Gilgit to Skardu… SO EPIC! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 10

Good Morning from Gilgit, Pakistan. Last
night when I checked in we’d come through another tough journey
really jam-packed day, end of the night with about a four hour drive all the way
here to this beautiful hotel and now it’s about 7:30 in the morning and we
are about to hit the road again in about half an hour to Skardu which is supposed
to be the most scenic part or the best part according to Atta our tour guide,
it’s supposed to be the best part of the trip, so I’m really really looking
forward to it. What I’m not looking forward to is the drive we have ahead of
us, it’s supposed to be about a five-hour journey it’s about 210 miles or kilometres one or the other but apparently there’s road
works and construction being done on the roads so it’s a bit of a coin toss as to
whether it’s gonna be six hours seven hours, eight hours, up to ten hours of a
journey. The good part of it is that the route that we’re taking is supposed to
be very scenic, very beautiful so that will hopefully pass the time a lot
quicker but I’m looking forward to Skardu because I’ve heard a lot about it
I don’t know how you can beat Fairy Meadows or how you can beat the beauty
of Hunza but apparently Skardu rivals both of those so we’ll see what
it has in store for us but I’m just gonna enjoy this beautiful view
the sounds of the birds grab, a coffee hop into the van and see where the road takes us Let’s go! And the drive continues, we are on Skardu
road on the way to Skardu. A couple of us have gotten a little bit bored and tired
of sitting on the bus so they change seats and they’re on top of the bus
the rest of us we’re just chillin enjoying the ride. And we’ll check in when something
interesting happens but for now it’s just driving driving driving. Alright, so we are stuck once again
some other kind of roadblock what it is this time who knows but it’s a regular
occurrence for us and we’re quite used to it so we’re making the most of it
we’ve had some the famous mutton soup we’ve had some chai and now we’re going
on a little walk to see what’s up and pass the time a bit. Okay so we’ve devised a rock Olympics where
we got various rock challenges to pass the time. Let’s see who win!. and Good Morning from Skardu, long long
journey yesterday into last night. We left the
hotel yesterday at about 10 a.m. we started our drive, all was looking good
had a couple of stops here and there which were quite used to but then we had
a really big stop so from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. we were stuck in one spot, we set up
our little office there and a bunch of us did work which kept us quite happy
for those hours then we headed off at about 11 p.m. and we didn’t arrive a
hotel till about 3:00 – 3:30 in the morning so as you can imagine a bunch of
us are a bit knackered and a bit tired but it doesn’t hurt when you wake up to
a commanding view of the Indus River just from your balcony as is always the
case in Pakistan you always wake up to a nice view but right now I’m gonna show
you the view and grab some breakfast. Let’s go! Okay we found ourselves in the local
bazaar and it’s pumping with action, noise
exactly what we were looking for we’re gonna do some shopping, we’re gonna do some interacting with the locals and see what’s going on let’s go! Skardu Town the largest town of Gilgit Baltistan
with a population of about half a million. it has also historically been known as
little Tibet as it was once part of the Western Tibetan Empire from third
century to seventh century under the rule of Songtsen Gampo
the thirty-third Tibetan King and founder of the Tibetan Empire. This history can be seen and not only the faces and features of the locals, but also in the language that they speak. They use an archaic language of
Tibetan known as Balti after learning about its fascinating
history we then set off exploring and experiencing Skardu Town for ourselves. Okay that has been a very eventful walk
through the bazaar, my favourite was definitely taking the photos with the
kids teaching them how to use the camera Zubi and I are now off to Kharpocho Fort we’re gonna grab a taxi and see if we
get a quick lift up to the fort where we can get some drone shots and some dope
dope footage. Okay Zubi has organised this taxi ride up
to – where are we headed bro? (Kharpocho Fort again) Kharpocho Fort, I keep forgetting name but we’re in the
cab now nice quick easy way to make our way
through the bazaars and the buzzing streets of Skardu Town so we’ll catch up
with you when we arrive. Alright, I thought we were done with all the hiking but
apparently not we can’t drive all the way up to the Fort which
means it’s a little bit of a hike ahead of us but Zubi assured me that the view is
well worth it Here we go. Alright we made it that was a piece
of cake compared to Fairy Meadows but we did it bro
(yeah) we did it there he is, the legend, the legend
alright lets see what’s inside. Okay we’ve made it to the top and what a view we have for us, this place is very interesting because it’s one of the oldest forts in
all of Pakistan. Very strategic point it gives you a viewpoint of the
whole area for miles and miles in every direction, very very cool place very
lucky to have ventured up here so we’re just going to enjoy the view. We’ll catch
you when we’re at the bottom. Peace!

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