get ready with me for the holidays!

get ready with me for the holidays!

Good morning guys! I just woke up- that’s why I sound like a boy, but we got places to go, people to see, so let’s get ready. [fun tunes] [squeal] I love my mom. Our house is already [laughs] decorated for Christmas. My mom did this literally, like, two weeks before Thanksgiving. As you can see she’s obsessed with snowmen and stuff. So that’s good. They scare me. So, today I’m gonna be doing a holiday get ready with me just because The holiday season is among us and I could not be more happy. I’m looking kind of rough, so, let’s go fix that. This is my current stash of Christmas candles–you guys, I went crazy! In my defense, I never paid full price for any of these, because, like, sometimes there were really good sales and I was like, “I have to get them. I don’t have a choice.” A lot of them are for gifts and that’s why I got doubles but these smell so good! And then in the bathroom, I got like five hand soaps This one’s my favorite, but that’s how you know, I’m getting old is because I get excited about soap now. I might start getting wrinkles soon, too. Here’s a fun fact so that I don’t really tell anyone: I clean my ears everyday. Which I don’t know if you should be doing that, but life’s too short. Just because I have the biggest fear that someone will be looking at me from the side and they’re gonna tell me, “You have ear wax in your ear.” like that is just so gross, and I never want anyone to tell me that so I clean my ears everyday. [giggles] Just girly things. Okay, so I’m gonna do some skincare. I wanted to thank Frank Body for sponsoring this video– I’ve worked with them before so I’m excited to work with them again. So I’m going to be using their originals kit It comes with the Frank Body original coffee scrub, the espresso coffee scrub, a creamy face scrub– [drops scrub] OW!! [groans in pain] And a lip scrub that is perfect for me; I plan on scrubbing off all of my imperfections today. I have some breakouts right now I have some pre-existing acne scars, which is so fun So, my skin’s feeling a little rough. We are going to see what we can do about that. I look likd an English schoolboy This is so nice! I look like a new person What’s in this stuff? So I already showered last night. But if I was showering I’d use one of these they’re like coffee scrubs I’m so excited to use these because my face Feels so good right now and I want my whole body to feel that’s good All their stuff is natural and cruelty-free, which is really amazing Yeah, the regular use helps with like scars and marks and it targets breakouts. So it’s super good Actually, is there lip scrub right now? Looks like this it is so cute. I Put too much. If you have a significant other especially during the holiday season and you know happened to be under the mistletoe This is great because your lips will be soft. I personally won’t be able to experience that but you can so good for you Wow, so, that’s what I’m doing for skincare today This is the Frank bodies originals kit I’ll have a link in the description if you wanna check it out now for the outfit This is from forever 21, I saw it and I thought it would either be it really ugly or really cute So hopefully it’ll look cute might not plus it only $10 I’m going to clean my room and then I’m gonna curl my hair a little bit more and then we’ll do makeup Okay, so now I’m gonna be doing makeup I haven’t done makeup in a while on this channel just because I didn’t want to never do anything you don’t want to do but I actually want to do it now So things change but I actually like to believe that my skills have somewhat improved I don’t want to say that I don’t know what I’m doing anymore because you know what? I do know what I’m doing For the most part I’m trying my best and that’s all that matters So I’m gonna be doing more of like a holiday Look a lot of my looks are normally the same and people always point that out So I’m gonna change it up today. And then I also asked you guys to ask me questions on Instagram So we’re gonna be answering those The first thing that I’m using is the Mario Badescu facial spray with lavender It smells like lavender and it kind of matches with my shirt. So that’s why we’re using it Ellie asked what crayon color is your favorite to eat sushi with? Are you okay Ellie? She is something else but I love her though. My favorite color crayon to eat sushi with is probably clear I’m actually going to be using a lot of different products. I don’t normally use in this video just to change it up So I’m using the Too Faced hangover RX face primer I have the mini size because I don’t want to buy the big size too much money, honey Ooh looks like this I’m gonna put it on my face. The next question is how is it like being hot? It actually sucks because it’s the winter and it’s like still hot in, Hawaii It’s like kind of cold in the morning in the night gets to like 66 degrees which is like really cold for us Locals here. Yeah, awesome. It’s like being hot. You’re always hot because it never gets really cold here however, when it gets into the winter seasons like December January February it gets like to 55 in the mornings in at night, which is freezing. I don’t know how the rest you guys do it Sometimes you guys are like, oh my god. It’s like negative 20 degrees. I would die. now I’m gonna use foundation This is the peach perfect by Too Faced. I really really like it And then we’re gonna use my really nasty old and dirty Beauty Blender, which is really healthy for you really safe So that is so dark, what is your advice for getting over a boy that you were never with? But you just like I am I feel you it sucks when you were never with someone but you still have to to get over them even though you never dated It’s such a weird concept, but I know you guys probably know what I’m talking about I would say you don’t I think there’s no real recipe for getting over someone except for time Giving time to yourself loving yourself and spending time like other relationships that you have like your family your friends Whatever really focusing on those relationships narrowly helped me there girl. I’m still figuring that out myself The concealer that I’m use is the sephora collection bright future concealer. It’s like my favorite one and I’m just going to dot that over my eyes. I get no sleep Why did you quit playing volleyball if you guys didn’t know I used to be like a volleyball player I played for school I was on varsity