Get China tourist Visa in Easiest way || Hongkong to China.

Get China tourist Visa in Easiest way || Hongkong to China.

So i got out from my hostel And crossed the road to explore mall But when i crossed the road, i saw a board sign China visa from Hongkong I thought can we really get China visa from Hongkong? So i thought to go upstairs And inquire this all I will give you this location And i inquired here And i got to know that, yes you can get your china visa from here. Legally So you can get your visa in 2 forms In 2 working days & another is in 4 working days Both tourist visa are valid for 30 days. You can go by train, bus, etc. Shenzen is nearest chinese city No need for flights So if you want visa in 2 days, The cost is 1700 hkd Very expensive Nearly 16000 Indian rupees So i will not recommend this But if you still want to visit china You should have some time in hands As you can opt for 4 working days And the cost is low Just 800 hkd. Around 7000 Indian rupees Same rate in India More documents required from India And if rejected, Your entire money gone Here you get some refund If your visa gets rejected 340 hkd will be deducted only Remaining amount they will give you 460 hkd. What is successful % They don’t discuss this No 1 discuss this anywhere So if you plan for hongkong, Add china in list With macau.

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  1. Just 2 days before I stared to watch your videos
    Honestly I follow 3 vloggers
    Mumbiker nikhil
    Mitilesh backpacker
    Mountain trekker

    And now you
    Pratik jain vlogs

    Come Qatar anytime
    I will explore you everything in 3-4 days

  2. I would love to share one information about Chinese visa. It will cost 5500 rs in India but if there are rejection you have to pay only 1700 rs as VFS charge and applying visa in Hongkong or any country doesn't give you assurity that you visa will be approved. In mongolia it cost 3800 rs because there is no any VFS. If you apply from laos, you have to give less documents.

  3. Can we buy 2 Traveller (person) ticket with one octopus card ? Or each Traveller have to buy their own octopus card ?

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