It’s summer time! That means sun’s out, — and Vicky’s out… Just one of the many problems girls face during the warmest time of the year. Let’s try this one again. Ah, the ‘ol knees together trick. Very nice. Stay tuned because we’ve got some savvy solutions to the most annoying summer problems! Chillin’ in the pool at 3PM on a Wednesday is one of summer’s most appealing perks. Ooh Olivia! Don’t spill your soda! Oh no, she’s goin’ down! Don’t worry, I know exactly how to fix this problem. And all you need is this pool noodle! I’ll be right back! Have a plastic tub lying around? Take a pool noodle and cut it into pieces the same size as the edges of the bin. Be sure to cut a slit down the middle of each piece. Next, slide those suckers right on, no glue needed. Lastly, pour in the ice and your favorite poolside beverages. Hey, Olivia! Check this out! Instead of thrashing on your raft, put your drink in here! Pretty awesome, right? Ooh! This is perfect! Hmm, I think I’ll trade this guy out for a cold lemon lime! Cheers! This place has the most amazing dumplings, you’ve got to order some. Ooh! I forgot we ordered sodas! Yummy. Oh, waiter! They forgot to take the cap off. Oh well, I can probably figure it out. This thing won’t budge! Ugh, even the old table trick isn’t working. Yeah, I don’t think that’s working… Ugh. I really don’t know what to do. That’s it, I’m gonna bit it off. Amy!! Nooooo!!!! What are you trying to do, pop a tooth out?! Gimme that. I’m about to save you a lot of aggravation. Ready? Hold a chopstick in the same hand as the bottle, and swiftly slam them down at the same time. Boom! See? Your drink, madam… Bon Appetite, ladies! Wow, you two are glowing — way to get nice tans! It’s hot out, I’m gonna get in the water for a bit. Ah, that’s so much better. I think it’s time for a little dunkaroo! Goggles are secured, and ready to go. Woah, this feels fantastic but I can’t see a darn thing! Hey, are those the steps? OOF! Ow, my head! I swam right into the wall! Emily! Are you okay? I’ll help you outta here. Ah, I can finally see again! Can I take these for a sec? I know what to do. Sometimes regular goggles get foggy after using them a while. You can fix that by putting globs of toothpaste in the lenses. Go ahead and rub it in with your fingers Really get in there! Okay, they’re good as new! Give ‘em a try! Thanks, Olivia! Okay, I’m ready to see what’s down below! Have a good swim, Emily! I’m so happy we decided to celebrate your birthday outside, Sophia! Vicky! Oh, hi! What are you waiting for, get over here! Um…okay… If you’ve ever walked on grass with heels on, you definitely know this struggle. I feel like I’m sinking into the grass — I knew I should’ve worn flats! Let’s rewind things just for a second. If you don’t want to sacrifice fashion for outdoor fun, try wrapping pieces of wax paper around the heels of your shoes. Once secured, place the heel on another sheet of wax paper. Put on globs of hot glue on the heel and around the base of it. After it’s dry, remove the piece of paper and you’ve got yourself a little heel protector! Watch out grass, this fashionista is comin’ your way! So next time you’re out picnicking with your friends, make sure to keep a pair of these in your pocket. Pop those suckers on your heels and walk to your heart’s content! See? No sinkage here! And by the way, that outfit is fabulous, Vick! Yay! Happy Birthday, Sophia! Aww, that’s so cute, a group hug! On hot days like these, it’s important to remember to re-apply sunscreen. Want some? Ooh, so you’re just spraying it right onto your face, huh? That may be too much… Yeah, try rubbing it in, that should help. Ew. I’m all about sun protection but this is a little overboard, don’t you think? Okay, all done! Bring it on, sun! How do I look? No offense, but you look crazy. Next time, use a compact to apply sunscreen! Take the pad out of your compact and spray some sunscreen into the dish. Go ahead and fill the dish up all the way. Put the pad back and and pop on the lid. Now you can pop out your compact and apply sunscreen on-the-go whenever you need it! If that’s not the most convenient thing ever, I don’t know what is! Man, I wish you had showed me that before I put all this on… But the damage has already been done! You’ll be rubbing that stuff in ’til the sun goes down, Emily! Craving a summer treat? Sophia to the rescue! Oh man, it’s sure hot today! Yikes! I’m sweatin’ like a pig over here. Ooh, girl, that’s nasty. Yeah, you gotta do something about that, Sophia. This is so embarrassing. It’s okay, I think I have something that can help. A pad? Here ya go! Thanks, but what do I do with it? Put it on your pits, hello? Ah! How come I never thought of that? If it’s going to be a hot day, take a thin pad like this and stick it to the armpit of your shirt. Ooh! Don’t forget the other side! Hey guys! Wait up! Hey look! No pit stains! See, just keep pads handy — don’t sweat it. Check out this bathing beauty! A little sun can really bring out a glow, don’t you think? Oh good! Olivia’s joining in on the fun! But unlike Emily, she doesn’t look too relaxed. Why won’t this darn swim cap stay on my head? Whoopsies. Having a little swim cap trouble, are we? No worries, here, I’ll throw it back over to you. Thanks! Ugh! Is this a child’s size or something? C’mon, just stay on! Alright, I’ll give it one more try… Gah! Hey, let me show you a little trick. Fill the swim cap with water like this. Now just drop it right on top of your head, upside down! It totally worked! Team work makes the dream work, baby! What would this summer hack video be without some hysterical bloopers to match? Enjoy! If you loved these hacks and want to learn more, subscribe to 123 Go!’s YouTube page and be sure to share these hilarious videos with your summertime pals.

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  1. It was funny when amy was trying to open the coke. Super funny. I love your videos so much pranks are so funny. I'm lazy because i am in my bed ???????????????I am weird because i don't like cookies. Hahahahahahahah

  2. Why put pads on your jacket when it's going to be hot, and when you take off the jacket then you will still have sweat stains on your shirt

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