from freshman year and then I played club volleyball, but I quit That sounds really bad I mean I was doing it since I was in sixth grade and then last year I decided that I could not commit 100% of my energy into YouTube and volleyball I would only have to give 50/50 and I don’t like to do things half way if I’m gonna do something I’m gonna like go full force and put all my effort into it and I couldn’t just like split my Time so that’s why I quit football guys or basketball guys. Okay. Here’s the thing football guys usually will break your heart or play you Most of the time I’ve never experienced basketball boys. They’re probably the same all boys a lot, most boys. Well not all boys Most boys are the same. But if you happen to find a good one good for you. You’re lucky however, if they weren’t such little animals, I would pick football boys because Plus football guys. It’s just so easy to like them because when you see them on the field You don’t see their actual face You just see like them with their helmet on and then when they take their helmet off, you’re like what? Oh This makes my arms look so long I’m gonna use this this sephora collection powder foundation So it looks like this it’s a little bit light but you got to do what you got to do Sometimes why don’t you have a boyfriend sis? That is a good question. Miss Caitlin. Why don’t I have a boyfriend guys. Come on I’m using the urban decay beach bronzer in the shade a bronze just add in some dimension to my face Next I’m gonna use some blush. This is the NARS blush in the shade orgasm and I’m just gonna put that on my cheeks I think during the holidays having like a nice rosy glow is just so cute. And I really want to look cute I need some help with that. So that’s what we’re doing. How do you know who’s your real friends? And who’s your fake friends? I feel like when you know, you just know if the energy is not being reciprocated I feel like that’s a big indicator if the energy isn’t being reciprocated like if you are putting in so much of your time effort and love into a person and they’re not like Reciprocating it back or they don’t like say, thank you They don’t appreciate like the things that you do for them, then they’re probably not a real friend I feel like it’s different for every situation. But I mean if they’re like constantly leaving you out They don’t really like care about your feelings and that’s probably an indicator that they are a fake friend the highlight that I’m gonna use Is the milk makeup? I think this is like the shimmery glowing primer. That is definitely not the name. This is just very subtle So I’m just gonna put this on my cheeks You’re supposed to use this under your makeup actually, but we don’t follow the rules here There are over 30 questions asking why I don’t have a boyfriend This one says, I mean you don’t need one, but I’m confused on how you never had one I have like talked to boys and stuff and just never like an official You are my boyfriend. I’m gonna announce you to the world I’m gonna announce it to my YouTube, um never that but I think it’s good to keep things private sometimes I mean, I like talk to guys it’s just never well Okay This is getting a little personal So fun fact in case you can’t tell I actually have eyelash extensions and you’re not supposed to do eyeshadow with eyelash extensions But we’re gonna do eyeshadow are your parents divorced? No, my mom and dad. We are one happy family and the reason I only show my mom most of the time is just cuz she’s always home and my dad’s like Usually at work that eyeshadow time we’re using is from the Urban Decay Naked petit heat palette I want to go for more of a warm toned look so I’m gonna take the orange-ish shade right here and put that in my crease. Have you lived in Hawaii your whole life? Yes I’ve never moved away from here. It’s just a different lifestyle. I feel like obviously I mean you live on an island That is crazy That’s like actually terrifying what if like a tsunami comes and boom whole population is washed out and then I’m dead So that’s terrifying Do you plan on being a youtuber for a long time and being like those other oldies who are almost 30 still making content? She’s calling everyone out. No, I don’t plan on doing that I want to ride it out for as long as I can and I mean if it involves into something else like a family channel Or something like maybe I’ll bring it back But I feel like at some point when I’m in my 20s somewhere along there I think a lot of things are gonna change obviously I’m not gonna be the same like person and stuff and whatever I want to do when I’m at that age I’ll see. But what I see right now? I feel like I’m 18 now Maybe I’d keep making videos tell him like 22 or 20. I honestly like don’t know cuz you never know what’s gonna happen We will see you can never predict the future That’s the thing because if you think about where you were at a year ago You probably didn’t think you would be doing what you’re doing now. I forgot to do my eyebrows I was wondering why looking so wack. So this is the benefit goof proof brow pencil adding some To the end to make it longer and then to the front almost like a unibrow but not quite a unibrow To make this look a full-on holiday. Look, I’m gonna use the NYX suede matte lipstick in the shade spicy it is a full-on red color kind of going with the whole like red trying to like match all that I think red is the best holiday color ever so Yes. I messed up. Frick mom that is the lips. I feel like this is so holiday and I freaking love it answer one more question What is your favorite emoji the one that’s like cross-eyed and then it’s like, you know I’ll insert it because I’m probably doing it very bad, but it looks like I don’t know what I’m doing So this is my get ready with me. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This is the final holiday book I hope you guys enjoyed it. We got the red lip We got glowy makeup If you stayed all the way to this point the video first of all You’re amazing because I probably wouldn’t have a second of all comment it down below turkey Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Here’s today’s babe of the week. Thank you guys so much for tagging me in your edit You guys are awesome. You know, I love you so much If you’re not already, make sure you subscribe to my channel if you want to it’s free. People like free things. So Please do it . See you next time, okay? Love you. Bye

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