GIANT Littlest Pet Shop Surprise Egg | Vacation in Rio Vinnie Picnic in Paris Blythe Russel Zoe LPS

GIANT Littlest Pet Shop Surprise Egg | Vacation in Rio Vinnie Picnic in Paris Blythe Russel Zoe LPS

Hi everyone, Today we have a Giant Littlest Pet Shop Surprise
Egg. And we have lots of Littlest Pet Shop toys
inside. We also have these two LPS playsets that couldn’t
fit inside the egg. So lots of stuffs to open up. We currently have only one littlest pet shop
playset in this channel and it’s time to expand our littlest pet shop toy sets. So first, we have vacation in rio set. It looks like it’s the littlest pet shop stage
they used for fashion show. It comes with Vinnie and a nameless turtles
who shall be known to us as the turtle until we get a name for her. We’ll think of a name soon. So here is everything that was inside the
box. We have these wall mounters. an instruction sheet. stage background, vinnie and the turtle, props
and furnitures, decobits , the wall, and a roof. So let’s quickly assemble this. One side is a cityscape and the otherside
ia beach. We have some stickers. Very cute. Vinnie is always trying to be funny so I guess
this pose is very fitting for him. Very cute turtle. Here is the playset all assembled, but this
is a really pretty set with a real fabric curtain so vinnie can prepare before the show. Let me just put some deco bits on Vinnie. I’ll put a fork in one hand and some kebobs
on his other hand. He’s ready to put on a backyard party with
barbecues, some ice creams, the pools are ready. He’s all ready for the summer party fun. Turtle has own little turtle pool. She’s going to feel nice and cooled down inside
this mini pool. Let me just get a bow tie decobit and give
it to vinnie, because it looks like he has one more spot to put a deco bit. and I also put some deco bits all around the
wall as well. See both left and right. It’s sooo pretty. So here is the vacatio nin rio set with vinnie
and turtle. Awesome little set with lots of props to create
stories for these little creatures. Next we have Picnic in Paris and we have Pepper
clark, blythe and zoe trent with little picnic tables and lots of different deco bits. So let me open this up and see what we can
do with it. so I took everything out of the box and we
have lots of lots of stuffs inside. First, let’s decorate blythe with some decobits. I see there are two holes by her ears. I’m going to put these ribbons on. Hmmmm……Maybe this for the glasses. I need to take out these ribbons and put the
glasses on. She also has this hair accessories to hold
her hair, so let’s put this one.She looks very pretty. I especially like this pump she’s wearing. Let’s add some decobits to pepper clark She looks very pretty with skirts and some
ribbons. She’s now ready go for a picnic Blythe style. and of course, same thing for zoe trent and we have the table ready. what a nice picnic set. very fashionable too. Time to open up this egg this time. I squeezed as many littlest pet shop toys
as I possibly can fit into this egg without it popping it open. So let’s take down the playdoh and see what’s
inside. Do you lik eht epaw prints? I like the paw prints. Ha, you can see alittle bit of what’s insdie. First we have Reuben McScale. Let’ put this decobit on her ears. Prettifiy her already cute face. Next we have buttery greenfield. This is such a cute cow. Let’s put this ribbon on her ears too. Next we have Shanghai suite with penny ling
and a baby panda. Here is everythin gin the set. We have a little pet house for penny. we have penny ling wearing a very pretty pink
dress. a wall divider with cherry blossom and a little
baby panda. we’ll give her a deco bit. Awww. She looks so cute. We’ll put a ribbon in her hand. and put on
a deco bit on her ear. Let’s put one on her other ear too. And she’s ready to stroll around shanghai
fashionably. I had put some stickers on her pet house,
just in case she has to invite some guests. And finally, last in the egg is Wallace waterman
and a sally seaforth. Wallace is a seal and sally is a seahorse
I think . It comes with a little shovel and two deco bits so, I’ll put the seashell decobit
on wallace and the starfish on sally. So this was one giant Littlest Pet shop surprise
egg with two additional playsets to include awesome littlest pet shop toys. We just added a whole bunch of littlest pet
shops characters into the channel today. See you in the next littlest pet shop video.

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