’ve got the tanginess from the
onion and then the meat just has a beautiful flavour like Thomas said you
can really taste the beef flavour and then those sauces just add a bit of
liveliness and zing we’re heading for our next snack and it’s
a Berliner so a Berliner is a jam donut or for our American audience it’s a
jelly doughnut and it’s a little bit confusing because here in Berlin a
Berliner is known as a pfannkuchen outside of Berlin it’s known as a Berliner
so it’s got two different names let’s go and grab one as we were leaving the bakery a local
said to us that is the best and oldest bakery in Berlin and it has been around
since 1906 so we picked up two ohhh see look it’s wasp season in Berlin at the
moment and there are wasps swarming over these donuts
so we picked up our pfannkuchen or our Berliners and we have got two so you can
see it’s a hole-less donut this one here just with the icing on top is a cherry
flavoured one and this one with the sugar on top is a plum flavoured one and
I first learned about a Berliner because of President John F Kennedy so during
the Cold War when JFK came to Berlin he made a really famous speech in which he
said ich bin ein Berliner which translates to I am a citizen of Berlin
but then the story became all garbled and it came to be known
that he’d said I am a jam donut or I am a jelly doughnut which is completely
false and I think with the two names as well it adds to the confusion so I have
been wanting to try a Berliner or a pfannkuchen for ages, I’m gonna crack
into this one which has got just the icing on top it’s quite hefty oh and you
can see the jam oozing out of the hole there alright let’s give this a go ohhhh oh that is good so you’ve got the yeast dough which is really really light and then that beautiful burst of jam as I
bit into it it just oozed out so that’s a cherry jam and it’s quite a sour cherry
as well and then you crack into the top of that um icing and it sort of just
shatters but then melts in your mouth that’s really good like Sheena said
this bakery has been around since 1906 and these are incredible doughnuts so
I’m gonna have the um plum one what is really standing out with these for me
is the quality of the jam that is a true homemade plum jam, it’s my favourite jam
to make when I’m in the kitchen and that tastes like proper plum jam not some
sweet sickly stuff made with just sort of apple you get those fake jams that
they just make with apple and they flavour with complete fake flavourings and
that’s often what you’ll find in a doughnut like this but that clearly
isn’t that is beautiful sour plum jam these are really good, really light, nice and
sweet and the jam is amazing the next stop is for a burger and this is
meant to be one of the best burgers here in Berlin and what’s a bit unique about
it is that it’s for one right under the train tracks there but it’s also in
a disused public toilet so it’s a pretty cool location as well let’s go check out
this burger this is a very cool and very popular
spot so that’s the toilet block right behind me the train tracks are above us
and we’ve just got our cheeseburger so we went for classic cheeseburger so
we’ve got a very soft looking brioche bun, a beautiful beef patty not too thick
the patty but nice and charred all around the edges, a ton of cheese all just
spilling off that patty I can see tomato, lettuce, a pickle, so a
beautiful gherkin there and a bunch of mayonnaise hiding underneath so there
may be more hiding in there but that’s all I can see so far let’s just dive
right in ohhh this is a good burger, I have mayo
everywhere, that is a really good burger it’s really simple, it’s probably the
best way to describe it, the bun is slightly sweet cause it’s a brioche bun
it’s beautifully toasted so there’s a nice bit of crispiness on the outside and
then the patty is probably a fraction overdone for my liking but it’s not
tough by any means it’s just, doesn’t have any pink at all in the middle the
mayo is nice and sweet, this is good I want to get more pickle though mmm
this is a very good burger like I said straight away, look it’s right in the action this place, you’re in the
middle of two main roads as well, like I said in the beginning it’s really simple
I’m covered in it I think Sheena is telling me that I’m
covered in burger, it’s really simple the flavours are pretty much what you’d
expect it’s not too salty it’s not too sweet the veggies are all nice and fresh
the pickle has a bit of tanginess and then the bun is the sort of the sweet
element actually it’s really good and it doesn’t seem to have ketchup on it I was
expecting to find some tomato sauce or ketchup hiding in there
I just unwrapped the burger a bit and I found my favourite burger ingredient
which is fresh red onion I love the crunch you get from that but there is
ketchup hiding down there as well so tomato sauce on the other side of the
bun Ohhh oh that red onion is so good and the sauce
is good as well it’s not too strong the tomato sauce so it’s not taking away
from that overall simple flavour this is a real what you’d expect burger which I
love, I love it when a burger tastes like you want it to taste, this ticks all the
boxes that was a great day of eating here in Berlin there’s a lot more
traditional and local food that we’re gonna be sampling here so we’re gonna be
making a bunch more videos as well remember to hit that subscribe button so
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